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Who the Hell’s Actually Going to Vote for John McCain in November?

The same people who propelled Kirk Cameron’s new Christian-fanboy flick, Fireproof, to #4 at the box office, despite the fact that it only opened on 839 screens.

You may now commence shit-talking in the comments. But you know I’m right.

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    Obama is dumb.
    he’s inexperienced and he does not know how to run our country. though his people did do a good job bombing it. thanks alot by the way! Let america know that we can thank obama for the world trade center!! McCain actually has experience and he wont completely demolish the white race. So there ya go.

    P.S. i cant wait till almost the end of the election whenever Obama’s dirty little secrets escape ;]

  • Yikes! Let’s not “spin” the ranking just yet. It’s like saying that movie was up there with Ironman or something – only 839 screens? Was that just in LA or something?? Seriously Beet! :-) Even tho I am Repub, I am kinda sore about McCain – we could have done better but hey, it is what it is. And… I will NOT go see that crazy religious flick EVER. That Kirk kid is a nutso cultist. I am also for pro-choice, gay marriage, oh and I do carry a gun… ;-) Not all Republicans are as crazy to the right as the Libs are to the left… just some of them… ;-)

  • kirk was cute in the 80’s. he is handsome now, but a bit weird. i am sure he means well. who is obama and mccain?

  • Oh! One more thing… haven’t you ever seen a small preview to a movie and thought, hmm, that might be good – I’ll take a chance and go see it? Not realizing what the REAL premise of the flick is? So, I would betcha ;-) that is the reason for the high numbers. However, I will concede to the Almighty Beet’s assessment if the movie stays ranked that high for the next few weekends in a row and opens in more theaters (other than in the Evangelical/Bible thumping south which traditionally votes Democrat…..) :-)

  • @jemms…. you’re not from around here, huh?
    Or, you have managed to achieve complete divestment of the all-wise-and-knowing and PROLIFIC media. Tell me how you did it. I can’t get away from all the craziness for one freaking moment… even on the ‘Beet’s site! (sorry, Beet…)

  • Um… wow… is Anon. for real? Or just being ironic?

    But to understand irony would mean that Anon is at least college-level educated, and has some form of critical thinking skills, being for real means… well, we’re fucked if this is the part Red-Neck nation that Bill Mahr was talking about.

  • I think that McCain is going to win just because he is a better choice of the two. Its a shame that gays can get “married” now. That should not be allowed anywhere any time. Its not beneficial to the mankind at all. Two mommies and two daddies – you would have to be retarded to think that it’s a good idea.

  • So 2 things.
    1-scarily enough there actually people who think in the same vein as anon.’s post annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd
    2-Not all Christians’s are closeminded, uber republicans that will blindly vote for McCain

  • Anon,

    YOU are the reason your country is going to fail if John McCain is president.

    I bet you voted for Bush as well you idiot.

  • Those guys who shout “Kill him!” and “Off with his head!” at Palin ralleys are probably voting for McCain.

  • “rallies” (damn)

    Also, that guy in La. who threatened election officials with a shotgun because he needed his voting registration so he could “keep that nigger out of office.” He’s probably voting for McCain.

    And the students at Liberty University.

  • Oh, as opposed to those people who protest and burn Bush in effigy? There’s nastiness on both sides.

  • To all the Republicans who see this comment, I’m sorry.

    I’m sorry that your political philosophy is broken.

    I’m sorry the president you thought was so great is now almost certainly going down in history as the worst president we’ve ever had.

    I’m sorry that in order to convince yourself that John McCain is a better candidate than Barack Obama you have to tell yourself (and believe it) that the democratic candidate is a ‘secret Muslim terrorist’.

    I’m sorry that trickle down economics just don’t work.

    I’m sorry that Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater would be disgusted by what has become of the Republican party.

    I’m sorry that John McCain feels that in order to even have a chance at winning this race, he has to turn his rallies into hate-filled, fear-mongering rants.

    And mostly, I’m sorry, Republicans, you did this to yourselves.

