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The Best Part of my Day

today was knowing that O.J. is in the clink.  I love watching this video.  Note how there is no stumbling over the pronunication of Orenthal.  That is because that woman knows she is reading a true and just verdict.  4,478 days too late if you ask me.

I know I am just an irreverant wiseass with a laptop but I feel am very serious about this.  I hope and pray that he is the premier ankle grabbing love bitch of his cell block.

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  • Ok,

    I’m sorry

    Maybe it’s just me …….. Or maybe I’m not smoking the same shit everyone else is, but I have no fucking idea what “…. but I feel am very serious about this.”…….. means. (I cut and paste it incase she goes back and changes it)

    You’re being PAID for this???

    I know….I know………”fuck you tss” and “TSS = Titty Sucking Samurai”

    “Smack yourself silly with a melted snickers bar….”

    ……………..blah blah blah

  • Okay, I’ll give you that, but “premier ankle grabbing love bitch” OMG Loves it! Welcome, Wendie!

  • wendie, i like ur writing, but it feels like i’m reading an evil beet wannabe, and seeing as we already have an evil beet… anyways, long live all copycats, shame on my little mean old me

  • i mean at least spiteful lars has a way different voice
    dunno, maybe beet did choose a mini-me on purpose
    *scratches head*

  • when someone is picked *by* evil beet to work *for* evil beet because evil beet *likes* her, it’s to be expected that her style will be in some ways similar to that of the rest of the blog. i don’t understand why everybody is jumping down wendie’s throat right now, and i’m not referring just to this post. it’s mean in a way that makes me feel much worse than i do about any of the bitchiness towards celebrities – and besides, it’s insane to expect evil beet to write seven days a week just because she’s become our catty little security blanket. i seem to remember that i initially planned just to see what people had to say about the o.j. simpson verdict, but apparently nobody wanted to make a comment about that. it’d be really fantastic if we could all just move the fuck on now.

  • bashing and trashing and clashing, oh my :)

    ok, i have the same problem with this as i have with dr house’s “new” team, if you bring in a new girl, then bring in a NEW girl, not a cameron lookalike act-alike etc-alike, cos then what’s the point?

    all right, there IS a point, and it’s that beet’s not gonna end up in the loony bin, but still

    and it’s nothing against the new gal
    new gal’s just fine
    i just can’t tell her apart from old girl, is all

    and as for the oj trial, i just feel really bad for the other guy, poor bastard; i mean the jury just couldn’t not dish him the same stuff as they did for oj, who obviously deserves to go the hell away, though definitely not for this, right?

  • every time the juror said he was guilty for another crime, my smile got bigger and bigger. now if every ex-wife-killing jack ass out there were sent to jail for the rest of their worthless lives the world would be a better place. and agree str, funny post wendie, but i’d love you even more if you got your own writing style! but i dont mean that in a rude way.

  • re; donkey

    shit, that’s harsh dude. this place without TSS is like a day without sunshine, or one of those other commercial slogans that i can’t remember right now because i’m in a fucking fog over o.j.

    hey, is it me, or did we finally get justice because it was an all white jury that actually had some fucking brains instead of some cracked out cracker haters that wasted valuable taxpayer money the first time when he murdered two people. remember how all the blacks cheered when he was found innocent!! that was some funny, funny, al sharpton kind of shit. thanks a load you original jurors for making us to have to suffer the past 15 years of him being amongst the free and the not so brave. thanks whitey!

  • TSS and even censorthis are the reasons I come to this site… I don’t know why you guyz iz hatinnnnn~

  • To weigh in on the Wendie… I’m not as bothered by the fact that she seems to be trying to distinguish herself as some sort of “maverick” who says what she wants to say, no matter who’s listening (though that IS really annoying)…

    What REALLY annoys me is the untidy formatting, spacing, etc. Like… seriously… It looks like a toddler is cobbling together these entries.

  • OMG you guys! Oj is going to jail…w0o0o0o0T!

    Oh and here’s a brain fart…Beet hired Wendie, not you guys, you don’t go to a restaurant and get on the managers back to fire the waitress because of the way she says “how can I help you?”

  • re; purplemonkeypaws

    so if i understand correctly, wendie is now our sarah palin and beet is our john mccain. so we should embrace her weaknesses and just marvel at how fucking hot she is when she talks about grabbing her ankles and other clever wonderwoman shit? remember, some of us have shrapnel wounds from the war and are a bit slower on the uptake.

  • I think Wendie stepped into a hornet’s nest, and I hope she makes it out with just a little Calamine lotion. EB’s readers are clearly LOYAL if nothing else.

    I implore you to provide a grammar and punctuation lesson for your new writer, EB. I read your blog religiously because it sounds so much more intelligent than dlisted or the others. I can follow the sentiment and the overall POINT of any post more clearly when it’s well written and punctuated correctly. It allows for effortless content appreciation. Don’t let that be lost on the weekends.

