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What’d We Think of the VMAs, Kids?

She may not have performed, but The Britney Spears Comeback officially started tonight, at the VMAs. Collecting all three of the awards for which she was nominated and appearing calm, poised, gracious and sober on-stage, it was the Britney we all used to know and love.

Some more thoughts as I was watching:

So I thought the bit at the beginning with Britney and Jonah Hill was actually really cute. Mostly because Jonah Hill is awesome, also because he called her “Brit-Brit,” and lastly because Britney was trying really hard, and that’s encouraging.

Then the show began, Britney spoke like three sentences — that was the entirety of her appearance as a performer, and she did all of it with the microphone hiding half her face from the camera — then these kick-ass dancers came out to do Rihanna’s “Disturbia,” and I was like, “This is gonna be fucking awesome.” And then Rihanna started singing and, IMHO, it was all pretty much a straight shot down from there.

And then Russell Brand comes out with his thick British accent and starts begging you to vote for Barack Obama (and the camera pans to Britney Spears, who’s clapping a little bit and glancing off in the distance as though she’s assumed Barack Obama is some dude up for best hip-hop video) and then starts ragging on President Bush, and, like, I’m all about ragging on President Bush, but not from you, Mr. British Man. It’s like how I’m always like “Dude, my little sister’s a pain in the ass,” and that’s cool, but if anyone else were like, “Dude, your little sister’s a pain in the ass,” I’d have to hit that person. It’s all a little inappropriate, IMHO. And then he decides to do a bit about Sarah Palin and her knocked-up daughter and her boyfriend and you know it’s all untested material from a comedian who’s not used to going live with untested material and it crashes pretty embarrassingly. I think, in general, Americans aren’t very comfortable with foreigners telling jokes at our expense. Sigh. This whole monologue is painful.

Britney wins the Best Female Video right off the bat and gets to the stage and gives a very short, sober, non-crazy acceptance speech, as though she hadn’t been chillin’ in psych wards since the last time we saw her. It’s all very matter-of-fact and humble. Britney’s actively trying to tone down the hype surrounding her right now. I think that’s exceptionally wise. Praise Jesus for Larry Rudolph.

Demi Moore comes in to introduce the Best Male Video award, and she was too busy off-stage asking people if that skirt made her legs look fat (answer: yes) to figure out how she was going to get a microphone. She spins around on stage awkwardly until a stagehand brings her one.

Taylor Swift introduces the Jonas Brothers, one of whom she’s dating, although I can’t remember which one. This looks like a segment out of Sesame Street right now. I take that back. Sesame Street would be more interesting, and I might even learn something other than exactly how tightly Nick Jonas can squint his eyes without them actually being closed. I like how there’s, like, Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Awkward Jonas.

I also read that Big Rob, that huge dude who used to bodyguard for Britney Spears, now works for the Jonas Brothers. In fact, I think he makes a cameo in their “Burnin’ Up” video. Loves it.

More thoughts after the jump:

Now Katy Perry is singing “Like a Virgin,” and it’s bad. Really bad. I say this with absolutely no hyperbole: I could do this better.

Russell Brand is talking about putting chapstick on his penis. Ugh.

Michael Phelps is systematically removing every ounce of sex appeal from his public persona. He does a stupid cameo where he introduces Leona Lewis and T-Pain with the absolute least amount of interest he can muster.

Why do we even bother having rappers perform at the VMAs? You have to bleep out literally every third word. Why do we do this?

La Lohan has changed out of her super-hot dress into some weird lesbian half-tuxedo thing. Lucky for her, her co-presenter, Ciara, looks like she got dipped in a boiling vat of ugly before they sent her onstage, so Lindsay gets a pass on the inexplicable costume change.

Ya know, I love Paramore, but I can’t wait until Hayley Williams gets a couple years older and starts out on a solo career. It’s gonna be fucking killer. This girl’s such a natural.

Heh. Shia LaBeouf’s wearing his DUI cast. Hides his hands behind his back, but I caught a glimpse of it as he was walking onstage.

Talk all the shit you want about Miley Cyrus, but, an hour into this awards show, she’s the first presenter who hasn’t flubbed her lines. And she’s 15 years old. I’m just saying.

