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A Picture Is Worth — Well — Not As Many Words as You Can Fit on a Piece of Cardboard

Listen, I’ve worked with paparazzi agencies for a few years now, and I’ve learned one important thing: trust your instincts above their captions. They may have tagged a photo as “Jennifer Aniston,” and it’s kind of far away and blurry, but it doesn’t quite look like her, so you email them like, “Hey, are you guys totally sure that’s Jen in that shot?” and they write back like, “Yes, we’re sure,” and you still have your doubts so you write them again, “Like, totally sure?” and they’re like “Totally sure” and so you run that photo as Jennifer Aniston and it turns out the next day it was actually her housekeeper and you feel like an ass. This sort of thing happens WAY more often than you’d think, especially considering that this is an entire career for these people. It’s hella frustrating.

But imagine how frustrating it is when you’re Alyssa Milano, and your Z-list lookalike, Christina DeRosa, hits the Emmy red carpet in the most hideous dress ever and the photo agency tags it incorrectly as you.

You’d resort to measures like this, too, even if your first opportunity presented itself at a formal Kate Spade dinner.

I just want to add that I had the opportunity to do a brief interview with Christina about a year ago, at some Hollywood charity event that she had no business being invited to. Nobody knew who she was, but her PR guy thrust her in front of our cameras and was basically like “Her breasts were on Entourage and her website gets 20,000 hits a month.” At that point, I was running a fairly successful website of my own, and my non-verbalized response was something along the lines of “Then they must not have been very impressive breasts,” but, whatever, I interviewed her and found her to be grossly overcoached and famewhorish and annoying. But I’m sure nowhere near as annoying as Alyssa Milano finds her.

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  • Imagine the world thinks your that whatsherface in this ass ugly dress. When I first saw the photos on another bog I was really wondering how much Alyssa Milano has changed, not to the better. Glad it was not her.

  • I gotta say, I’m extremely impressed with Alyssa Milano’s restraint and class in omitting the word “hideous” (or repulsive or ridiculous or inexplicable) before the phrase “white dress” on her sign…

  • bahahahahaha!

    That would be horrible!! Could you imagine actually getting into that dress and thinking.. hey, I look hot!

    I think not.

  • I could almost be on board about the blue dress, but Alyssa’s shoes are about the ugliest things I’ve ever seen!

  • Went to high school with that chick and she’s as big a twat now as she was then…the kind of girl who could sing Broadway Baby and MEAN it…yeah….but alas, who’s famous now? She may be in a hideous dress, but she’s on at least three gossip blogs so far…ugh…

  • I think Alyssa Milano could probably use the (negative) publicity. Seems she’s not around much these days anyway. I agree both dresses are tacky

  • Beet,

    Oh no, you did you just say “hella?” It seems to me that only people from Seattle say hella nowdadays….

    But hey, we all make mistakes… so its hella cool!

  • Alyssa Milano is so beautiful and has excellent taste. I can’t recall a single picture where she has worn something I didn’t like. I don’t know how the pros made that mistake. She looks vaguely like Alyssa, but not quite at that ” so gorgeous I would give a kidney to be her” place

  • What’s the big deal? No actress goes on the red carpet hoping to be confused with another actress especially a ‘not aging so well’ 35 year old Alyssa. I’ve seen this girl on Everybody Hates Chris and she was funny. I also looked her up and she seems to be what they call an up and coming with a few feature films under her belt. KTLA actually said she had one of the best dresses on the red carpet, it’s about what you like and what you hate. Alyssa’s blue dress does look like a wrinkled night gown she has been around and should know better than to go out looking like that.

  • Hahahaha Alyssa WISHES she looks like the girl in white. I’m loving that white dress… seriously is alyssa’s blog a joke cos dang she has no room to talk about style wearing that nasty blue thing.

  • I think the blue dress is out of style.Not that it’s ugly.Just that I don’t go for ribbons.I mean on certain material/clothing the ribbon works.But not with this dress.
    Either way, Alyssa’s the best even though I held little rage against her because of what happened to Shannen Doherty.But I can’t go with what the websites say.I have to go with the words from/of the actual celebs.

    The white dress is, okay.I wouldn’t wear it. ha But I guess it’s just my opinion.If Christina likes it, that’s her problem.

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