  • Anon’s another mindless McCain/Palin supporter. Brainwashed…

    If you’re going to vote for McCain, at least be classy about it and vote on the issues. There’s no need for childish name-calling…come on, we’re not 12 here.

    And Obama is not a terrorist. I’m sick of narrow-minded people like yourself feeing into all the outrageous lies.

  • oh Beet, the obama fans are the ones that still can’t explain what that one stands for, what he has ever accomplished, except he’s clean cut(all a ploy, from his book on how to appeal to”those white people”) he’s articulate(from the same book) and he’s a good public speaker. He stands for nothing, especially the USA, and says absolutely nothing, it’s a shame McCain is the other candidate, they are just not fighting enough.

  • @ Beet Czar –
    Thank you.

    You forgot to tell Dave that you’re sorry his candidate is all smoke and mirrors.

  • Oddly, all the dumb assess who voted for Bush are going to vote for McCain. Scary but you don’t have to have a working brain to vote. They were interviewing idiots from some small Ohio town this morning, both of these yahoos have 4 kids and live paycheck to paycheck and are afraid of a massive depression ruining their lives. Yee haw! Have more kids why don’t you? It was f’g sad, just clueless people who think that McCain is going to save their sad marginal lives, and I nearly wept.

    It isn’t a black thing, it’s a stupid thing. Stupid people voted for a functional retard who got us in this position with the help of possibly the most corrupt congress ever, and they think an guy nearly 80 who’s probably insane is going make things right. We are doomed people, doomed.

  • I´m not even from US and i´m worried about Sarah Palin becoming president!
    I mean, of course Mc Cain is experienced, he´s OLD! And he is gonna die soon!!!
    So, unless you want Ms. “All I have To Offer is My Tina Fey´s looks”, you should vote for Obama!

    Plus, he has a really sexy voice.. seriously, i could listen to his speeches all day long!

  • I am so shocked all you people that really, truly think Obama is going to save our economy, our healthcare, and our nation. He gets elected and this nation goes down the drains, say good bye to your democracy.

    He is just a smooth talking puppet that has fooled a lot of people, it’s quite sad.

  • @ Monica

    So really sexy voice you could listen to all day long > Ms. “All I have To Offer is My Tina Fey´s looks”.

    wow. That’s some real good logic right there.

  • Small business owners will be voting for McCain – and I am one of them!
    Obama is going to tax the hell out of us to the point where we’ll have to shut down and let go of all our staff. That is the one group of people that Obama seems not to give a damn about, unfortunately. If Obama is elected, there will be a lot more unemployed folks out there!

  • Oh Good God Monica – that’s a GREAT reason to vote.

    But you do sum it up well don’t you – he’s got a great voice, you can listen to him all day long, but what do you walk away with? Nothing.

  • McCain is DA MAN. At least he has some experience. All nObama has is charisma – which is not helpfull to our country right now.

  • I have a question for everyone, Dem and Rep…

    If you are making over 250,000 a year, WHY should you have to pay higher taxe rates than the rest of the people? How exactly is that fair? I’m just curious. I want to know how this can be justified in our Capitalist society.

  • @Eyes of Green:

    I completely agree with you, and it’s one of my biggest problems with voting Democrat. Why are we punishing people for succeeding and thriving in the capitalist society we so value? It makes no sense to me.

  • @ Keightlynn really? “down the drains”? You’re kidding me with that one right?
    I voted for Bush in 04. I will be voting for Obama in 2008.
    The only thing you have evidenced in your comments is your own lack of knowledge.
    Get back to me when you actually have some intelligent input
    Kthnxbai!! ;)

  • OMG – have i reached my post limit today? I’ve tried to put something twice… LOL

    And thank you Beet – it has me vexed also!

