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Kim Kardashian Celebrates Her 28th Birthday

KK assumed a natural for her pose as she blew out the sparklers on her cake.  Incidentally, apparently candles are passe now?  LAX Nightclub hosted her birthday party last night and served a cake with their name emblazoned across it and no mention of Kim’s anywhere.  I feel a little embarassed for her.  I feel a lot embarassed for her sister Khloe.  She has absolutely no business wearing that dress anywhere…  And before you get all hysterical, I don’t hate fat people.  I just hate this fat person’s horrible udgement.

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  • lol she’s a scorpio like me! That explains a lot about her.

    Actually I’m a cuspe, but still a Scorp!

    I didn’t get a cake, but my BF did go out of his way to get me a Tim Horton’s coffee, which was just as sweet.

  • i honestly don’t think she’s fat, she just looks like a cow compared to other women in hollywood. is that a mean thing to say, hahaha..oops!
    she’s probably in better shape than most average american women. (isn’t the average size 14? sorry if i’m wrong).

    it’s just a hideous outfit, fat or skinny.

  • I really dont think Khloe looks fat… sure that dress isnt particularly flattering and makes her look shapeless, but I really dont think she looks fat. If that is what looking fat looks like, then I must be a real lard-ass every single day.

  • wow. everyones wrong..

    all of the kardashian girls are gorgeous
    but khloe is just bigger. shes taller and just naturaly has a bigger structure.
    thats how it is..
    you cant say its not.
    good lord

  • The cake doesn’t look real like one of those fakey-cakes. When its time to serve the cake they just take it in the back and cut up a sheet cake or cupcakes.

  • omg! it seems like everytime i read something on this blog there is a fat slur. you know how your weird uncle at thanksgiving cracks the same ridiculous joke over and over and over for years? that is what’s becoming of this blog. it’s so old. can we move on already?

  • Wendie Dear,

    If Beet slams Miss Raven for not using a spell checker then Weekend Beet would be wise to use one too. Please. You’re doing a lot better, but the word is “embarrassed.” I know, it looks wrong, but there you have it.

  • I love the Kardashian girls! And especially Kim. Khloe is not fat. She is a normal woman. Don’t you skinny women know this is what men REALLY like? Curves and more curves.

  • I’ll agree that Khloe isn’t exactly attractive, but she’s not fat. Her sisters are just so so petite that she looks larger compared to them.

    What is up with this blog lately?

  • not cute and heathy, meh. UGLY dress. something is wrong with her face though. maybe she saw herself in the mirror

  • How about publishing a picture of you, Wendie, featuring your body? I certainly don’t want to read your posts if you are fat. And honey, if Khloe is fat, so is your boss, who is big boned and meaty. Did you know that? I am sure that someone with your sensitivities and good judgement would not want to work for a fat person.

  • @ tigerlille

    “I am sure that someone with your sensitivities and good judgement would not want to work for a fat person.”

    Good call ;)

  • kourtney and kim are very small girls which helps to make khloe look bigger, she isn’t fat at all and beet i’ve seen pictures of you, you are not too far off from that.

  • Kim is a Libra on the cusp with Scorpio like myself except my Bday is on the 22nd. The 23rd starts Scorpio.