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Selma Blair may have to turn to Katie Holmes impersonating

I find it strange how there are so many actors that look like each other.  Are they trying to do this thinking they are going to steal the others career?   Here’s a picture of Katie Holmes last night at the “All my sons” Broadway opening, and a picture of Selma Blair doing her best Katie impersonation in February.  Selma should have gone after Tom Cruise while he was scouting.    Selma must be pissed.  Katie beat her out for the role of Joey on Dawson’s Creek too.   Home girl can’t catch a break.  Now Katie beat her out of her own look.  Selma’s new show has been quoted as one of the worst shows ever to appear on television. So if that show gets canceled at least she can have a career on youtube as a Katie Holmes impersonator.   There was a youtube video yesterday of Selma trying her best to be funny (I emphasize “trying”)  It was making fun of the paparazzi I think and how they are a pain in the ass.  I don’t think anyone in the media really cares about Selma so I missed the point completely.  It would have made sense if Madonna or a real celebrity did it.  First we have a terrible TV show and now a really stupid you tube video looking  like an desperate attempt to get some media attention. It was a tad John Mayerish for my taste. John Mayer although is actually semi amusing at times.  Selma hasn’t a drop of funny in her.  If you don’t believe me, tune in to Kath and Kim  on NBC.   I see a bright future for her on youtube.  Move over Lonleygirl15.   Selma Blair is going to steal your career just like she stole Katie Holmes’ identity.  I would post the video, but it’s so painfully bad I won’t waste more of your time than I just did.

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  • I tried watching Kath & Kim last night and only made it through about 10 minutes. It totally sucks, not even a little funny. I’ll stick with the Office on Thursday nights.

  • What? Why, yes, I am annoyed to have a comment pulled down for the first time ever. Sorry! Next time I will not post any links to videos repeatedly alluded to in the blog entry. How obnoxious of me!

    Bye, you guys. It was fun.

  • From the second I heard that they were trying to make an American version of Kath & Kim I knew, and every single other Australian knew, that it would be fucking shit.

    When I found out Selma Blair was playing Kim it just confirmed everything. Kim is meant to be slightly fat and unattractive. Not something Selma can do…at all.

    Anyway all you Americans who hated the US version should go try and find yourself a video of the Aussie version. It is awesome but very Australian so you might not “get” it. But it’s well worth a look anyway.

  • Guys, the Aussie version of Kath and Kim is MUCH MUCH better and funnier than the USA crap. Please watch it.

  • this post wasnt funny, it was just a lame rant for no reason… and since when has sporting a look BEFORE the other person wore it been “copying” them? just because katie is more famous/widely photographed than selma, suddenly everything is a “copy” of her?

  • wow. i love that you feel this way about this girl who would never say a bad word about you. i am so clapping my self tanned hands together with glee. i hope we can keep working together to disparage this girl. i see you are on board. and i am so grateful for your blind faith. god bless.