  • I AM!!…
    although it doesnt really matter one bit!… We all know the election has already been rigged,..oops, i mean,”won” by Obama..Because, how could any intelligent person think he sounds like a good idea?…oh yeah, thats right, youre all afraid of being called a racist if you are white, and ostersized if you are black!!…WHATEVER…. there is not ONE fair thing about this election…(as if politics are fair) but c’mon!..I have NEVER witnessed a more bias media or the “Hollywood Crowd”.basically ONLY catering to democrats and NOT giving a fair shot in hell to the republicans. we are made fun of in Skits and laughed at every chance …I am SO sick of the Bleeding heart liberal high horse, I could vomit!!!!…….It is SO true…Being a republican now a days is the “NEW GAY” …(we are forced into the closet and made fun of relentlessly) … excuse me a moment while i puke.

  • I would have to say I will be, If only for someone who is willing to tell both partys to screw them self. He will for better or worst work for the people not the party. Berry only knows the party line…

  • Now Nessie, if it were the ‘new gay’ there’d be more tolerance and we’d have a spokesperson somewhere…some PSA announcements and maybe a parade.

  • I would comment but this is like religious discussion for me. If I said they way I believed the goverment should run everyone would laugh.

    Besides if we could run vehicles off all the bullshit that senators, congressmen and all other elected officials produce, we would have enough energy for several eons.

  • Wow…It’s amazing how “ANON” was brave enough to share his “insightful” views with us all.

    Read a book. Learn something. Seriously. Icky. I can’t believe ignorant racist jerks like you still live in this country. Here’s some advice, in November when Obama’s elected, I suggest packing your stuff and leaving if you don’t like it here. I’m sure there are many hate mongering nations that will take ya.

    Beet, your awesome. Obama 08!

  • @ Beet and eyes of green

    Why should low income and middle class families have to pay the same amount of taxes when we have less money? Wealthy people have more to offer this country so I fully believe they should pay higher taxes. And they’re not being punished because they are successful.. They are just contributing to help their country more. That’s a punishment? No a punishment is taking a middle class family and not giving them health care because they have too much money for medicaid, and too little for private insurance. And what is one of the reasons we have too little money for health insurance? Because we’re paying so much in taxes! You really think wealthy people will suffer just because their taxes are higher? Nope!

  • @ Jess

    Think about it as if you were in their shoes-

    Would you want to pay more taxes of YOUR hard earned money just because you make more money?

    You obviously don’t want higher taxes yourself, do you think they want to be forced to pay higher taxes too, and like it?

  • That’s a silly argument Jess. That’s like going to Mc Donalds and saying “I only have .50, why should I have to pay 4.00 for a Quarter Pounder.” You paying 10 percent on your income is much different than a millionaire paying 10 percent on her income. (unless of course you are a millionaire, and if that is the case, can we borrow 20 till payday?)

    And if your income is so low that you can’t afford private insurance and make a little too much for Medicaid, you probably aren’t paying income tax anyway. Social Security, yes. Fed Tax, probably no.

    It is not the responsibility of the rich to take care of the poor.

  • keightlynn Says:
    October 10th, 2008 at 1:31 pm

    @ Jess

    Think about it as if you were in their shoes-

    Would you want to pay more taxes of YOUR hard earned money just because you make more money?

    If I were blessed enough to make +$250K, 38% taxation would be fine by me

  • @Jess

    Yeah, I’m not suggesting the rich pay the same dollar amount in taxes as the poor, but certainly the same percentage. It’s not their responsibility to support people who dropped out of high school or decided college seemed like too much work. With few exceptions, people who make a lot of money have worked their asses off over a long period of time to be in that position. It’s not their responsibility to take care of people who have made different choices. We all live with consequences of our actions.


    You say that now, but when 40% taxation results in the loss of $100K/year it suddenly doesn’t seem so fine. Especially when you are working your ass off for that money.

  • I sure am!

    Well, as long as they let me out of the group home I live in and if I can just stop eating my poop all day.

    It’s really delicious, and the worms really do it for me.

  • Beet, I’m sure you know more than a few trust fund kids. I also bet you know quite a few who got their high paying positions based as much on who they know than how much they know.

    Now, I know a bunch of people who have college degrees, even graduate degrees who are making less than 50k/year. Teachers, nurses, etc. who work just as hard, maybe even harder than some j.a.s making a hell of a lot more.

    Let’s not pretend that economic opportunity is equally distributed.