  • @ censorthis,
    Yes apparently some, like yourself, are quite slow, however I doubt it has anything to do with shrapnel….
    And what I was saying is, isn’t it great that karma finally took a bite out of O.J.?

  • Fire wendie! Bring beet back! At first I was open to the new arrangement. It’s either Wendie on the Weekends or tapes of Leo watching paint dry. Kidding. I was open to someone with an unoriginal human name filling in for a vegetable with an original sense of humor.. I mean–not that big of a shoe to fill provided vegetables don’t wear shoes in the first place. Now–I’m not so sure. What’s up with the headline literally bleeding into the post. Distracting. Laugh all you want but I spent a good 13 seconds trying to figure out why the hell the t is so small. That is until I figured out it was part of the headline. Your voice is probably why you were hired. Very different than beet who comes at you faster than a freight train. I think you’ll fit in, and it’ll take time. Maybe you needs to let loose whatever was in your application. Dang god darn it just post the application.

  • @ purplemonkeyass

    Aren’t you the moron that said that the population of America is only 3 million???

    Are you being serious with that example????… I’m sitting here trying to figure out if you’re retarded or if you’re a smart lab monkey who sneaks onto the computer every night.

    No you wouldn’t “get on the manager’s back” to fire the waitress if she said “how can I help you?”, but you would if she said, “You can I help how, motherfucker *buuuurp*”

    You’re a funny kind of adult…

  • > it was an all white jury that actually had some fucking brains instead of some cracked out cracker haters

    Racist asshole.

  • Here’s the thing, purplemonkeypaws. If I go to a restaurant and a waitress isn’t doing her JOB, I DO complain. Which is to say, if she doesn’t bring my food to me in a timely manner… I will go ahead and inform her manager.

    If we follow your analogy, Wendie is the waitress… and celebrity gossip is my “food”. She isn’t giving it to me the way I “ordered” it, and of COURSE I’m going to notify her “manager”. This would be EvilBeet. :o)

  • It’s like home in here. Anytime there are more than 6 replies to a post I have to read and it feels just like dinnertime at my house. Aaaaah.

    And as for me, I am SO glad OJ getting done for something and I concur with Wendie’s wish about his jail time. I think he’s owed it.

    And I’m not one for revenge, just savouring the karma.

  • Karma is a bitch and she left some major clawmarks on OJ’s back the morning after. Rest in anything other than peace, motherkiller.

  • Okay the waitress example was bad, because then you are paying for a service, so yeah complain all you want if it’s not what you expected.
    But this blog isn’t a paid service, it’s free. You all chose to come and read it, so really none of you have any place, or right to complain.

    And before anyone says, “but PMP, what about you?” I’m not complaining at all, I’m just pointing out how spoiled and demanding you seem to be acting.

  • just putting something out there; if your food is not as you ordered it, technically it’s the cook’s fault, not the waitresses.. *hides from angry mob*

    anywhooo, i like wendie, and though i agree that she is similar to beet, i think she’ll do a good job :)

  • Love this video… His golfing days are over; the Goldmans’ can breathe a little easier now that somehow, someway this loser got his. Sweet!

  • You ruthless assholes! Give her more than a day to really get a hold of her writing style before you carnivorously tear into her. You’re all acting like a bunch of jealous girls who didn’t make the cheer squad.

  • re; donkey

    gosh, and all this time i thought you just didn’t ‘get’ me. you’re now in my fave five, along with jesse jackson, al sharpton, weezie from the jeffersons and reverend jeremiah wright. no big deal, you can blow me later.

  • @ Emily. Hehe. I know. It’s not a perfect analogy, but I didn’t pick it.

    @ purplemonkeypaws. The point is, this blog IS a service… even if it’s not a paid one, per se… Us READING the blog generates PROFIT… and so if something turns me off to reading it, I’m going to say something… That way, maybe the problem can be corrected.

    Also, this isn’t about her finding her “voice”. It’s about her using proper grammar, punctuation, etc. I enjoy this blog because it’s written by an intelligent, well spoken female… It makes me sad to see that standard lowered.

  • Here’s my thoughts on it if anyone cares to listen… first off stop bitching about Wendie when you all either A) didn’t submit stuff to Beet to be the weekend writer, or B) weren’t picked. You can insult her all you want, she still gets a paycheck.

    Second….OK, now here comes my other, less caring personalilty… u can really bitch all you want to her because she knew what Beet’s audience was like before she got the job, so I guess she can’t cry over the mean comments… I’m sure she’s posted many in her day.

    And last but not least… anyone who doesn’t piss their pants everytime TSS writes a comments has no sense of humor. He is an evil genius, purely assholic in nature but his sarcasm is scarily honest. I come to this site for Beet’s writing and TSS’ comments.

