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Lindsay Lohan Calls the Shots

Lindsay Lohan has agreed to allow her deposition for Samantha Ronson’s malpractice and negligence lawsuit against her former lawyer (related to this) to be videotaped as long as her conditions are met:

Lohan’s lawyer asks that the video be used only in the current suit and never for future litigation, minus a judge’s order; that only the parties to the suit, their attorneys and expert witnesses can view the tape; that no one be present for the deposition other than the plaintiff and defendant, the lawyers, a cameraperson and a court reporter; that Lohan’s lawyers keep the original copy and others are only available to the other side’s attorneys; that no more than four transcripts are produced; and, that when the case is over, all copies be returned to Lohan’s camp and all transcripts destroyed.

Do average, everyday people get to submit their list of demands like this?  I know, I know.  She’s famous and I am sure the video would be leaked to the media…just makes me wonder what she has to say that could, in the words of Lindsay’s lawyer, cause such “unwarranted annoyance, embarrassment, oppression, undue burden, and expense.”

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  • Yes everyday people do get a chance to file a motion like this — but there has to be a legitimate reason. It looks like LiLo’s first motion was denied by the judge or was likely that it would be denied – remember she didn’t want to have her depo videotaped at all, so her lawyer amended the motion. I actually think I read the motion and it was like 15 pages long! And basically says that LiLo is a celebrity therefore blah blah blah the media could get the videotape blah blah blah because it has happened before blah blah. It actually makes perfect sense to me that she wouldn’t want to get the video taped.

    Just my guess. :)

  • check your source again next time
    vdo will destroy after the case is over
    that’s way nothing leak to the media

  • I’m sorry for her, just hoping she can sick with an improved life style and will never ever fall back, or hsn’t fallen back to old behaviour yet. I so wish her the very best!

  • I would imagine that she is going to admit the coke was hers, is all. I wouldn’t want that leaked to the media either.

  • I just want to know who Samro’s lawyer was, to lose that case means he was the worst attorney in the greater Los Angeles basin. Really, she should have won that suit.

  • i’ve been in a drug induced coma for a few years. so when did lindsay lohan start dating one of the lollipop kids from the wizard of oz?