  • We are not asking how they got to their positions. The question is why should I pay a different percentage just because I make more than 250K. That number should be the same but if I decide to donate to the HS dropout, I will find a way and it will give me a tax DEDUCTION.

  • @ montysano

    “If I were blessed enough to make +$250K, 38% taxation would be fine by me”

    Ok, lets say you make 50k/year, and then you take some one like me who makes about 25k/year (which is half of what you make). 50k to me is good money, and I could say

    “If I were blessed enough to make 50k, 38% taxation would be fine by me.”

    Now, how would that make you feel?

  • @lala:
    Watch the debates, or read up on the candidates. Sounds like all you do is believe the vile that McCain spits out. Obama wants to raise taxes for those that make over $250K/year. Many small businesses make less than that. Do you make more? And if you do, I’m sorry if its just slightly more (because you still get higher taxes), but I’m tired of these companies that make a shit ton and then screw over their employees while they get treated to a $150K spa outing (AIG).

    @ beet and eyes of green:
    While there are many people out there who work their asses off to make all the money they have, what about the people who work their asses off at 2 or 3 jobs to make it just over the poverty line? You might ask how someone working 3 jobs can’t bank more, but you don’t consider the possibilities. Maybe their parent is terminally ill and doesn’t have insurance, so while the child who’s working 3 jobs might, their parent doesn’t and short of damning their parent to death, they take on the MASSIVE medical bills. I know someone who has a $7 million vacation house in Mexico and a $3 million home in a very wealthy suburb by me and many many toys. So, while he can afford all this, you really think that he shouldn’t be taxed more while a person on the south side of Chicago who has tried their damnest to survive won’t because they are “equal” financially and in taxes?

  • And not everyone who makes less than $250K is a HS dropout. Likewise, not everyone who makes more than $250K is not a HS dropout!

  • Too right, tarasisko!

    Herbert Hoover was widely criticised for having similar beliefs when he was president… not many people know that he donated his entire presidential salary to private charities. Also, he had two pet alligators.

    But really, people should help out those less fortunate on their own terms, rather than being forced to by the government. I don’t want to pay a higher percent than anyone just because I make more money, that takes away all the fairness..

  • Wow! First off, has anyone ever seen the tax chart for those folks who make more than 250K? How about 1 million? I am sure they pay plenty – yeah, they probably donate quite a bit to 401k, IRA, trust funds, etc., but they are still paying – alot more than we do. AND… they are the ones who probably employ the bulk of us. Just sayin’….

    Second, has anyone else noticed that despite what political party you seemed aligned with the arguments are the same? Each side accuses the other of the very same things – being narrow minded, stupid, etc. Both sides have gotten a little hysterical – it seems politics (and the gov) has permeated almost every single aspect of our lives and it isn’t supposed to be that way!!! Politics use to be something people could discuss like educated, decent human beings – same with religion. But the media seems to have made politics (and religions) such an in-your-face-rule-your-life issue (it does a little, should not be a lot) that most folks can’t discuss it without getting angry. Like all of the above posts.

    Yes, I am voting for McCain, but not because I am stupid, uneducated or do so blindly. It is the lesser of two evils in my mind at this point. I fear Obama may not be able to handle the more difficult situations (like Carter and the Iranian hostage incident). While I feel Obama has some valid points, it just isn’t enough to sway my vote. Oh, and by the way, the Congress has been held by the Democrats these past 8+ years so you can thank them for the deregulation and crap we are seeing now. It takes a majority vote, people….

  • If I may…I want to see Fireproof, I attend a Baptist church and am a “born-again” Christian. I’m also voting for Obama and a rather far left Democrat. I think that McCain is scarily unstable. I don’t appreciate who he is as a man, as a husband, or as a politician. Sarah Palin is a joke and those who don’t see it are just trying to make the best of a terrible situation by sticking their heads in the sand.

    I don’t think that Obama has all the answers, that’s why there are checks and balances. I want a President who actually will abide by those checks and balances though and not use the term “maverick” to buck the system and do whatever he sees fit. Seems like we are just getting rid of a President with that mindset.

