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Your Daily Paris

Paris Hilton’s in NYC with Benji, who’s guest DJing at a bunch of clubs for reasons that baffle me, other than the fact that these clubs shell out the money to get Benji to come and Paris shows up for free.

I like the first picture of Paris, because anyone who’s actually occupied the same club as Paris Hilton will attest that this is the majority of what she does. Honestly, party time is like 80% about lip gloss application for her. I love that the photogs caught her in the act.

Oh, and she’s totes not eating.

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  • Paris has never really been a celebrity I personally consider as skinny. I dont know why, even when it was her and Nicole on the Simple Life when Nicole was a fat little pig, Paris still didnt look skinny. More lanky, than anything else. I’ve only seen a few pics of her where you cant see a tiny hint of belly on her – she’s sometimes got a bit of a pooch, or muffin top, or whatever it is you lot call them :P
    I guess its just cos I don’t think she’s ever hit the extreme anorexia phase (not that Ii encourage anorexia of course)

  • What about Paris’s awful weave? Not bad from the profile, a big mess when you see it from the front.

    Is Paris sure she has the right Madden brother? I thought Benji was the pudgier one?

  • I always laugh at what she thinks are “provocative” poses. Her version of aloof-and-sexy translates more readily into “I have really badly sprained my neck and have to hold my head at this awkward cocked-back angle.”

  • Keightlynn,

    If you look at her front view of Paris a little closer, she looks like she has MAN PECS instead of boobs. LOL

    I wonder what KIND of lip gloss she’s wearing though… anyone know?

    Not so sure about them leggings though… they look like she just got off of her bike. Its sorta hilarious that she’s following Lindsey’s trend.

  • 1 she has big hands I never noticed till now.
    2 she looks like she hasn’t eaten in forever.
    3 she looks tired

  • re; keightlynn

    i’ve decided if everyone on this board was an insect, you’d be a little butterfly flitting around. nice to look at, sweet little opinions that float around like smoke for us to try to grasp but never fully have a firm hold on, and thankfully not something we need to swat like some of the flies we have. it’s a nice diversion from the huge nest of wasps that make up most of the board. and yes, i’ll admit it. i’m a fucking roach.

  • re; censorthis

    Yeah I’m done pookie… can’t take the taste of K-Y Jelly and Gerbil fur anymore.

    Maybe when you take your nose out of KekeLynn’s ass, we can rekindle our love.

  • She probably decided to loose weight after everyone noted her “baby bump”.. she has a belly, she’s prego, she loses it, she’s ana.. I don’t like the chick, but damn give the weight a rest for a month or two

  • nice new favicon, looks great thanks. definitely stands out amongst my bookmarks. wont be overlooking it now. plus it makes ffox chromatabs color the tabs a nice maroon, matching the site. :D

  • re; liberty

    if you think this is weird, just wait until beet starts posting the halloween photos of her mutt and puss as romeo and juliet or whatever she decides is the perfect theme . it isn’t bad enough that she’s worse than fucking nancy grace with the images of her babies, but now we all have to fall all over ourselves about them to try to (rule 7).

    re; tss

    oh so it’s jealousy that’s got your nads sucked up inside you, huh? shit man, i’m sorry. you know you had me at ‘hey man, nice cock’.

  • come on, people – lay off paris! ljust ook how upset she is over the economy! i’ll bet she’s on her way to DC right now to offer her help.

  • @ Censorthis

    Naw man… I pointed and said, “Gay man, with a mice cock!”

    I told you NOT to let Leroy cum in your ear anymore.

  • Paris <3

    Also, I am currently in shock that Benji doesn’t actually look entirely unattractive in that shot. Although that is literally the first picture I’ve thought that about of late.

  • man, I hate to say this, but there is another picture in that series where Paris looks… actually… ugh, actually pretty… I have never liked her look, she should have kept her original nose, but maybe she’s had some work done on it again because it’s looking better in profile.

  • Ugh. I don’t think I can take daily Paris. She reminds me of a 14 year old at the mall all the time. Everything she does just reminds me of how we acted then. If she was 14 it would be perfect, but isn’t she pushing 30? She pouts, and poses, and has no responsibility. God bless the child she ever gives birth to. I think she would make Michael Jackson look like a good father…and she is always lanky skinny or cocaine skinny..never toned skinny…working out probably is just too much and she’s too spoiled to starve herself…its def. natural lankiness and coke.

  • I cannot understand why everyone is so obsessed with this scrawny useless hooker. What is she famous for? Leave it alone and hopefully she’ll just disappear – she’d hate that, right? So……

  • I think she’d look a heck of a lot more goregeous if she put on a little weight.. she really wouldn’t look so old.

  • Paris looks darn good to me and she always dresses very well.
    Benji is handsome and talented man. It’s not hard to understand her attraction to him.
    Cute couple.