It’s cool to watch Pink perform live because she’s such a fucking pro. She’s not nervous, she’s not off-key, she’s freakin’ sliding two stories down on a linen rope without missing a beat, while Katy Perry can’t stand on a simple stage and get two syllables out of her mouth without at least one of them being flat. IMHO, she’s the best live performance so far.

Pete Wentz and a preggers Ashlee Simpson. Pete’s like “That’s my wife! And my baby! Give it up!” Heh. We all know she did.

We’re joking about Slipknot being here, right? No. No, we’re not. Jesus, this is an awkward bit.

We’re about an hour and fifteen minutes in, and I’m wishing I were still at the point in my life where it felt acceptable to get completely trashed on a Sunday night. Hard liquor would make this way, way better. I’m wondering now if the VMAs have actually gotten worse over the years, or if I just drink less these days. It’s a valid question.

Jordin Sparks. Takes Russell Brand to task for making fun of promise rings earlier in the show. “It’s not bad to wear a promise ring, because not everybody — guy or girl — wants to be a slut.” That’s true, Jordin. And not everybody — guy or girl — wants to be a virgin. To each his own.

Christina Aguilera. This is actually a really cool new arrangement of “Genie in a Bottle.” Is she lip-synching here? I think she is. That’s kinda shitty of her. And is it some rule at these VMAs that all female performers have to wear weird black Spandex-y dominatrix shit? In all, though, not a poor showing by Christina. She’s usually pretty solid.

Russell Brand tries to apologize for making fun of virgins, winds up making a stupid R. Kelly joke about pissing on teenagers — ya know, you can hit bottom whenever you decide to quit digging, Russell. Just an FYI.

Why does Lauren Conrad always sound like she just smoked an entire pack of cigarettes in fifteen minutes? Why? She and Chace Crawford are here to present the award for Best New Artist, and both of them look devastated when the card says that the award goes to Tokio Hotel. Ouch, guys. How does Tokio Hotel pull off a viewer-voted win like this, anyway? Some sort of abuse of technology, I’m sure.

Paris Hilton gets onstage to present, can’t find the teleprompter or the camera. OMG. I can’t stop laughing. Presenting Best Pop Video. Goes to Britney!!!! WOOT WOOT! Even Paris sounds excited about this, but doesn’t give Britney much of a hug when she gets up there. Again, short, sweet, humble acceptance speech.

Kid Pebble has his drink on stage. So, so classy. Playing that stupid song about summer love in 1989 that I think just makes me sad because I haven’t had a summer love since, like, 1989. Also: “We were trying different things / We were smoking funny things.” Who wrote that dumbass line? Like, yeah, it rhymes, dude, because it’s the same word. I hate this song.

Kobe Bryant. Is tall. Britney Spears is golf-clapping for him. Ha. Presenting Video of the Year. This better go to Britney Spears, mostly because if it goes to the Pussycat Dolls or the Jonas Brothers, I’ll have to boycott MTV forever and ever. BRITNEY WINS!!! Pussycat Dolls do not look pleased. At all. Dedicates it to her fans. Twice. Hooray! Yay Brit-Brit! Russell Brand scoots her away on the back of a golf cart, and their en route banter is the funniest stuff Russell’s done the whole show.

Kanye closes. I’m not sure what he’s doing, exactly. Singing about a broken heart, I assume, as evidenced by the gigantic, flashing, red broken heart pinned onto his suit. There’s a cool little ninja-style drum line thing going on behind him. I dig the ninja drummers. I want ninja drummers to follow me around all day. And whenever I say something important, we’d cue the ninja drummers. It would be awesometastic. Is Kanye done yet? Please? I’m so bored of this. Ooooh! Ninja drummers are back! Love the ninja drummers!

Yay!!! The VMAs are over!!! A whole freakin’ YEAR until I have to go through this shit again. I feel like I just got done with my pap smear. Phew.

What did you guys think?

Will we ever return to the glory days of the VMAs?

And, most importantly, when does Britney’s real comeback begin??? I am so excited for when she finally gets back on stage and rocks it.

