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Hangin’ in There!

You know, mad props go out to Frances Bean Cobain for even being alive at this point, let alone appearing on red carpets with some sense of composure. She’s really quite a striking young lady, and I hope her path in life is smoother than either of her parents’.

And for godsake, girl, SMILE!

At the Twilight premiere in LA.

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  • okay, this girl wouldn’t look half bad if she relaxed, softened her hair color, quit wearing red lipstick, and SMILED. the girl looks so freaking gloomy. can you blame her though? she has courtney love for a mother… ’nuff said

  • thought she was kelly osbourne, but kelly has moves past the red lipstick phase i believe.

    Oh yes and I hate the way she is holding her mouth in these pictures.

  • jeez guys, give the teenager a break…i’d be disappointed if she didn’t dye her hair black and look all angsty when posing for photos! not every teen is a miley disneybot!

  • Hey, at least she got her red lipstick on her mouth which is a hell of a lot more than her mother has EVER done. She looks great, despite her circumstances.

  • When exactly did pale and sickly looking become the new hot?

    People in Hollywood need to start stepping outdoors, jog and eat healthier. I mean half of the people we see are so unhealthy. And spraying orange crap on your legs doesn’t count Lohan.

  • dude a lot of people are naturally that pale. i would consider burning, poisoning, and aging your skin as the epitome of healthy.

    pale has been in fashion a lot longer than this “the darker(or oranger) the better” phase that we have fallen into.

    and leave Lohan alone. dude, she’s a redhead. she doesn’t even get tan ever, she just freckles (which is a sign of skin damage). redheads are not meant to be dark, duh

    i’d rather look at pale people than orange people

  • thanks joan :)

    oh, and SJ- we were too busy arguing with each other— you are right though… it is quite cute

  • she actually looks pretty here…isnt she only like 16 though?? she looks so old, but at least she hasnt been involved in any drug or sex scandals of her own yet.

  • I’m glad to see her looking pretty normal and cute to boot…it’s interesting how two mostly fugly people can produce a pretty good-looking kid like Frances Bean, while two stunning looking people can sometimes produce Rumer Willis.

  • I think she looks very striking, like a silent film star. I hope she surprises us all and becomes a happy, well-adjusted adult.

    Funny line about Rumer, but I hope you don’t really think Bruce is stunningly good looking. : )

  • Well I agree with you on some accounts, but look at Kate Winslet; pale, light red hair but still not sickly looking. Julianne Moore; redhead, pale, healthy looking. Kate Walsh, Alyson Hannigan and the list goes on.

    My point was more about the health of Hollywood than a judgment on the redheads. And as far as I’ve seen, Lohan smokes and drinks Redbull in just about every other photos. Not so great for the body, or skin for that matter.

  • i always thought she was an adorable kid (she looked just like her courtney)…too bad her dumbass low-self esteeming mother (by example) taught her that she had an ugly nose, and bod…i.e.:nosejob., dexatrim makeover….now i guess the plastic surgery legacy will continue with her. poor girl…she never had a chance :-(

  • i think shes pretty :)

    shes got this sort of bizarre elegance around her now everybody in hollywood wants to be more tanned or orange
    shell be her own individual

    uniqueness is better than becoming an orange ;)

  • When I see pics of her now…I feel old. I can’t believe she is already a teenager! I remember watching the MTV awards when Kurt was holding her as a newborn! I hope that someone besides her train-wreck mama is there to support her…pity.

  • lmao @ beefy, that was funny..

    The girl is actually cute, the only pic of her ive seen was the one on her sweet 16 which obviously was a mess.. But she looks good actually.. Maybe she still has a future, a normal future.. Who knows..

  • She is so beautiful, I have met her once and she is great to meet in person. Nothing like her father or mother…she is just Frances…she loves pop and many different things than her father or mother