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“I’m there. I can’t wait. I feel like all of us, we’re ready to do whatever we have to do. Whatever they want – if they need me to volunteer, they need me to sing, I’m there, and I’m ready.”

Beyonce inviting herself to Inaugural Day activities

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  • When did wendie become the full time blogger?

    wendie: “Um, Sasha.. you know I can contribute on the weekdays right?”

    Sasha: “Sure wendie, my readers don’t care about quality”

    wendie: “Thanks Sasha, I’ll do my best to embarrass you!”

  • @ Hmmm

    How about you take over, then? Let’s see the “quality” that you can come up with! wendie didn’t include anything in this post other than a picture of Beyonce, a quote from Beyonce, and one line elaorating on the subject Beyonce was talking about.

    The bare bones of a gossip post, and you still have a bitch about it. I’m sure if wendie gave an opinion, you’d be quick enough to pick on that.

    Give the girl a break.

  • @ Caz2

    I wasn’t actually referring to this post in particular. I was talking about every other post lately…

    Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed they aren’t funny.. none of them. Protect her though, mama bears always do.

    Go wendie, we love to be bored. =) Thanks Caz2 for setting me straight, I’ll go right to my corner.

  • @ Hmmm

    Well, you actually should read the blog before you bitch. Beet is on holiday (and reading some of her posts it’s the first in ages) and Wendie has agreed to take over for a few days.

    And just because there’s somthing new and different going on, it doesn’t meen that it’s automatically bad. I think she’s doing a good job (yes, I actually like her posts) and I admire her for not giving up, even though there are SO many people criticising (and most of them on an extremely low and personal level!).

    But I’ll just suppose that you are perfect, that you never in your life made a mistake, that you’re always brilliant, and, that you of course would provide much better, funnier and more interessting posts than Wendie. Then again, if you were like that, you were able to express your critique in a much better, funnier and more interessting way.

  • Beyonce’s too fierce. Sasha Fierce, in fact. So fierce, that invitations are not necessary.

    If I say I’m ready to do whatever at Obama’s inauguration, can I go, too? Please?

  • Yes this was about Beyonce. Go Beyonce.

    @FTAH – wendie is funny? Seriously? Okay… hey wendie, everyone who has a low i.q. thinks you’re funny. Rock On!!!!

    @ Jenn – I knew I wasn’t he only one.

    @ Everyone else who wants to yell at me – You all know that wendie is mediocre at best, you just don’t want to hurt her feelings by saying it.

  • OMG…guys, Wendie is fine. She thinks it is funny Beyonce is ASSuming that she will be the big ticket item and Bam-Bam’s inaguration…which is totally pathetic,….. remember…”can you pay my bills, pay my telephone bills”…..(feel free to cringe here). And…imho it totally is!! Beyonce is a troll, rich troll, but troll, no less. If you don’t read the posts from Beet saying she took a day off, then qitcherbitchin!

  • Why does Beyonce believe that the US-American political leaders might be in need of her (musical) services now?

    Does she know what politics is about???

  • @ suthunbelle: well put hun
    @ m: lol at the booty bounce comment
    @ myself: damn it’s homo of he to not have anything to except comment on others’ comments

  • WTF is Beyonce weraring?
    The moment she just married Jay-Z: her figure has gone south, her music sucks and she lost all fashion sense.

  • her look is ALWAYS overcalculated, staged, and unimaginative. the most spontaneous she EVER was in her ‘Deja vu’ video.

    i always get that ‘beauty pagent’ vibe from her. it’s just not inspiring. maybe it’s a Texan thing. when things are TOO perfect, they’re boring.
    i dunno…just sayin’.

  • @ Hmmm

    If we didn’t want to hurt her feelings, we wouldn’t say anything at all. I ♥ you, wendie.

    Isn’t Beet, like… always on vacation? She’s always going away for a weekend or a few days or… whatever.

  • @ Caz2:

    you said: “The bare bones of a gossip post, and you still have a bitch about it.”

    That’s EXACTLY why we bitch about it. It’s the bare bones. Nothing extra, nothing less. Annoyingly middle of the road.

  • @ me

    ‘damn it’s homo of me to not have anything to except comment on others’ comments’

    sorry I really don’t understand this sentence. you whine on about how your against gay marriage in another thread and then use the word homo to describe yourself?

    either you need to come out, or widen your vocabulary.