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  • I’d have to say that the majority of the show was BORING! I felt like I was watching a show from some years back, what with the appearance of Britney, Christina Aguilera, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, et al.

    Rihanna did a decent job with the opening song and I enjoyed Pink’s performance as well as that of Christina Aguilera.
    And call me out of touch, but most of the other performances I just didn’t get or enjoy.

    Also, what was with MTV airing half of the performances right before or after a commercial, so that you only saw parts of it?

    Russell Brand was more like Russell Bland, save for a few good jibes at Bush and the Republican party, though being that he is from the UK make them rather irrelevant.

    Britney winning every award she was up for kind of felt like a lame attempt at trying to make her feel like she was back in Hollywoods good graces, but left me feeling like the best person didn’t actually win.

    Overall I long for the days when the VMA’s actually left you speechless and the performances were more than lip-synching over the top dance numbers.

  • Brand was AWFUL. Epic, epic failure. I am the last person to defend Bush on anything, but Brand’s political jokes were NOT FUNNY. We may think he’s the worst President ever, but we claim him as our own. Don’t bring your foreign ass in here and start talking shit.

    Rhianna and Pink were awesome. The rest sucked.

    Phelps needs to stick to swimming.

  • Good thing I had World of Warcraft to help me through the whole thing! What the hell was Russell Brand thinking when he decided to make his entire opening monologue be about politics and The Jonas Brothers? Bring back Chris Rock!

    And to be honest, I enjoyed Katy Perry’s version of Like a Virgin. No, Beet, you couldn’t do that better. And I say this as a person who can’t stand any Katy Perry song that I’ve ever heard.

  • Well, about Russell Brand… I will just say maybe US citizens need to go more abroad, or to talk to more foreigners. You might be surprised on how every single European has an opinion on Bush, Obama, McCain and Palin. And they’re not really nice. I suppose it came as a shock for you, anyway.

  • As an American who has been abroad (for quite a lengthy amount of time) and talked to a ton of foreigners I can honestly say it is not acceptable for any European country to look down or condemn Americans because of who we elect. The British don’t even directly elect their highest official, the prime minister is chosen by his or her party once said party is the majority power in the government. We had Bush for 8 years while the Brits sat through Tony Blair for ten and then let it slide on by when he left and put Gordon Brown in to his position with no election whatsoever. The rest of Europe doesn’t have much to brag about when it comes to their political officials. While it isn’t a shock for this American to have European’s mock my country and my government, I can honestly say I would not want to live in Europe over the United States ever.

    p.s. Last time I checked whenever something bad happens in Europe it is America’s job to clean it up. Maybe the Europeans should watch what they’re saying if they want that nice little arrangement to continue.

  • @team….: Last time I checked, Europe would really like for America to mind it’s f******* business instead of acting as a world policeman. I’m sure the countries of the former Yugoslavia would agree quite a bit with that statement, not to mention many others.

    Having said that, I agree that Mr. Brand should not have delved into politics. There are other venues for that. The above comment still holds, however.

  • Ok, so, i just saw the videos i was interested because i couldnt watch the show

    Britney was spectacular!! i love her, she looked awesome! really nice

    Pink was the best performance

    Rihanna… emm, not really, i like her, and the new song, but.. alway in black, always the same

    Aguilera… ewww, dont like it at all… well, just the new arrengement to the gennie in a bottle.. but the superwoman thing… ugh hideous.. and she in the red carpet… gooooood ugliest thing

    well that’s pretty much what i saw… so… good for britney..

    about the all awards she won., i think the fans made her win, with all the votes, expecting she perform or something. but i think she shouldnt have won all of them.. maybe just the video of the year… because that video pretty much explains her life.

  • Britney did the show!
    She’s was amazing!

    Christina’s outfit was too similar to Britney’s outfit in the onyx hotel tour, back in 2004.

    But Britney was so perfect!

  • Agrees with Anya

    On another note…the VMA’s were crazy boring, Brit looked awesome though I don’t think she really deserved all three of those awards…seriously the Piece of Me video was not that amazing, but I am glad she beat Jonas Brothers. Kanye West at the end was shit…I kept hoping that this was just the warm uo and it would explode into awesomeness but it just stayed boooooooring.

