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You’d Think the Folks at the Weather Channel Would Understand What’s Meant by “Hurricane”

If Adrianne Curry thinks hurricane victims should pay for their own rescues, perhaps news stations can also help foot the bill, since they’re the ones sending the message that it’s totally okay for civilians to stand in gale-force winds as long as they believe they have a good reason for being there. Like, ya know, ratings.

Gawker has more clips of hurricane newscasters like this moron here.

Again, thoughts and prayers go out to those of you affected by the hurricanes this season. A reader from Houston sent me pics today of her neighborhood after she returned from evacuation. So a shout-out to Kelly C., and thank you for reminding me what an impact these events are having on our country.

To help hurricane victims in the U.S. with a cash donation, click here to donate to the Red Cross.

If you don’t have cash to spare, but you can offer your time, services or non-cash goods, click here and use the aid matrix to find a legit organization that could use your help.

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  • Adrianne Curry being the emotionally/ mentally stable and free of having to do for one’s self cunt (that’s just how strong I feel about her) she is says it so it’s word; you people are idiots for staying there where you grew up, with your family, friends, roots, memories, etc. How dare you NOT sell your soul, by being basically a whore to make a lot of whore money, and thinking that uprooting all of your loved ones is such a simple – its thing like a major catastrophe. Come on, It’s just a little storm that destroyed all that you’ve ever known. Throw some money at it (not hers – GET YOUR OWN!) and it will all be better.
    Must be nice not having to actually think or having to take care of one ’s self.

  • I dunno about Adrianne Curry but they gave warnings for residents to evacuate Houston and the ones who didn’t leave had to be rescued after Hurricane Ike — over 2000 people. Who pays the rescuers? The taxpayers do. So yeah, I think the ones who refuse not to leave and who later cry and whine for help and have to be rescued (by boat, helicopter, etc. which isn’t cheap btw) need to pay for their own stupidity, not us.

  • I don’t know anything about Adrianne Curry so, since almost everyone that posts here seems to have a good head on their shoulders, I will take your’ word for it.

    That being said, I am an avid outdoorsman. I rock climb, whitewater kayak, backpack, etc. The number one rule that we have going into the wilderness is be prepared to rescue yourself!!!!! We do not expect people to jump to rescue us and the mountaineers that you see getting rescued by helicopter? Yes, they do have to pay for that. So if you are told to get out because you could die and you CHOOSE not to go, and then need to be rescued, then you need to pay for it. No one held a gun to their head and made them stay, it was their choice. I come from New Orleans and I know a little about it.

  • see the ones of you who disagree probably come from a northern state with out hurricane, right?
    i’m from louisiana.
    1.they tell you in advance to evac. for a reason. the words, “certain death” mean NOTHING to you?
    3.yeh, your ass if being saved but my friend or family member of the national guard is risking his or hers
    4.the ppl who don’t have money or vehicles or who do have medical prob… buses and ambulances run FREEEEE services… we have FREEEE evac. shelters… even safe ones contrary to pop. belief.
    trust me on this my dad is one of the parish guys who have to direct the national guard and control buses who transport ppl
    you wanna know why the shelters aren’t safe?
    greedy ass ppl have to go stealing and horny ass ppl have to go rapin’ and then those trashy ppl are teh first ones to complain that we ran out of toothbrushes and their buses got caught in traffic

  • There will always be people who stay behind, it’s just human nature.

    Some of you people act like it’s all so rational and straight forward, nothing ever is.

    Nor is this situation the same as when you chose to put yourself in the middle of no where – wilderness, etc.

  • We live about 70 miles from Galveston, a bit north of Houston, and decided to stay because we were told to ‘shelter in place’. I drug my daughters futon mattress into the hallway and she slept there overnight. The power went out at 2:25 a.m. Saturday, the winds came after that and I have never been so freaking scared in my entire life. I was sure we’d lose the roof or have a tree fall on us or the windows blow out. There are huge old trees down everywhere.

    We still do not have power – it’s Wednesday. They say it won’t be back on until the 23rd. We have water thank God, and the weather has turned cooler. But for all those people who were told to get off Galveston, who got stranded and then bitched that the Gov’t and FEMA were not doing enough, they make me sick. If you are told to evacuate – then Get the F out of there!!!