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A Rough Day

Photogs caught Shanna Moakler in tears as she left the burn unit at Doctors Hospital in Georgia. She’s spent hours by ex-husband Travis Barker’s side as he recovers from critical burns.

Aw, Shanna!

Hang in there, baby!!!

Reports that Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton are in Georgia appear to be false, although Mandy Moore is reportedly there with DJ AM.

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  • I agree with TSS on this one, sorry beet I know you didn’t take the pic. But still is kinda crappy that paparazzi and bloggers expose her pain into the public eye… Not good…

  • Yeah, twice in one day you post things you should not. Take this down, really. Put yourself in this position before you put something like this up. You talk shit about Perez and he hasn’t even gone down to this level (yet). Nice.

  • Leave these people alone and let them deal with this tragedy on their own. There was no need for this photo to have even been taken let alone to have people buy it and exploit them. This is not gossip, this is tragic.

  • That’s horrible. :( And people, I don’t think Beet posted this picture thinking “Oh I’m going to post this because I’m a evil bitch and I want the world to watch her pain and suffering.” I think she posted it because she just wanted us to see how celebs can’t even escape the bullshit and be in the private eye. And she wanted us to remember to pray for the families that were hurt by this tragedy. Don’t attack Beet. This is her job.

  • The picture makes me hate the paparazzi even more than I did when watching them chase SamLo around the drug store. Who ARE these people?? How the hell can they be so calloused as to point a camera in her face at a time like this??

  • well said v*ron
    i agree 100%


    anywho, I wish them all the best of luck.

    I used to cry watching their show because of how in love they were/are. you could just tell. I hope everything turns out okay.

    keep us posted beet!

  • Lay off the beet – her post was clearly not intended to be exploitative, but rather to express sympathy to the friends and family of the injured. I too felt Shanna’s pain and I certainly think beet does as well. After all, you came to this site to read celebrity gossip – if you think the paps have gone too far then you should stay away from celebrity blogs. What’s that lovely saying about glass houses?????

  • beet; i, for one, thought you were sincere and compassionate in your post. kind of like the bystander that consoles the car crash victim while stealing their rolex while they’re semi-conscious.

  • I think its a great pic showing that she cares for the guy… though the pap that took the photo has no soul. after all the shit they were doing with each other; damn, he went as far as to sleep with Paris Hilton. The emotion is real. Sad.

  • I clicked a link to *another* picture of her, & wound up here. Wish I knew how it happened, because this IS very intrusive. It’s not the picture I wanted to see.

    I saw a thumbnail of her happy with a toddler, & clicked on it to see a nice, happy picture. Not this one.

    Go back to gossip, Beet, not personal intrusions.

  • omg quit being douche bags guys!

    she thought you mind want to know an update.

    quite being assholes

  • Beet was sincere and sympathetic in this entry. She didn’t poke fun or say something rude; she said ‘hang in there.’ This pic isn’t something she put up to be mean. So lay off.

  • :(

    I clicked to play the Killers new song you have posted ..listened to it for a sec then scrolled down and saw Shanna in this pic..and it just hit me really hard….these kind of pics probably shouldn’t be taken..not at times like this…

    ….the music was at the “are we human” part.

    I can’t imagine what she is going through..what Travis is going through and their child…

    I feel so sad for all of them :(

  • I love how all the Beet-bashing stopped and we all started defending her. We heart you Beet. And our thoughts are with everyone hurt by these tragic events. *muah*

  • i’m seriously crying right now, this is so sad =(

    and can i just say that i’m really happy to hear that mandy is there with adam… i loved them together

  • I wish this picture hadn’t been taken and I hadn’t seen it; I feel bad for being a part of the whole intrusive gawking at celebrities thing. I don’t judge Beet for posting it, although I think all the rallying cries of “she’s just doing her job” are a little out there. This is her blogl-no one forced her to put up the photo. And yeah, no one forced any of us to visit this site.
    It’s a weird world–everything is public.

  • oh man, same here, clicked play on human song by the killers then scrolled down and saw that picture, it’s so horribly sad. can you imagine someone you love with all your heart being in that situation? i’d be in pieces if that ever happened to my fiance :( :(
    prayers to them and their family

  • Oh for God’s sake. Listen to you all. You shouldn’t post pics of celebrities of a celebrity blog! It’s wrong! And we won’t look at the picture, have an emotional reaction to it, and then write 50,000 comments on it! That’s not the purpose of a celebrity blog at all! The end.

