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I Am a Seriously Disturbed Individual

I’m totally digging Demi Lovato’s new album, Don’t Forget. I mean, the songs aren’t phenomenal, but I actually really like her voice. How weird does that make me? And if she’s this strong at 15, imagine what she’ll be cranking out in a few years.

Above is one of my favorite tracks, “On the Line,” which features Joe Jonas being completely vocally overpowered by Demi.

After the jump, some more Demi tracks, including “La La Land” and “Trainwreck.”

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  • That song sucked.

    I guess she has a nice voice, but I can’t really tell with all that weird breathing she’s doing.

    I cringe to think about what my daughters are going to be listening to when they’re tweens.

  • Hmmmmm… anyone wanna startup a pool for when her drinking/ drug habit, racy photos/ sex tape/ pregnancy will occur? Hell, if we have to withstand the (probable forthcoming and INCESSANT) media coverage on her, why not have some fun with it? Bragging rights would outweigh money for me. Anyone?

  • WHY does she breathe like that?

    I really tried to listen to this whole song, but I can’t understand what any of the words she’s trying to pronounce are… I heard “toniiiiiiiyuhhhhhHHHT!” and that’s about it.

  • “And if she’s this strong at 15, imagine what she’ll be cranking out in a few years.”

    Ah, forgot to mention… Beet, don’t speak like that! We all have our fingers crossed that none of these Disney stars will still be relevant in a few years.

  • oh geez.
    one, i gotta sympathize with beet, cause lately i’ve been finding myself listening to a lot of stuff i’d be really ashamed to admit to.
    namely taylor swift.
    but this…
    one, it’d be tough *not* to vocally overpower whichever of the lame-ass jonas clones this is.
    and two, when the fuck did fifteen become, like, the *it* age??
    like mother of god, my baby sister is fifteen!
    these people are infants!

  • one more thing that’s actually really been bugging me:
    “you’re a trainwreck but i wouldn’t love you if you changed”??
    that’s just selfish.
    yeah, trainwrecks are sexy and lovably fucked-up, but if you love someone, don’t you want them to be happy and healthy?

    yeah, me neither.

  • OK, bit of background for the following comments – my day job is giving private tuition in singing, piano, speech & drama and music theory. I teach all ages, including teens.

    Demi has a lot to commend her singing technique. She’s sound in her upper register (tilt) as well as her lower register (belt), and is able to move easily between the two, which is more than can be said for many young singers being pushed by unscrupulous adults into unhealthy singing practises for the sake of a fashionable sound.

    But she has a lot of bad habits, including pushing her belt higher instead of moving into her tilt (insecure middle register?), and that weird breathy thing. If I were her vocal coach, I would be working on breaking those two habits right away. Why waste your talent and your health by damaging your vocal cords and larnyx needlessly?

    Disney is usually pretty good at getting their young singers to use a healthy technique, but the boys tend to be better than the girls. They more often accept a fashionable sound from the girls despite potential problems that it creates.

    Joe Jonas does sound a bit whiny in his upper register, but I suspect it’s because he feels compelled to match Lovato’s hard belt sound for power; it’s unnecessary, because his voice is good and steady with a firm technique.

    It’s important to bear in mind that these kids are at a stage in their development where the continued hormonal developments of their bodies make their voices very vulnerable. It really isn’t healthy to push for a supposedly ideal sound that is hard even for strong, trained adults to achieve, when they are just teenagers.

  • she’s good
    not perfect but these days there aren’t many who are
    but she’s def. good
    and what’s wrong with enjoying that
    regardless of age
    i can’t help but love her fun lyrics even when her vocals do suck
    then again, i’m team selena and demi

  • Actually saw her live this summer and she was BETTER in person – not so out of breath. Girl’s gonna be a huge hit – count on it!

  • i love the songs but i think she has a sinus problem cause she seems to have to breath pretty damn loud. And also her dancing is ridiculous in her other music video.

  • awww.
    i looove her
    AND miley.
    her song “trainwreck” makes me smile.
    she has a sweet voice.
    and she DOES NOT have a sinus problem. iunno i like how she does that. it adds more effect.

  • i dont give a shit she is hot, bright for the moment enjoy it for she will be gone and you will miss her like Michael Jackson (sorry if it upsets you but) (rest in peace) people called him a child raper and more but look now his dead. so call her names anything now but you will be sorry when shes dead and watch demi and selena video “wave to the fans” that’s what you thinks of her future maybe or not. demi is cute beautiful hot but soon every thing good must go bad and the scars shit i burned my finger and my brother burned on his arm a smiley face so shut up about the scars or she got scratch by something cause i now wounds or she got cut by anything plus people are already cutting themselves and john Meyer looks high like smoking some kind of shit oh demi rules and looks good to fuck all night and watch my videos October at aero96ify’s sorry its long but demi rulez

  • I don’t no why everyone made such a big deal of the scars on her wrist it’s from those gummie braclets. I mean all girls wear those my wrists look like that all the time cuz I where them alot since they match clothes I mean pol can be really stupid when it comes to celebrities