    Ah yes, I also believe in the separation of church and state and don’t think that my religion should dictate how everyone else must live their lives. And lastly, I am sickened by the close-mindedness, hatred, and racism that I see coming from Republican “Christians”. I haven’t read anything in the bible that urges the kind of conduct I have seen from so many claiming to be Christians. The church I go to teaches love of your neighbors, understanding and a personal relationship with God. In no way is there room for us to judge or dictate actions to others.

    But apparently, I am in the minority…

  • I am voting for McCain.
    I am very well educated (in med school).
    I am not caucasian.
    I have friends from all different backgrounds.
    I’ve been volunteering my time to help the less fortunate around me since high school.
    I love my country.
    My parents came to this country with nothing and became very successful upper middle class citizens through sheer hard work and determination.

    This is the face of the new generation of young republicans. Not the crazy fanatic uneducated closed minded idiots the media and some of you would like to paint us as being.

  • I second that! Very well put, Erin. The Christian Right scares me, too. Despite being raised Catholic, I am all for pro-choice (it IS a choice not a gov regulation) and for birth control (I could compete with Beet on some killer stories there!).

    It is refreshing to hear your viewpoint on the separation of church and state and the description of your church. You are right – the bible I read which is the same as yours I bet, doesn’t urge the conduct we are seeing. Sadly, tho, it is coming from both sides of the “aisle”. However, if I may venture an assumption, I think what you were saying is “go back to the basics” and in doing so, you are right, there is no (and should not be) any room to judge or dictate actions to others.

    My grandma use to shut us up as kids when we would get into it or start whining by saying: “mind your own store”. I think most folks could benefit from that before trying to criticize others…. ;-)

    And, I love Beet dearly and respect her for allowing all of us to have opinions on her blog, regardless of agreeing or disagreeing. Thanks to the Evil Beet for helping us maintain our Freedom of Speech!

  • Also, Beet I gotta say that your earlier post was just a tad condescending. Are you implying that everyone who didn’t go to college didn’t go because it seemed like to much work? I would have to argue that a person level of education does not necessarily correlate with their intelligence, or lack thereof.

    Here are some examples of high school drop out millionaires:

    Bill Gates (college dropout)
    Peter Jennings
    Dave Thomas
    Johnny Depp
    John Travolta
    Chris Rock
    Tom Petty
    Joe Pesci
    John Jacob Astor, America’s first millionaire,
    John D Rockefeller Sr., America’s first billionaire

  • Normalnermal wrote:

    “Oh, and by the way, the Congress has been held by the Democrats these past 8+ years…”

    I’m sorry, but what???

  • I already did. Voted by mail yesterday. I am not an idiot, nor do I think my husband who voted for Obama is. Why can’t we agree to disagree without calling each other names and insinuating stupidity? My husband and I live together in harmony though we’re political opposites. Why can’t the country?

  • You know Gail, it IS sad that tolerance doesn’t cross the aisle. Tolerance of other people’s opinions, rights and choices…including their choice for whom to vote. I have found that the left side of politics tends to be a bit more on the path to tolerance than the right. Feel free to point out in what ways that is not the case as I always like to see both sides of a story.

  • Can we just leave fun quippy comments about Kirk Cameron instead of aggravating ideological rants meant to provoke endless sniping?

  • @ jk:
    “I always wondered about that 25% who think Bush is doing a good job. Apparently, they all post here.”


  • @ hmmm:

    Yes, I’m very well educated on each candidates viewpoint and the economics behind their tax plan. I know very well how hard Obama’s tax will effect my wallet and my business. What people don’t realize is that small business not only get hit with huge federal taxes, there’s also the state AND city taxes. Then, add on all the payroll taxes, IRA matches, workers compensation (which is thru the roof, I might add), medicare, social security, etc. It gets pretty depressing when you see how hard you work and how much you have to give up. I’m not saying we should not be paying any taxes, but enough is enough! Yes, I agree that companies like the AIG example are infinitely frustrating, but it’s the smaller companies that will really be hurting with Obama’s tax plan.

