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The First Clips of Who’s Nailin’ Paylin!!!

Hooray, hooray, hooray!!!

There’s a part at the end that’s a little questionable, but, in general, this clip is non-pornographic.

Thanks Richard!

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  • Wow, she really “nailed” Palin’s accent and mannerisms (sarcasm). Geez put a little effort into it…not that difficult.

  • Bad acting job but it’s a sad day when a p0rn star seems to be dumbing down in order to portray a vice presidential candidate.

  • You mean… that script was serious?!

    If those are the kinds of plots they’re accepting, hell, sign me up as a scriptwriter for porn!

  • okay, question: why do they bother spelling her name that way? would they get in trouble if they didn’t? i don’t get it.

    also, why does hillary clinton have some sort of lisp? that bothers me.

  • hey, and does she at any point in this movie fuck a guy named joe six pack? maybe the owner of a liquor store or, like, a bait and tackle shop or something? cause if not then i believe that a serious, serious oversight has been made. even if she hadn’t said that by the time they were making this movie – how much time does it really take to go back and shoot one more sex scene? they could’ve done something creative with a beer bottle if they’d needed a reason to justify it. (i could just go find out i guess, but i couldn’t will myself through more than half the script last time.)

  • “how much time does it really take to go back and shoot one more sex scene?”

    Well, you fail to take into consideration other factors such as the time needed to do a rewrite, audition actors for the new roles, rehearsals, etc.

  • My teacher approved for me to print out the script and bring it to class. Thank you Beet for providing me with the link!