  • I don’t have a problem with her but I’m going to throw this into the mix – she was chosen over a group of other candidates for this job based on her writing. She shouldn’t have to “get a hold of her writing style” because she should already have it. That’s what she was hired for, she shouldn’t have to learn it afterwords.

    If I hire a doctor to work on me, I don’t want to be his learning tool. Just saying.

    Anyway, again, I don’t have a problem with her as long as she keeps me updated on what’s going on in the celeb world and makes me smile at least once a day. I can’t ask for more.

  • True Tracy, but at the same time I don’t think a gossip blog is going to save anyone’s life.. more like ruin a few. It’s all for fun so who cares as long as we get a laugh!

  • she reminds me a lot of how evilbeet used to be… you know… EVIL. beet has now turned into happy go lucky beet and i was more that ready for some fresh sarcasm around this place.

  • I think that Evil Beet assumes that we really like her style or we wouldn’t bother coming to her site. So…she probably chose Wendie because she was the person who could most effectively carry forward in Beet’s style and then we would hopefully not even notice that Beet was away enjoying her weekends with her baby Leo. Let’s give Wendie a chance to ease into place. Once we all get used to having Beet gone on the weekends, Wendie can start developing her own unique style. Just saying…

  • Welcome, Wendie. I think you’ve gotten off to a good start. You might just want to check your spelling ( you spelled pronunciation and irreverent incorrectly) and read your entries out loud before you post them to make sure they make sense. That way readers won’t lose their damn minds and have to rant and start fights.

    As for O.J.: I agree that he should’ve been in prison these past thirteen years; better late than never, I guess.

    Does anyone know how his kids with Nicole Brown are doing?

  • WOW!
    What a way to start things off!
    Welcome Wendie! Beet needs a break on the weekends and I am sure glad you are here. This can be a tough crowd sometimes but I’m sure Beet warned you of that! Ignore the idiots-they won’t go away.

  • @ emily
    That’s a good point, and yes you should go after the cooka nd not the waitress, but a lot of people aren’t as smart as the average bear, and they would freak at the waitress.
    @ Holly that’s also a good point as well, unfortunately, for Beet many of her readers are acting like a bunch of girls who didn’t make the cut for cheerleaders and are mad they ended up flag girls. If jealous had a smell, a lot of you would stink!

  • Love the way the big black guard moves in behind him as they start to read the guilty verdicts. Like he’s going to try and do one of his famous runs. Maybe he had a white bronco waiting outside the courtroom.

  • The situation with OJ is really one of the reasons this website is so much fun to read and comment on. Let me explain:

    I don’t know if most of you are old enough to remember what OJ used to be in the public eye, but he used to be a football hero, an amusingly inadequate actor in movies, and the familiar face of the guy bolting through airports in commercials. He was a celebrity that people really liked and looked up to. . . . And then he murdered his wife and some other poor guy in the wrong place at the wrong time. Most people were shocked beyond belief.

    The chasm between who the public thought he was, and who he REALLY was in private, is as huge as the volume of knowledge that Sarah Palin does not have. Plus, the backstory on how he used to get away with all kinds of spousal abuse because the star-struck cops used to turn a blind eye for their smooth-talking football hero, shows how our hero worship of celebrities clouds the fact that they are just people, and should been seen and treated, and in some cases punished, as such.

    The story of public OJ v. REAL OJ is a lesson that anyone who is interested in snarking at self-important, immature, conceited and rude celebrities should note. Perhaps OJ would have turned into a monster even if he’d never been worshipped on the throne of celebrity, but his celebrity allowed otherwise intelligent people to make allowances for his behavior, for the murders even!

    Now, I am not saying that every celebrity is a closet abusive, sociopathic potential murderer! (Perhaps Spencer Pratt, but I digress.) A lot of them merely get swelled heads and lose sight of normal and acceptable behavior. And that’s why telling the stories of how celebrities really behave, and of their hilariously inflated egos, helps carve away at the cult of celebrity.

    I know, I know, that was a long way to go just to say, “Finally, that bastard is getting his!” Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

  • @ purplemonkeypaws. Unfortunately, this isn’t kindergarten. We’re not going to sit around and hold hands. The internet is a brutal place filled with people who are going to jump on everything that one does. I’m certain Wendie knew that when she signed on. For every person who constructs an intelligent, well thought out response, there are 40 douchebags who should have their internet privileges revoked.

    I’m also not crazy about the assertion that anyone who criticizes Wendie is JEALOUS that she got the job, or that they somehow had an eye on the position themselves. I assure you, I did not apply for the job, nor did I want it. I work in NYC at my DREAM JOB. I am exhausted all week long. The last thing I want is any level of real responsibility on the weekends. :o)

    Bottom line… Sometimes criticism is just a way to draw attention to the problem so that it can be corrected. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • tss definitely stands for toxic shock syndrome.
    you know, that thing you get when you leave a tampon in for too long?

    it’s on the side of the box that i read when i pee.