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“I’ll go home and I’ll curl up in a ball and I’ll cry. I’m not kidding. I’ll just cry.”

Michael Buble, on his breakup with actress Emily Blunt, whom he calls “a substantial person and amazing still … Top girl. Top class.”



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  • Holly nailed it, he’s a notorious cheat and wasn’t really very discreet about it either. Lainey hated him for the way he treated Emily Blunt and fairly called him out as often as she could. It would appear Emily doesn’t have the same feeling of sadness about him though.

  • Who’s Lainey and how did she know he cheated?? I thought he was a sweetheart! I was briefly infatuated with him, till I heard the lisp in his songs and had to stop listening to him. Still, I like to think of him as a romantic. Seriously…he’s a cheater???

  • Erin, Lainey’s a gossip writer from Canada who has the best dirt. Holly got it absolutely right – he cheated on Emily repeatedly. But from what I heard she was more than aware of it and didn’t get upset until he did it in a very public way and her friends all pushed her to end it.

  • Well, add that to the intolerable lisp and I guess I can drop him for good.

    Seriously guys, listen to his song I’ve Got The World On A String. It’s absolutely unbearable!

  • If it is the Emily Blunt I am thinking of, this is an absolutely crap picture of her, she’s miles better looking than that!

  • LOL… emily blunt said she liked him being “rough” meaning she knew before hand who and what he was. Both out for publicy… she got it, got to take the good and bad being in the public eye. Shes no beauty, looks like typical death warmed over look…not as talented as everyone thinks… theres thousands out there who are so much better looking and talented worth watching. Now Michael has a toddler from argentina to display for a fifteen minute fame and argentina has him already engaged to her… what a waste to get married before you have real freedom. Hes got issues with tiny tots… feeling the older brother image makes you feel old Mikey?

  • Obviously although Buble can sing he cant dance. His hip movemnts are rigid – so not much good at any loving actions. He is probably not a good lover and is insecure which is why he is male slut. Emily is heading for better things and is well off without him.