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Scooting off to School!

Aw, adorableness!

Matthew Broderick accompanies his kiddo, James, to school … on a scooter.

What a sweet daddy!

I would totally do this with my kids when I have them, but there’s no way I’m getting up that early. The nannies have them until noon. I’ll scoot them home from school.

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  • why does this child always look like a little ragamuffin? His pants are always too short, and if he is wearing capri’s then there are other issues!

  • It’s fine to let a little boy have slightly long tresses, but I wish that SJP and Matt could try to scrape up the money for a kid-sized comb and hairbrush. Maybe they spend so much on SJP’s clothing budget that there isn’t enough left for the hubby and kid, who are usually wearing Salvation Army chic.

  • Have you been to an elementary school lately? That the way boys look now. Especially after running around like, well like boys. They all look look Like little ragamuffins. As for the highwaters, it can be hard to find the right pants to fit little skinny kids (even if you’re Carrie Bradshaw).

    He looks like a cute little kid (and so does James…zing!)

  • I’ve noticed that he always seems to be poorly dressed as well. Ill fitting clothing, short pants, washed out colours. It has nothing to do with playing and beng a normal kid, which I’m sure he is. It’s just curious that his mother is a major league fashionista and the kid kinda looks homeless.

  • does this fucking family ever go indoors? christ i hate these healthy, let’s go out and enjoy nature and spend time with our kids kind of people. please, sit that kid in front of a flat screen with a damn wii and start ignoring him, why don’t you. what’s next, kayaking images? pulleeasse!

  • SJP has said often that he wears hand me downs from his many cousins. SJP has 8 siblings so there must be alot of clothes!!! There’s nothing wrong with how’s he’s dressed. We are infringing on a family’s outings, riding scotters, bikes, etc. Is he supposed to wear a tux?? When my kids go out and play, they were old clothes that we don’t care about, so that if they rip we throw them out. I think Sarah and Matthew care more about spending time with their little boy and don’t care to dress him up like he’s star. They are not inviting us into their lives, we are intruding on theirs.

  • I like this family. I think they have sound values. SJP has always said that little James wears hand-me-downs from his cousins of which there are many. Nothing wrong with that. Neither Sarah or James seem to be fashionista’s in real life except on the red carpet. They are always seen dressed down and so is their son. How Wonderful for Daddy to scoot to school with his son.

  • I agree with Twisted, besides it makes me sick when I read about Suri Cruise and her handmade shoes and designer dresses.

  • He desperately needs a hair-do but he is very cute and I think they are trying to give him a ‘normal’ upbringing as is possible in their world . (normal as in in their star glazed, amazing lifestyle eyes anyhoos)