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Minnesotans: Are You Going to Vote for Al Franken?

Amidst all the Presidential election news, the mainstream media hasn’t paid much attention to the fact that former Saturday Night Live mainstay, Harvard graduate, and Emmy-award-winning writer Al Franken is running for Senate in his home state of Minnesota. And I would guess the 57-year-old Mr. Franken has his long-term goals focused squarely on the Presidency — maybe not four years from now, but perhaps in eight.

One of his trout-tastic campaign ads is above.

What’s the vibe like in Minnesota, guys?

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  • People here in Minneapolis are pretty cool with him. He grew up here in the Twin Cities. Suprisingly he is a bright and decent guy . I plan on voting for him!

  • I live in MN. Last January, when Al Franken started running ads on TV, I thought: “Oh, sweet Jesus, give us someone else, please!!” My thought was: At this point, all I can see is Al Franken wanting this senate seat primarily to piss off the right, not because he’s actually interested in representing me in congress. I don’t feel he’s really laid anything on the table to make me feel differently about him. With. that. said., I will vote for Al Franken, because, well, I’m a liberal and will not give my support to his Republican opponent. So, it’s more of an anti-vote. HOWEVER: Al Franken will not win. Not because of his lack of experience, his open disdain for the conservatives or because he came home after 30 years to claim a senate seat he thought he could win. He will lose because his Republican opponent, Norm Coleman, hasn’t really done anything heinous enough to make the majority of Minnesotans hate him. Oh, and Norm Coleman is from New York. One thing I love, is in all of Al Franken’s adverts, he shows a picture of Norm Coleman arm-in-arm with President Bush.

  • I LOVE Al Franken! I am definitely voting for him, although I am not sure he can win but gosh I can’t stand norm Coleman. He has one of the worst reputations on the hill for being a dirty, big boob loving guy. Seriously, check out his interns sometime. He is so shady! Go Al!

  • Theres a Norm or Al commercial on every 10 minutes over here. Personally, I hate Al Franken for many reasons. I’m not in the mood to rant, however I figured I should voice my opinion. Ha.

  • I just saw him at the MN state fair. Seems like a cool guy..but you know Minnesotans and loving celebs who are in the government…ala Jessie “the body” Ventura….

  • Al Franken is a commie loser. I am one MN Resident who will not be voting for him…he doesn’t stand a popcicle’s chance in hell to win the election, that is a pretty well known fact around here.

  • The Franken election is just wrong he lost and yet by curruption alone they put him in. Common sense can tell you that, similar to How Hilliary Clinton got voted in NY. Fixed corruption. Sad

  • How could you guys elect this guy?? Are you kidding me?? Thanks a lot MN.!!!! Signed the other 49 States!!!!!