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James Van Der Beek Is Back on TV!


You would have been much better off fading into obscurity than snorting fake cocaine through a straw on anything on the CW, let alone One Tree Hill. This is embarrassing, dude.

I don’t know why, but this reminded me of that Saved By the Bell episode where Zack and Slater find a “roach” in the bathroom. And thanks to the wonders of YouTube, I could watch all my favorite parts all over again, and so can you.

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  • I own this entire series on DVD, and that episode is soooo funny. Later on I think someone says something like “I thought you were cool, man.” and it just kills.

    And that party scene at the end of the episode is retarded.

  • The overuse of laugh tracks is ridiculous! Someone was totally high as a kite when they put the laugh tracks in the worst possible places.

  • OMG–the laugh track!
    There will never be a show like Saved by the Bell… good stuff.
    “I’m so excited!! I’m so…. scared!!!”

  • he used to be fucking annoying enough before but this is just extreme sadness to the max
    the whheeeeeaaaammm guitar ‘being bad’ music…that pathetic little pile of coke? (they could have put a bit more effort into that!) and the stange tom cruise like behaviour


  • I thought I was hallucinating watching that and hearing the laugh tracks. seriously. something was wrong, and then I read the above comments. whew.

    Beet, thank you!! we need more of our old cheesy programs. 90210 bits?

  • i am sooo embarassed to say that James Van der Beek went to my college for about 2 semesters…I think it was BD (before Dawson)…
    I remember someone pointed him out and said “That’s that actor kid”…I was like “Who? What? Him?”…I think he chilled with the drama kids…the ones that busted out into show tunes in the cafeteria…

  • o. my. gaw. i LOVE saved by the bell and i just watched that episode last week, haha!

    once in awhile i call out from work and treat myself to the little mini morning marathon on TBS, haha! im not even ashamed to admit this. but only because none of you know me.

  • hey i see nothing wrong with it. It’s an acting job, and he’s really good at playing a douche. He’s also good at playing mr nice guy. Maybe he can’t get another job. I don’t know why though, why katie holmes came out on top and the rest didn’t. They were all great actors. That show sucked but i watched it some cause the acting on it was so good in my opinion. And i’m not bashing katie, i’m just saying all of them on dawson’s creek were amazing actors. So why is he not getting good jobs anymore? I think he’s talented. I forget the movie that he plays a kinda evil a hole. But he’s good. I’m tired of people making fun of young actors and saying they suck just because they don’t have years on them like i dunno, meryl streep or someone else does.

  • Poor katie has ruined herself. Maybe not ruined it, but i don’t look at her the same. The thrill is gone with her now. I loved her before. She was one of my fav new actresses until tom cruise made her a zombie. I thought she was amazing on dawsons creek and in some of her movies.

  • Why is the laugh track played when the girl says she has to drive her brother around because he’s in a wheelchair??

  • But do not jump onto fake cocaine without knowing what it is all about. The best of all the technical indicators is widely believed to be a response. We as Zack and Slater are emotional.