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Sam Jackson Defends Gay Marriage

The badass motherfucker is the latest in a long line of celebrities urging California voters to VOTE NO on PROP 8.

Samuel L. Jackson recorded a radio spot earlier today to keep the issue top-of-mind with voters as the election draws closer.


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  • Does Prop 8 have anything to do with him making shitty sequels to “Snakes on a Plane” and “Lakeview Terrace”???

    Cus my ass will frollic thru the fucking desert with a test tube of gatorade and vote NO to that shit.

  • Sam is just the coolest badass in the world. I think he is too sexy for words. I don’t care if he makes an occasional “crap” movie. I’ll see anything he is in. LOVE YOU Sam!

  • # of new lives created by traditional marriage: Billions & counting
    # of new lives created by gay marriages: 0

    Pass all the laws you want.

  • Hmmm, CA…

    That’s either a brilliant endorsement for population control through gay marriage…

    or a condemnation of homosexuality on the basis of non-procreation.

    On this blog, it’s hard to tell.

    (I’m hoping it’s the former)

  • @CA
    you’re forgetting the part where some heterosexual couples choose not to have children. or when older people past childbearing age get married. or infertile couples who choose to adopt.

    the point of marriage is not procreation. it is uniting two people who love each other.

    please vote no on prop 8.

  • Unfortunately, millions of lives have been created without any marriage at all. The “Yes on 8” people seem to think this is more acceptable than two loving and committed gay people rasing a child that no one else wants. Sad world we live in. Prop 8 does NOT get my vote.

  • Ah CA – is suspected some things about you from previous posts – sadly I think I was right based on your post here.

  • WTF cares who someone marries, so long as it’s not a crime or forced? I don’t think there should be any reason why homosexual people can’t gain the legal benefits of marriage. Are they even able to be married due to common law marriage? Are that many heterosexuals that afraid of homosexuals? Seriously, they need to relax.

    So what, homosexual marriage doesn’t “generate” population growth. We’ve got too much population as it is. Not to mention that, hey, most of the long term homosexual relationships I know either have children from previous heterosexual relationships, plan to/have adopt/adopted, or are planning on getting a sperm donor. So hey, that kinda renders the 0 population growth argument moot. And why should you care who someone else is sleeping with, as long as it’s concensual and children aren’t involved? Get a grip.

    I had one supervisor at a job claim that I was insubordinate because he was gay. I laughed at him and told him to look around, since 6 of the 11 supervisors were gay, because I had no problems with anyone else. I was insubordinate because he was an asshole, and always said to do stupid shit. One of my favorite people I work with now is a former (because his husband, legal or not, is having health issues, as well as just being tired of the work involved) drag queen. Do I want him kissing on me? No. Do I think he should have the legal benefits of being married to his man? Yes.

  • Let the gays be as misserable as everyone else

    Sam Jackson isn’t a badass because his parts require him to ACT like a badass. Remember when he was the skinny, nobody getaway driver on ‘goodfellas’? not so much a badass, huh?

  • frankly, i’m glad the gay population doesn’t add to the overall welfare burden already brought on by government programs which offer easy money to those who just keep popping out babies like human gumballs. i’d rather have a gay marriage instead of a forced palin teenage marriage anyday. don’t worry about the population boom CA, the hispanics will more than make up for gays!

  • Samuel Jackson was involved in the “Black Power” movement in the late 1960s, including being part of the group at Moorehouse College that held the board of trustees hostage.

    He’s a bad ass from way back.

  • people should go out with guys or girls its there choice because i will tell u a secert im a leso too