  • mark me down for McCain. My vote’s in the mail as of yesterday. I think I’m the only Republican in the bay area of California…I even have a sticker on my Vespa that says “NOBAMA” People around LOVE that…

  • I’m sorry to get off topic but I HATE stupid Keightlynne or however pretentiously she spells her damn name.

    I remember her ‘I have lots of gay friends but don’t agree with their lifestyle’ soliloquy. That’s like saying you don’t agree with your friends’ natural eye colour, you stupid child. Spare us your equally ill-informed political commentary.

  • Who would Jesus bomb? Jesus would have been the biggest tree hugging liberal on the planet. Read the bible instead of just hiding behind it and using it to justify your hatred.

    @ keightlynn, my apologies to women in general but you are such a dumb cunt. Sorry folks but I had to say that.

  • As a Canadian who after years of education is an a very high tax bracket, I can only offer the explanation that in many countries, it is not “punishing the capitalists” to disproportionately tax the wealthy. It means that the people who can better afford to pay to support a society we can be proud or, rather than the poor or struggling, do so as part of their civic responsibility. I am willing to pay higher taxes to support free health care, unemployment insurance for the unfortunate, immigration programs, and bilingualism. I recognize that these are cultural differences from many Americans, but I thought I should express this view that many Canadians and Europeans share, and it seems more Americans are willing to explore.

  • ps – I don’t know if this is accurate, but I’ve read that the general American lack of support for social programs is based on the founder Puritan ethic of being rewarded for the work you do either here or in heaven and “getting what you deserve” in life. I have no idea whether this is true or plausible… but as a person of Indian origin, it reminds me disturbingly of the historical Indian social structure of blaming people’s poverty and caste on their behaviour in a past life. I know past life and present are different but it is a similar social outlook…don’t be mad, just philosophizing.

  • not sure who to vote for? do you really want to find out who matches closely to your beliefs? go to My closest pick was Nader, followed by Obama then the old dude. I will proudly vote for OBAMA. I believe he will be an amazing president. Just wait and see naysayers…
    ps all of you obama fans, go to

  • jk…. a majority of one party “holds” the House or Senate. Usually when there is a Rep prez, we tend to have a Dem majority in Congress. That is a “check and balance” to avoid one party having too much power. For some reason it has been that way more often than not (and the reverse is true – Dem prez, Rep Congress). I am not a Poli Sci expert, but here is something that may help you…

    Right now the House is held by the Dems (and has been for a long time) and the Senate is pretty 50/50.

  • Absolutely agree with HR.

    Am also first generation Canadian.

    Also make over $200 K Canadian.

    I am happy to pay the taxes I pay – would happily pay more and donate a percentage of my income.

    Happy Thanksgiving. I know I have much to be thankful for. I would happier still if everyone had so much to be thankful for.

  • Nermal:

    It is simply not true the congress has been “held” by democrats for the last eight years.

    Republicans held the majority of seats, with Bill Frist as party leader) in the SENATE from 2003 to 2007 when Democrats took over the majority.

    Republicans held the majority of seats in the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES from 1995 to 2007 when Democrats took over the majority. The Republican majority leaders were (in chronological order) Dick Army, Tom DeLay, Roy Blunt, John Boehner.

    The check and balance between the president and congress is not party checking party, it’s executive branch checking legislative branch.

  • McCain has like 140 projected elec votes to Obama’s like 300+. Obama is going to win. NO one wants 8 more years of Bush. We’re already fucked

  • oops, should also add, not just canadians and europeans, but aslo new zealanders, to a certain extent australians and some south american countries; in short – most developed countries. T

