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My (Death-Themed) Super Sweet 16

Aw, how sweet.

Courtney Love threw little Frances Bean an “R.I.P. Childhood”-themed sweet sixteen party.

Courtney Love spent over $323,000 on her daughter’s birthday party.

The Hole singer – who is the widow of the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain – spared no expense in ushering Frances Bean into adulthood at her ‘RIP childhood’ themed 16th birthday.

The event – held at Los Angeles’ House of Blues restaurant – saw Frances sporting a dress previously worn by her father Cobain at a performance at Reading Festival.

Courtney arrived in a dress worn by actress Angelica Huston in creepy comedy movie ‘The Addams Family’.

I like that there’s the obvious implication here that Frances Bean had a childhood. You know, those carefree days of splashing around in the pool and eating watermelon and running around giggling and barefoot and playing Twister and guessing games like “20 Questions” and “Do you think Mom needs to go to the hospital?”

Courtney, Frances Bean had her “R.I.P. Childhood” party long, long ago, and you footed the bill that time, too.

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  • DONKEY P!!

    Oh My God. Did u nail that one right! Jay Leno’s Love Child 100%

    I know it’s mean, but FB is not a very attractive youngin’

  • are we sure these aren’t from the ‘insignificant people who’ll never be as famous as their dead family members’ section at madame tussauds wax museum?

  • re; moxy

    court? you’re so fucking lazy you can’t even finish spelling courtney? sheesh! get off your ass and do some sit ups or something.

  • I’m new to this hilarious site–and SO glad I’m here! Beet, you nailed it. I am sitting here nodding YES to everything you said…and I was THINKING. xoxo

  • She has amazing eyes! It must be really hard when your dad kills himself and your mum is a total nut. I really hope she does well.

  • WHOA! Courtney Love went from the skanky drug addict rock star during the early years of Hole to surprisingly hot between 1996-1999 …with a bit of plastic surgery (I’m sure) but now she has come around full circle looking almost unrecognizable. Horrifying how incredibly different and worse she looks each time I see her.
    I hope Frances Bean Fairs better than her parents.

  • I meant Courtney. I barely recognize her in this picture. Mostly because I’m used to seeing her on multiple substances but still, she looks… not like her.

  • A reply to “Why BEAN?”- Frances Bean is partially named after Travis Bean, who designed and manufactured some unusual electric guitars and basses with machined aluminum necks. Kurt was a huge fan.

  • re; daver

    yes, it would have been wrong. she actually released two really good albums before or after his death. on the flip side, the only thing his camp has produced is the foo fighters. dave grohl’s a good drummer? yes. his band is multiple album worthy? no. he should have quit like whatshisface with the rapidly thinning hair.

  • she look EXACTLY how courtny looked when she was younger and no surgery, at one point courtney was actually looking cute but she over did it. i think francis would be beautiful with a nose job.

  • Francis is my generation’s Matilda (Heath Ledger’s daughter) infant daughter of a brilliant artist whose demon’s got the best of him. Too bad in this case the remaining parent was this psycho. I never understood what Kurt saw in Courtney

  • “Me”; I think Courtney is a brilliant artist whose demons keep getting the best of her. Don’t put the Yoko Ono-stamp on her.