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Thanks Ranae!

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  • What the hell did the elf do to her to make her such a cunt? I can’t stand bitches that try to humiliate the person they were with after the relationship is over. For Christ sake… she used to fuck an elf. She’s more of a joke than even he is.


  • Everyone needs to lighten up a wee bit, he has clearly chosen to pose for the effin’ picture!

    Even though he is smaller than average, he is still a man, and should be strong enough to handle any criticism!
    I don’t want to know any man who is too sensitive to handle a few jokes at his expense.

  • I agree with all the ditto’s without actually agreeing with calling her a cunt. She dated him and now that things didn’t work out she’s trashing the hell out of him. And I went to her page and wasn’t impressed with her at all. She gives off this whole “I’m just a working actress who pulled myself up by my Kentucky bootstraps” vibe but still comes off as extremely unlikeable. You know what really made me dislike her the most? The fact that she dated him for however long and at some point must have led him to believe that they had a relationship and now that it’s over she has the song “Short people” playing as her theme song on her myspace page. Fucked up and Wrong!!!!!!

    Beet, I get that she amuses you. I get that the fact that she dated him amuses you. But I wouldn’t push the career or the personality of a girl who’s just SO wrong!

    And I’m not going to caption this picture because that poor man (yes man, he’s 38 years old people.. just because he was born short doesn’t mean that gives you the right to condemn him or laugh at him for it)

    Hey, while we’re at it maybe we can call people niggers for being born black and laugh at some spics for being born mexican! Yay for being assholes! Yay!!!

  • Nasty what some people do to stay in the spotlight.
    Had this been a guy sending of ugly pics of an ex everyone would have said he was a ass. But now its a girl doing it and its all ok?
    Not cool.

  • Beet, please do not let this bitch use you to try and stretch out her oh so pathetic fifteen minutes of fame. I don’t think she wants to be your friend as much as she wants to get publicity on your website. That’s all I am going to say about her, and everyone else here should just stop talking about her so she will go away.

  • Both of these aholes are super creepy. She seems to be an opportunistic starfucker jilted by a D list mini celebrity. Cringeworthy.

  • oh well, she seems to be getting the most comments, more comments than even britney spears and you guys are obviously going to her myspace page so whatever she is doing is working. dont listen to them renae, you have to have haters to be a star. love ya girl

  • Ranae dear,
    if you had won eight Olympic medals
    you would probably be compared to a horse or a tranny
    who once dated a goblin,or something of the sort,so
    never mind!

  • or maybe she has a sense of humor. for those who dont find this picture hilarious then you msut be boring and live very dull lives

  • Beet it looks like your dumb enough to do someone else’s dirty work. Let them hash out their own relationship issues.

  • Kim, are actually Ranae? Why are you defending her so much? This picture is funny, but the fact that she’s trying to get her five of minutes of fame (and that’s all she’ll ever get) while trashing her ex in such a way is just plain wrong. Let her go, Beet.

  • CAPTION; “what…, you told me to give the bitch a bone”?!

    re: KIM: if you’re ranae, could you do us a favor and do some upskirt photos soon so we can see your vagina? thanks.

  • no shiri, i just feel bad for her, its not her fault that she got thrown in the media. i stick up for all of them, lindsay lohan, britney spears, jessica simpson. all the ones who you all make fun of i stand up for b/c these people are humans too. britney, lindsay, paris, jessica, they all have made mistakes. im not saying she is in the same league as those girls, im just saying………. you guys are pretty judgmental to sum1 that NONE of us knows. i dont know mini me either, i feel bad for him, i just think the picture is funny, but i am not judgmental towards him cuz i dont know him.

  • It’s not her fault? She’s putting herself in the media… on purpose. She sent this pic in so that Verne would be humiliated. How is it not her fault that people are pointing at her and calling her trashy and classless when she brought it on herself?

  • like i said kim, please, please, please show us your vagina. it’s too much effort for me to get on a plane and pay you to come to my hotel room at the chateau marmont to do it!!

  • tracy youre trashy solely for associating yourself with a tabloid website, so who are you to judge? shut your ugly ass up. sitting in wyoming behind a computer with no friends or no boyfriend and have to be hating on strangers. this is tabloid gossip, my god you act like its world news or something. jesus. who cares if she brought it upon herself to each their own, who are you to judge? last time i checked your name was tracy, not JESUS. amen!!! censorthis dude what the hell, we should all chip in and buy u a stripper, just go to to see vaginas geeze boy lol

  • kim; if you really want to buy me a stripper, get me one that looks just like you! i love strippers with long black hair and no tits that love rubbing up against C list ex television geeks like you’ve been banging.

  • Because I comment back to you with logic instead of insults I am ugly and have no friends? Man. I must have missed that lesson. I was stating she brought it on herself because YOU pointed out that it’s not her fault, where’s the argument here? You choose to stick up for her because “lyke omg, she’s such a victim and you’re all totally ugly and need to get laid because you totally don’t see it the way i do and i’m the only one who has anything to say on the matter and somehow i am awesome and can manage to bring jesus into the mix as well because that’s just how i roll!” You tell us we shouldn’t judge her but it would seem that the only person getting worked up and hurling insults and judgments is you.

    As I said earlier – she can do whatever she pleases and I reserve the right to form my opinions. My opinion is that she is being a typical bitter ex girlfriend by airing out their business for the world. We can respectfully disagree on this point because I’m getting fairly sick of reading how ugly I am and how I have no friends, no boyfriend and somehow live in Wyoming all because I disagree with you.

  • Everyone shut the fuck up… seriously… u guys are arguing over people you dont even know that will never do a damn thing for your life. Go watch the elections or something PRODUCTIVE! This is so sad…. and BTW I think the picture is hilarious… I am now gonna move on and use my brain for the greater good instead of wasting my time fighting over a pointless opinion in a celeb BLOG. Why do you guys even read this site at all if ur gonna be so tight assed about celebs being made a fool? This whole site is about Beet joking on celebs so why bother reading it if you take shit so seriously… It’s meant to be FUNNY! So LAUGH! God people GO DO SOMETHING WITH YOURSELVES!

  • Whatever haters! I LOVE this chick! I want to marry her LMAO. Maybe she will make a sex tape with me. We don’t even have to publish it! Ranae don’t you listen to these bitches. Beet got it right. You got stones girl!

  • Beet you HAVE to get her on here. This is the funniest sh*t I have seen in AGES. Hell, I bought the video. Yeah that’s right WHAT? You guys got something to say? BRING IT ON!

  • I know some of you are fat frumpy stay at home HO’s with nothing better to do then hate on her because she is Hot. But ‘Kim’… IF you are Ranae, you should know that you are my future wife LMAO. Keep those pictures comin!

  • Agrees with Klipper

    You broke up, now get over it. I have plenty of ex boyfriends I think are tools but I’m not about to put photos up of them acting like tools…In fact I do the opposite and pretend like I never dated them in the first place…

  • @Tracy, why do you even bother wasting your breath on someone who obviously possess no intellectual capacity to even remotely comprehend what you’re trying to tell her?

  • I admit the pic is funny.. But i also belive it must be very humiliating for him as well.. But calm down people! we just have to wait until Verne decides to post her dirty pics, see if she likes that.

  • re; wilson, heather and kim

    it’s obvious you’re all the same person (ranae). and, therefore, i still want to see your vagina. without paying the $9.99.

  • LMAO Censorthis you are too damn much. I’m starting to think that YOU are Ranae. You sure do obsess about her snatch enough. Please, for the love of God go get yourself laid dude!

  • i’m with klipper. if it’s over move on with class and grace. this type of behavior really just makes you look sad.