  • ps Evilbeet, whom I love, I guess the reason I am willing to support people who are not doing well, is not that I think it is my “responsibility to support people who dropped out of high school or decided college seemed like too much work”. I just recognize that my 5 degrees are a product of not only work but also, as with everyone, fortune. I was very lucky to come from a family who emphasized education, who sacrificed to give me lessons in everything so I could earn scholarships, and who exposed me to people who taught me to express myself well enough to succeed in interviews. Most people do not have backgrounds like this, and I’ve learned do not even have the skills to succeed in applications for scholarships. Most people who have “dropped out of high school” are not children of academics, succesful entrepreneurs, doctors, or lawyers. Again, like Natasha, I give thanks, and I hope if one day I need support, my society takes care of me like I am now willing to do my part to take care of them. Thanks, Canada, for your kindness and your acceptance (and for spending my tax dollars on health care, not war)

  • Also , just to let you know that indeed there is an element of patriotism to paying Canadian taxes ( that i know the Republicans ridicule), there was a nationwide poll on Greatest Canadian this year held by outr (state supported) national TV network. The winner , ahead of Wayne Gretzky,Alexander
    Graham Bell, Neil Young, Pearson (PM and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize), Banting ( discoverer of insulin), Fleming ( inventor of Time Zones), Brock, (Defeated the US in the war of 1812) WAS Tommy Douglas (Kiefer Sutherland’s grandfather, so Kiefer accepted the award) who founded Canada’s national (free) healthcare system. So yeah, I would pay taxes for that. Too bad taxes couldn’t keep Wayne….
    ps it’s not just that I pay higher taxes, my salary is 1/5th of what it would be in the US as are all Canadian doctors’

  • Ok, please explain to me the problem here. I see no problem with what you said. Christians ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am honestly surprised to see this much debate about the election on Beet’s site. I figured only left-of-center folks like myself paid attention to the sinners of hollywood. My vote is for Obama because he is the most genuine person to rise to the forefront of public view in my lifetime. I am tired of the mongering of hate and fear. A promise of change gives me more comfort than a guarantee of continued instability and conflict. Peace!

  • THANK-YOU Spark & Beet Czar!!!

    McCain/Palin 08!!

    And all you Democrats posting with your hundreds of insults and name calling to all Republicans, or people who don’t think just like you…keep them on coming! They are one hundred percent unnecessary, yet totally entertaining… :-)

  • We live in an exceptionally polarized country. People will interpret pundit speak and political rhetoric to rationalize their own beliefs/opinions. We should, as a society, purge objectivity and emotion from our arguments and start absorbing the truth for what it is.

  • hahahaha….oh, i meant to say, republicans are the “old gay” you know the ones that got made fun of BEFORE all the tollerance.. but, you are a “clever” one Eyes of Green…you got got me.

  • You people only want to argue about stupid, non relevent crap on both sides. This country is still the 4th in education globally, wich means there is still a lot of ignorance and poverty, look at the gallup poll: do some research, the average voter for obama is uneducated, poor, young and impresionable, or ignorant of world events due to laziness to do research other than watch propaganda on tv. Personally i am digusted and saddened by the way our political system has taken to propaganda and made this election a popularity contest by he said she said crap. If any one thinks taxes are not gonna go up you are really stupid, if you think congress is gonna allow a non penalized withdrawl of money out of a taxble resource (401) should probably go back to live with mommy, and the best one is to believe that big buisness is gonna allow the goverment to raise thier taxes……HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

  • First an foremost I was highly ashamed of Christians on election day. I am very open minded up open to new ideas and different things. One this as a Christian I am not open minded about is abortion which is killing off innocent children of God, an extremely liberal nation that has taken God out of our schools, support of stem cell research, and gay marriage. Everyone was so worried about our “economy”. I have one question for Christians.. what is money and a so called “great economy” without God? It should have alarmed you from the get go that he claimed to be a Christain but didn’t stand for any of our beliefs, if he can B.S that what else has he B.Sed. He has promised America a lot. He ket menioning change.. he insisted that he would bring change.. Not even 30 mintes as president-elect the tables turned. “Change might not occur in 1 day.. 1 year.. or 1 term” it’s obvious the guy would have said anything to get any gullible Americans vote. And to top all of this off his first change as president is our stance on Stem cell research that Bush was able to put a hold too. Wake up Christians.. wake up America.. This is why Obama did not win with my vote. -Your 18 year old American teenager