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New Britney Interview!!!

Here’s Brit chatting about the new album, the rough times she went through, and how much she values her fans.

Awww, I ::heart:: you, Brit!!! She really seems like she’s pulling it all together, getting her life back on track with her head held high, and I’m so happy for her!

Also, I have to say, I’ve been listening to Britney’s album a bunch more since it leaked, and I like it a lot more now that I’ve gotten over the fact that it’s not Blackout Part II. It’s a different vibe, and it grows on you, and there are actually some tracks that I like quite a bit. “Phonography,” “Unusual You,” and “If U Seek Amy” are actually pretty awesome.

Rock on, Britster!!!!

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  • Beet, I am starting to think you are a crazy chick. Only a crazy chick would appreciate another crazy chick like Britney. I don’t see how any woman can support Britney when she is such a pathetic excuse for a mother.

  • She has to LEARN another way to be a mother, adult, star, etc. Her momma didn’t teach her, or her sister, ANYTHING beneficial. I like her. She is starting to acknowledge her shortcomings, and accept them, and we should too. She was a child star treated as an adult, with no boundaries or limitations or parents, no support. As in alot of peoples lives, sometimes there is just too much on your plate. I think she is trying to simplify and deal with her reality the best way she can, and seems to have adapted some coping skills, and is looking like a real woman, soft and mature. I think she deserves a break.

  • She looks like a robot who was told exactly what to say.

    this is the work of good ‘people’.. not good ‘Britney’.

    its called a Façade.

  • Donkey Punch, come to the midwest and you’ll see what a pathetic excuse for a mother is…most redneck mothers are exactly like the Brit-Brit, she just has more money.

    I’ve watched all of these clips of Britney and, I have to say, she looks drugged. Not Sam Lutfi drugged, but serious mood medications. She’s so calm and level. Where is our fun, dingy, giggly Brit-Brit?

  • Why does she keep fidgeting? Is she on crack or something?

    Also: “All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to If U Seek Amy,” Jesus Brit, you’re oh so subtle, did you come up with that on your own?

  • Hate her music now as much as then, but I *DO* hope she can continue to climb out of the psycho hole she fell into last year.

  • She looks like she has Parkinson’s disease in this video. I agree, totally scripted and uninteresting. No humor, no fun, BORING!

  • if i have to force myself to get used to liking it, something is wrong. i’m all for her getting better becasue she’s one of the biggest stars of our generation but her music has never been the appeal for me.

  • I’m proud of her. She’s lived her life on the World stage… I think we all need to realize she’s a human being that went through some tough times and made some bad decisions. If you don’t like her music, don’t buy it. But give her some slack. She seems like she doing the best she can with her life. I wish her the best… just as I would wish the best to any person who’s been through what she has.

  • Awwwww good for Brit!! i love her too, and i will buy her album when it comes out.. I haven’t heard it yet so.. Where the hell do listen to it???

  • Her job is to ENTERTAIN. She’s an artist; she writes and performs songs, and that’s all we should expect from her. We can’t go criticizing her personal choices. Millions of people leave you alone don’t they?

  • she went thru a tough time and the difference between you and me going through our tough times is that hers was publicised to the world for all to see. How rough can that be. But she is getting on track now and I wish her nothing but the best. Maybe if everyone stopped judging her as tho you know her or something and take a look at and clean up your own life – we would all be better off !