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It’s a Momentous Day in Music

Welcome to September 23, 2008.

Not only does the first single off of Britney Spears’ latest comeback attempt drop today — it’s called “Womanizer” — but, perhaps more importantly, the first Demi Lovato solo album, Don’t Forget, hits stores today!!!!

Her first single, “Get Back,” didn’t exactly rock the world — it topped the U.S. charts at #43 — but will her album do any better? Or will its release be eclipsed by Britney’s new single?

Oh, I’m trying so hard to care!

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  • Her expression when she’s “singing” in the video doesn’t match her voice in the actual song most of the time! That’s so annoying.

    And the way she pronounces words like “time” bothers me…

  • dont get me wrong, i kinda like here. but theres nothing really special about her. not like someone EVERYONE would know.

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