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Holy Adorableness!

I normally make a cottage industry of hating on Jessica Alba, but this photo of the Alba-Warren clan out in NYC this weekend warms my evil little heart.

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  • It is kind of cute, even though Cash and Jessica are as far away from each other as possible and she’s giving him the death eye for staring at the baby and not her.

  • I don’t know, it looks to me like she is looking at him and thinking “Don’t look at the baby, LOOK AT ME!!”.

  • uh, uh Indigo…she’s thinkin’…”I thought yo ass would give me a cute Gerberbaby like Shiloh (blessed-be-her-name) Jolie-Pitt! Now I’m stuck schleppin’ this fuckin’ Monchi-chi around. This shit’s absurd! I’ve got a sexy Z-list (i’m-not-latina) image to preserve!

    As soon the doctor oks it, she is DEFINITELY gettin’ rhino. Hell, why wait, there’s always Colombia….

  • Isn’t the baby supposed to be facing the other way? lol I’d be afraid the baby would pitch forward and fall out of the sling. But I guess, what would be the point? We wouldn’t have cute baby pics.