  • Poor Shanna! I feel so awful for her and the rest of their families. The expression on her face breaks my heart. I want to cry.

  • the moral to the story is there is a certain amount of time you have to wait after an accident before you’re allowed to bash them again, except for the death rule. for example, the lebouf guy loses part of a finger in a potentially deadly crash and we make fun of him for hiding his hand in his pants as soon as it’s over.
    thus; lose part of a finger in a bad car wreck = VULNERABLE IMMEDIATELY
    need skin grafts over your torso due to being in a fucking fireball = MUST WAIT MORE THAN 72 hours (or as soon as jay leno makes a joke about it)
    die in mary kates apartment with drugs in hand = VULNERABLE IMMEDIATELY

  • lets get real, it’s not like beet even bashes anyone anymore. the name of the web site really needs to be changed.

  • This really sucks and I feel terrible for everyone involved. But i also hate that there are paparazzi camped out trying to get photos. That shit is just sick…just like when they kept constantly showing Heath Ledgers body being transferred to the ambulance when he died. Could you imagine how his family and friends felt watching that?

    It’s the dark side of celeb gossip and obsession I guess

  • how inappropriate and offensive of those who took andthose who posted this picture. everyone involved should be ashamed for invading her privacy at such a tragic time.

  • re; jessie

    i totally agree. i’m so glad the photographers didn’t take photos of jackie kennedy standing there with her husbands brains all over her pretty pink suit and then post them in magazines and newspapers around the world. thank god there weren’t people filming his head being blown off and then show them over and over and over on television for his young children to grow up seeing. that would have been so inappropriate and invasive, huh?

  • there have been very few photos of people entering and exiting the hospital which makes me believe that there was probably a non-paparazzi infested entrance/exit that she could have used.

    am i the only one who thinks this woman uses any opportunity to be in the public eye? she could have had her meltdown privately, not in scrubs and out of the public eye, but she elected to exit the hospital so that she would gain attention. it’s like she wants everyone to see her and how she is the good torn up ex-wife.

    maybe i’m wrong and i hope i am. this would be an absolutely tragic circumstance to try and exploit. it just feels manipulative to me. if i’m wrong, sincere apologies to ms. moakler.

  • This photo disgusts me. Beet please remove it.

    I guess you “prayed” for a photo to exploit her misery while “praying” to give her strength to get though this.

    Why didn’t you just cut out the bullshit and pray to your God directly for cash?

  • Don’t listen to there nay sayers beet!! Nothing is sacred in this day and age. Don’t like it, don’t read it. I solute you for once again delivering the good stuff. Freedom of press!

    That said…

    Shame, I honestly do feel for her— :(

  • Ribbet,
    I had the same thought.
    And Donkey Punch, wtf. “Praying for a photo to exploit misery”? Seriously? does Beet have like Paps on speed dial? “Yo, Steve.. I need a shot of this girl in serious turmoil. STAT! (See whut I did there?)”

    Nooooo. Someone sent it to her, her RSS feed thingy picked it up, or whatever else happens. It’s not like she’s demanding these photos or even paying directly for them.

    Who knew that saying nice things was the new bitchy way to insult someone!?!

  • you people are the ones who are responsible for photos like these because you buy the papers and you read the articles.

    the demand is there because of that. and im a part of it too.

    at least we can have a funny and even compassionate voice like beet’s to bring it to us.

    what an asshole i am.

  • aw i feel so bad for what there going through, i hope they can heal fast so they dont have to go throught all this pain..but yeah i kinda do feel guilty for this but im glad your not saying something funny about her and actualy feeling bad for her and that is why i come here bc you know when to be funny and also know when you dont have to be!

  • Jen B. you are either naive or an idiot.

    Beet bought the photo (or rather the corporation that owns her website paid for them).

    Photos like that are copyrighted.

    We had a discussion about the use of the empty phrase “my prayers are with them” and Beet replied that religion and God is to help people get through terrible moments in their lives like this.

    I guess God is supposed to help against people like Beet who will exploit that poor woman’s pain for profit.

  • No, Nemo, Doctor’s Hospital does NOT have security…they do however have the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office which is about as useless as tits on a boar hog…sorry for the country lingo…this family should definitely be left alone though…and the RCSO should send their off duty officers to the hospital at this time instead of to all the local bars and what have you…

    one last thing before I go…it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to be a cop in Georgia…especially in Augusta…what do we have? what are we known for? The effin Masters…

    Prayers go out to Shanna and Travis…GOD BLESS