  • I personally can’t stand Russell Brand and don’t find his comedy at all funny. That said, “you know it’s all untested material from a comedian who’s not used to going live with untested material”? He’s famous for improvising his entire show, actually. So it’s not that he isn’t used to doing this, just that he’s really not very funny unless you’re a college student into that kind of thing.

    And regarding political commentary. I agree that this was an inappropriate forum for it, but I call bullshit on the idea that only Americans have a right to an opinion on American politics. WTF? When your country influences the entire world, I think it’s pretty understandable that we should all have an opinion. I know the average American couldn’t give a flying fuck about foreign policy, and knows even less about it, but your relationship with the rest of the world is affected by who your president is, and this one has been even less popular abroad than in his own country.

    Teammileyyyy, your comments are insulting, arrogant and ignorant, and your terms are imprecise. If it’s out of line for a European to look down on an American for who some Americans elected, then it’s equally out of line for you to criticise Europeans. Besides which, a criticism of President Bush is not automatically a criticism of Americans. Some of us can differentiate between the man in the street and the man in the White House.

  • Maybe you have to think that Bush is horrible to find the opening monologue funny? I thought it was hilarious but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m voting for Obama . I don’t see why it matters that he’s English. (I’m American btw)

  • my mother and i were watching it together, and she said “who is that guy, he looks so gross.” (russel brand) while i thought he was okay, i think mtv was just trying to create hype with some guy that really didnt deliver. rhiannah really cannot sing that great, or katy perry, or taylor swift. leona lewis was the best singer, as was hayley from paramore. and yea, i sort of felt like i was watching a bunk-ass version of sesame street.

  • Am I the only one who’s noticed that Britney Spears is picking a wedgie in the picture at the top?

    Sorry. Had to ask.

    Oh yeah, and the VMAs sucked.

  • I agree that the VMAs were not the appropriate forum to start spouting politics, but it is hideously misguided to defend Bush from “foreign” opinion, merely because it is a foreigner/Brit/whatever saying it. Globalisation and American foreign policy has meant that YOUR choice of leader (and incumbent gun-toting, anti-life/pro-life (WTF?) religious insanity) has made a pretty huge (read: awful) impact on the rest of the world.

    As for Britain (and I can’t speak for the rest of Europe, we’re not a homogenous mass) we vote for a party – so we vote for actual POLICIES – and we do not vote for personalities. We don’t end up with one guy and his cronies running the show; each cabinet member in charge of a department has to be separately elected too.

    I hate Brand as much as the next person, but that’s because he’s not a very clever comedian, IMO. Everything he said about politics and promise rings (what the hell is THAT about? Look at me, I’m so pious and virginal) was er… true.


  • I agree with you on the foreigners bashing our president crap. I’m all for trashing him within our borders but people outside can’t say shit. We should be sticking up for our country (and unfortunately its shitty leaders) regardless of what we think about current policy. If we don’t, we are divided and it’s easier for outsiders to drag us down. /Rant.

    Britney looked hot. I’m glad she’s back from the nuthouse. Brand is kind of an idiot… no shocker there.

    I didn’t watch. Because the VMAs have been the same for the past, mmm, 10 years? More? They blow.

  • @teammileyyyy Am I, being non-American and non-European, at least allowed to mock your misuse of the apostrophe?

  • And most british people couldnt give a crap about Bush. Its just stupid little teenage boys and people dying to be acccepted by the americans who crack bush jokes seriously, IMHO (;P) .

  • I’m actually so offended by what some of you people are saying about British people. Maybe if America didn’t contribute most to world pollution, wars, etc, people in other countries wouldn’t have to get involved in the American voting system. Everyone deserves an opinion, and if you have had a president like Bush or a candidate like McCain, they deserve to get slated, IMO. And at least the UKs voting system isn’t a popularity contest with childish jibes at each other.

    And this lumping Britian in with the rest of Europe – that’s like lumping America with South America, Candada, and a hundred other fucking countries.

  • Guess what bitches! the next two months are about politics here! If you don’t like it take a fricken pill and tune the fruk out. It is not a privilege to vote. it is not optional. It is a civic duty. Duty… that means get up off your asses and get out and vote.

