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Terrence Howard’s Expensive Week

It hasn’t been going too well for Terrence Howard lately.  First, he was replaced in the Iron Man sequel.  Now he has been slapped with a $5 million lawsuit.  Composer Tex Allen, brother of choreographer Debbie, alleges that Terrence assaulted him while they were working together on Broadway’s Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.  According to the lawsuit, Allen was punched repeatedly in the face by Howard and the incident ruined his ability to play piano.  I’m not saying it’s right to punch someone but five million dollars?

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  • i don’t understand the punching in the face and the piano thing, but i really hope he didn’t lose his ability to play because that would be like tragic :[

  • Because, ya know, you obviously can’t play piano with a messed up face.

    Alright, alright, I’ll be nice! Poor gu… eh, maybe next post.

  • …how the hell does punching someone in the face ruin their ability to play piano? Did he punch SO HARD that he caused brain damage or nerve damage? If so, he should BE Ironman, dammit.

  • To me atleast, Terrence Howard gives off that vibe of an egotistical raging dickhead underneath it all. So whatever, I’m not feeling sorry for him. So there! ;)

  • If his ability to play the piano was indeed ruined, I think that is beyond $5 million. For a musician and composer that could be life-shattering. Don’t forget that this is potentially compensation for ALL his future earnings.