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The Billy Bob Denial

Billy Bob Thornton issued a denial to Extra, claiming he and Tea Leoni are just friends, and there’s no truth to the rumors that Tea’s marriage to David Duchovny disintegrated because of an affair with him.


I hate everything about Extra now that Mario Lopez is on it. He’s so gross to me. He’s probably sleeping with Billy Bob Thornton, too.

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  • Steve Johnson-Ditto! Id love to buy u a beer!!!! Ur face,hiwever scares me and makes me laugh @ the same time.

  • Mario Lopez SUCKS. Hated him since he was on SBTB. And he was such a cocky prick on Dancing With the Has Beens, not to mention the fact that he was a RINGER who had had years of dance lessons.

    Mario is an egotistical talentless douchebag.

    That is all.

  • lol i hafta agree with you, beet, on the thing about mario lopez. just looking at him makes me feel icky

  • I am so glad to hear that he repulses you guys, too. Lynn, you said it best. I just had to be one more strong in the hateration that is Mario Lopez.

  • oh joan, i am so on board with you :]
    it just makes me so happy when we can all come together on something like this.

    now do we all think billy bob is full of shit or what?
    i do, but see, i’m biased because i like not to concentrate on david duchovny and the sex addiction.

  • I think that Billy Bob is a fine actor, and would be an attractive man if he weren’t a fucking maniac.

    Steve Johnson, you are just playing a game with us, right? Your little postage stamp pic looks normal enough except for whatever weird thing you are doing with your tongue.

  • Um, tigerlille, hold down the Control key and press + a few dozen times to enlarge the im-. Oh, never mind.

  • Did they put some contraption around BBT’s forehead and hang him for a month or two to stretch him out? He has the oddest shaped head I’ve ever seen in this picture.

  • If I’m Tea Leoni, I’m NOT doing some nasty redneck dude named Billy Bob over my super hot husband….no matter what he may have done to derserve my infidelity. I would totally find someone hot instead. Why not, right?

  • BBT has that very ‘bad boy’ vibe that some women – like myself – are unable to resist. Until he steals your jewelry and wallet while you are in the ladies room…

    and Mario is a total asshat. I want to wipe that smirk off his face with a brick.

  • I hate to admit this but on some warped level of mine, I am strangely attracted to BillyBob. It must be the bad boy vibe that Eyes of Green mentioned. Of course I would probably feel the need to shower for 3 days after an encounter with him but… I just can’t help it.

    And yeah for everyone else being grossed out by Mario.
    He. is. so. cheesy.

  • He looks like the embarassing uncle who can’t let go of his “biker dude” days even though he now works as a greeter at Wal-Mart and hangs out at the bars hitting on young chicks. I mean I know he’s Billy Bob so he manages to retain some vestigal hotness from days of yore, but man, if I saw him on the street I would just be like, oh, that’s sad.