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Fun with YouTube: Chris Crocker, “Mind in the Gutter”

I’m not gonna lie, this is better than anything his doppelganger Heidi Montag has ever released.

I don’t know why I adore this kid, but I do. I just think he’s awesome. I can’t think of anyone quite this famous for absolutely no discernible reason.

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  • I listened to the entire thing… Honestly, the “music” would have been better suited to be played to a slide show of farm animals giving birth, but whatev. I think its hilarious that the song ends but the slide show keeps going. 36 seconds of silence and pictures of Crocker.
    I would like to see a magazine do a photoshoot with him dressed in a suit, maybe a little bit of stubble on his face… give him dark hair with maybe a Nate Archibold hair cut… let him do some editorial poses or something (I dont really know what I’m talking about), and lets see what the outcome is! I bet it wouldnt be half bad.

    I’m just glad I lost my glasses earlier so I didnt have to see this with clarity.

  • This kid seriously brings out some weird emotions in me.

    For one, he makes me feel really scared for britney spears. He also makes me test out some really strong values I have. Like I’ve always said, “if it’s not hurting anyone, let people do whatever they want.” And so when he’s kissing his brother (step or half or whatever) and saying he was checking him out in the bathtub when they were toddlers…….well that’s a true test of character for me. (Is it even real???)

    Also he scares me.

    I will give him one thing though, the kid is really pretty. Like a really weird transgender pretty. He looks both pretty as a girl and as a boy. Too bad he can’t be calm.

  • omg….This slide should be renamed chicks with dicks…

    I agree with liberty. He does make a (kinda) pretty girl. Actually, I think he looks like heidi montag in some of these pics. All in all….

    kinda creepy.

  • OMFG , i love this guy. He’s so fucking amazing.
    He’ and his energy are so damn addictive.

    He’s that one person that ( I think ) can do everything.
    He’s such an hero, for me 8D

    He lives life.
    He all should have this kind of energy. :D

  • “I can’t think of anyone quite this famous for absolutely no discernible reason. ”

    Paris Hilton?