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What Is in the Water in Hollywood?

Charlie Sheen’s new wife, Brooke Mueller, is reportedly pregnant with twins.

The per-capita rate of celeb twin pregnancies is kind of ridiculous lately. This can’t be coincidental, can it? Are they all having secret fertility treatments now because twins are totally the new Birkin bag?

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  • Has to be something that is helping them along. There is no way that many ppl in such a little circle could be having that many twins. I will never be conviced otherwise, it is In-Vitro.

  • Maybe it’s because they are having children past their “prime”, if you have kids when you’re older you have a higher chance of twins… Not that she looks that old

  • I hate Charlie Sheen’s eyebrows so much that I can’t even bring myself to write about twins. His eyebrows made him look unpleasant and angry in all his wedding photos.

  • I’m definitely with you on this one, Beet. Twins are in…they are all doing it because it’s cool to get the bonus baby. Twice the prize for half the work. Believe me, if I could have gotten a two for one deal when I had my son, I would have. I didn’t want to have to deal with another 9 months of torture and vomiting and pain and just one birth would have been nice, too.

  • There has been (in my experience) a lot of influence on “career women” to push family-hood of into your 30s. Then you’re in your 30s and you do this thing called “planning”. You know you either can’t afford to have a kid, or that it will affect your life ALOT. (Or you’re not currently married or with a decent guy.) So you put it off a little longer. Then your doctor tells you “Oh, BTW, it’s much harder to get pregnant when you’re past 35-40.” Then Doc offers you some fertility drugs. Then you have quadriplets.

  • They say when you stop taking the pill, there are chances of twins when she does get pregnant. Maybe both, pill and fertility, who knows.

  • He seriously has to be the biggest idiot ever.
    Usually these days, when it’s twins, it was from invetro (sp?)

  • So i read somewhere that these two actually paid to have a special procedure done so that they could have a boy. You can actually pay like 12 grand or something to have the sperm spun. I guess this separates the female spermies from the males. *shrugs*

    As a mom of NATURALLY conceived twins….it kinda irks me that this has become a sort of fad.