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Joe the Plumber Hooked Up with Kristen Wiig?

From McCain supporter Martin Eisenstadt’s blog:

As popular as John and Cindy were at the party, the real star was Joe. Over 6 feet, tan, with rippling muscles and a beaming smile of disbelief, he was like Mr. Clean at a soap convention. As you can imagine with the embodiment of Joe Six Pack, Joe the Plummer can hold his liquor, that’s for sure. While we were downing shots of Makers Mark, Joe got buttonholed by Ben Affleck’s agent (Patrick-something from Endeavor, I think?) There was some serious talk about Joe appearing as the star on the next season of The Bachelor. Whether McCain wins or loses, believe me, Joe Wurzelbacher has already come out a winner.

But as night wore on to early morning, Joe finally got some “quality” alone time with a certain female cast member. I’m not that familiar with the show, but I know it wasn’t Tina Fey or Amy Poehler. The skinny brunette, I think it was. Kirsten, maybe? Joe’s got good taste: she’s definitely hotter in person. And judging by her taste in plumbers, maybe a closet Republican. I didn’t see what time they left, but it wouldn’t surprise me if someone got her drain snaked last night. Politics sure makes strange bedfellows! (I ran into Joe this morning at the hotel – see picture – and ever the gentleman, he refused to reveal more than his mile-wide grin.)

Oh, Lord, talk about a crazy 15 minutes of fame. I cannot wait until this election is over.

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  • No fucking kidding…

    I can’t wait until this election is over either… No offense but this blog is REALLY starting to suck from what it once was (…nothing personal). Maybe that will change after the elections.

    If it doesn’t you should really consider changing the name of this blog to “Jon & Kate plus Proposition 8”

  • He ran into him at the hotel? The hotel being a mid-sized house with a fence and a black ford pick-up parked out front? I call BS on this whole spiel.

  • All this adult talk about the election is boring TS (too many syllablesI guess).

    What amazed me most about this election is how Cindy McCain’s addiction problem was a non-issue. She stole from a charity to feed her addiction for Christ’s sake.

  • Skunky Touch – You know nothing about what is for “Christ’s sake” you fucking left wing loon. You have lost all credibility (not to mention comedic relief thanks to TSS) here. Eat shit and die, then come back and try again – maybe you won’t have as much talented competition.

  • joe the plumber.why is this douche getting 15 minutes of fame? he is not a plumber, he doesn’t pay his taxes, up until recently he wasn;t registered to vote, and his name isn’t even joe. it’s sam. and he is an idiot the crazed eyes of an angry pitbull.

  • This is bull. Eisenstadt is making it up and it is frightening that this man is anywhere close to any seat of power. Someone got her drain snaked! Douche!