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Canned Lesbian

Grey’s Anatomy has abruptly fired actress Brooke Smith who played Dr. Erica Hahn, the lover of character Dr. Callie Torres. 

The move was a creative decision and unrelated to the sexual orientation of Smith’s character, said series creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes.

“Brooke Smith was obviously not fired for playing a lesbian. Clearly it’s not an issue, as we have a lesbian character on the show — Calliope Torres,” Rhimes said in a statement Monday.

Sara Ramirez, who plays Callie, is an “incredible” actress and the goal is “to play up her magic,” Rhimes said. “Unfortunately, we did not find that the magic and chemistry with Brooke’s character would sustain in the long run.”

The breakup’s effect on Callie will be reflected in upcoming episodes, Rhimes said.

“I believe it belittles the relationship to simply replace Erica with `another lesbian,'” Rhimes said, noting that Dr. Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) mourned the departure of Dr. Preston Burke (former cast member Isaiah Washington) for a full season.

How long before the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation starts decrying Grey’s Anatomy for not supporting the community?    More likely, the “creative decision” was that Brooke Smith was a bitch, a crazy, a drunk, a druggie or just a general fuck up.

Brooke Smith last night at the 4th Annual Worldwide Orphans Foundation benefit Gala at Cipriani Wall Street, NYC.

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  • Wendie again?????? WTF???


    I love you girl. You seem like a nice person, and I’m sure you’re a great mom and one hot piece of ass….. but your writing sucks girl!

    You don’t project a personality in your writing style. I can’t relate to you on any level.. and I’m really trying.

    I can’t hate you, I can’t love you…. There’s no feeling or emotion. I know that you are filling in for Beet… but that’s exactly what you come off as…. “filler” or a fluff piece.

    You criticize but will never expose yourself to criticism like Beet or even Perez.

    You never post your picture, but you make fun of other people/celebs for their pictures.

    You spam your site… but never tell me about your life…who you are, or what you’re passionate about.

    You comment on other posts, but never comment on any of your own. People have trashed you, but you don’t stand up for yourself… People have complemented you, but you don’t thank them…

    There is no wit, intelligence or humor in your writing…just the occasional obvious slap-stick observation.

    You’ve officially killed this site for me….

  • “More likely, the “creative decision” was that Brooke Smith was a bitch, a crazy, a drunk, a druggie or just a general fuck up.”

    …or, if you did your entertainment homework (as an entertainment blogger probably SHOULD), you would have already come across the interview with Brooke Smith in which she goes into detail about her abrubt departure and essentially informs Michael Ausiello that ABC pressured Shonda Rimes to let her go because they were uncomfortable with the lesbian storyline.

    Or, you could just be an uninformed dumbass and assume that the (respected) actress in question is a “fuck-up” or a “bitch.” Because it’s fun to toss out inflammatory words about people, right? It’s not immature at all, right?

    I agree with the above poster. I used to check out this site every single day (often more than once or twice) and I’ve even sort of defended you, Wendie, but I’ve found that the quality of the writing on and its celebrity coverage in general lately just sort of sucks.

    Peace out. There are far snarkier, more interesting bloggers out there. If any of you are interested, dlisted, celebitchy and crazydaysandnights are far superior blogs with far better writers/moderators.

  • shonda rimes was just capitalizing off of sara ramirez’s fame and adoration in the lesbian world to begin with. sara ramirez was voted no. 8 on’s Hot 100 list, so it makes perfect network sense to use that popularity to distort glbt relationships.

  • For the record, I totally disagree with the above dickweed and camel-toe (yes, you TSS and Ernestine – WTF kind of name is that???) and totally enjoy Wendie’s posts! I’m thinking she only appeals to people with higher intelligence anyway, so no worries, no big loss. You crack me up!

  • Gosh. That sucks!

    I love Grey’s anatomy and I was totally digging the Erica x Callie parring. Ugly annoying chick hooks up with fat, yet kind of hot, chick. It’s a match made in heaven! No really, I adore them..

    I will hate to see her go. :(

  • Wendie may not have the hilariously clever wit and writing style of Beet but you’re still getting the gossipy side of the news. Beet apparently doesn’t have the time to post everyday; enjoy her when she does show up. I will continue to check everyday because I love this gossip/trash format. Since you’re so dissatisfied TSS, why don’t you, if you can, write your comments in a clever, intelligent, witty style that could still be critical but would earn some respect for you. Your writing has no wit or creativity to so step up or sit down.

  • i personally dig weekend wendie! not many people have the balls to wish people dead. she’s my favorite style of loose cannon. keep it up!!!

  • If there are chemistry problems between characters in a relationship (see Izzie and George) you do not fire that actor, you just end the relationship. This is Grey’s Anatomy for god’s sake. Half the characters have slept with each other.

    Whether you liked Hahn or Callie/Hahn together or not, by all reports, Brooke Smith is a class act, who just moved her family to LA for the show. She wasn’t a guest star, she was a regular, and you do not fire your regulars at the drop of a hat. Everyone knows why she got fired and it is complete crap.

  • “It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.”
    I guess she’s getting the hose again. :-)

  • This does sound a bit fishy. First Addison and now Hahn. Why does this show keep taking away all of these sexy in charge women? So much for enjoying that fantasy. All I’m left with is Christina. She’s not sexy though, just insane!

  • ewwwwwww!!!!!!! another celeb debt 2 scocioty!!!!!!! i hate it when celebs have every darn thing in the world and they have 2 get more attention so they go do stupid stuff and screw their careers down their solid gold toilets!!!!!!! arggggggg!!!!!!! cmon it has GOT 2 adgetate more people than JUST ME!!!!!!! this is pathetic. i wonder who else is gonna go. im just gonna sit here and wait. keep me informed evil beet!!!!!!!

  • I am sorry but I stopped watching tha show
    and I think the plot , as far as I read, is turning out to be absurd.
    I couldn’t care less if they dismiss the actors for the story’s sake
    because I am quite sure the reason is somewhere else.

  • Wendie’s way funnier on her blog. I think she’s cobbled by working for someone else. Just let fly, Wendie! Also, big deal, I wish people dead – and saying cunting at least 10 times – on a daily basis.

  • @ TSS: stalker much?

    :p and get over your fucking ginormous ego! if you don’t like how she writes than goto another blog fool!

  • @TSS

    Why don’t you simply stop reading Wendie’s posts? Oh, right, you’d rather complain.

    Plus, if you truly wish you’d applied to be the weekend Beet, why not start your own weekend blog and give us a link to it? C’mon, it’ll be fun.

  • Wendie, my honest impression is that you don’t have any connection to what you’re writing about. Like, you are just pulling shit out of your ass and putting a vague snarky affect on it. That does not make good blogging.

  • First Kate Walsh, and now Brooke Smith? WHAT’S THE PROBLEM with this people?

    All the great women are leaving… the show is honestly going towards mediocre