    Guess what bitches? The USA is so big and what happens here effects everyone on the planet. Because the Bush government screwed up the economy here, it has effected the economies all over the world. And people have a right to bitch. If you don’t know that the Bush government is a big laughy joke all over the world then let Mr Brand tune you into it.

    People here should pay attention to what is going on outside their borders instead of barely voting and electing retarded cowboys who can’t even speak English correctly. That goes for Ms Palin also. She talks like some uneducated farmer. What is this HAYSEED NATION? Get a clue folks. The USA has stepped in and stepped on all nations. Those nations have a right to talk back. I am American to the core and I say all this, but all the people on this planet have a right to their opinion. They think we suck and Mr Brand was being more than polite trying to tell us that.

    Otherwise, I have to say that fat kid doing the comedy routine with Britney during the opening has a long way to go to come up to the comic standards of his tribe, a tribe which has produced many a brilliantly funny person. He should go to selling fish in the marketplace. What a embarrassing amateur performance that was. Blame the director. Rock and Rollers don’t know how to be funny, they are better at being transgendered vampire whip and leather sluts.

  • Wow!!! Crazy people. Especially you Annie. When’s the last time you had an O face? You need to grab that shower nozzle and explore. Britney looked healthy. Bout time, right? Whatever, she’s sexy as hell. The End..


  • I didn’t watch the VMAs, but from what I’m gathering, an entire monologue at a music awards show about US politics does seem rather inappropriate. I feel like it would have been in better taste to maybe touch at the subject, but keep it at the ridiculous things that happen in the music industry.

    Of course, they may have avoided that subject on purpose. I mean, in the past year, what has been the most ridiculous part of the music industry? Oh, yeah, Britney Spears. They might have just been covering her ass from embarassment or something. Who knows. I still think Brand could have potentially come up with better material.

  • @alexa… that’s the first thing i noticed in that pic too. Like, why is her hand on her ass? And you know, if it was a wedgie, um, i guess brit brit didn’t notice the mirrors directly behind her.

  • I didn’t watch it, maybe I’ll do it if a compact version comes out
    but I allowed my kids to, exceptionally,
    and my 11 yr old said she was not too impressed.
    Considering she’s an expert in the stuff,I tend to follow

  • Russel Brand – Much better than I thought he would be.

    Jordin Sparks – hilarious. being pissed off about the pro obama as well as sluts – priceless.

    Jonas Brothers and Slipnot – boring. who cares?

    Christina Ag – Could have done better. It was so processed it didnt even sound like her. but not in an original way.

    Pink – Love her. Odd choice for her video outfit. Looked awkward. until the end when she was wearing the ‘black one piece’ and flashed a nip.

    Rhianna – Could they not find anyone else to perform this year?

    Ciara – Well fit dress. But her wig made her look old. What was that??

    MTV – How much did you pay whats his face from blink to drum repetatively during the breaks with the dj? WHY did you think holding the VMAs in a lot that looks like the size of late night with Conan OBrian? Keep Sway in the helicopter. It was the most amusing thing all night.

    Last but not least MTV, Did you get sued by Brit Brit? Because there is no other reason for her to have won that many awards.


  • after what Bush has done to the world with his war, and the british being supporters because of him lying them into it. I feel that RB has every right to have a very strong opinion of GWB. he would be a fool not to.

  • You pretty much summarized what I was thinking as I watched. I missed Christina :( she was the only thing I actually wanted to see. Well, and Britney.. who looked awesome! I sincerely hope she can keep it up and perform soon for us.

    And yes, the VMAs get worse every year. And there are no good artists this year either, Kanye’s still grieving his mom I think… :( poor guy. But yay for ninja drummers! Choreography was cool.

    Who the F@#! is Russel Brand? I had to mute him.

    I think I’m getting old but the little rappers’s pants fell down and looked ridiculous. Seriously is that cool now?

  • I didn’t see his monologue but I really don’t get why you are so uptight about foreigners bashing Bush. I’m French and contrary to what some of you might think we don’t hate America we hate the Bush Administration, we’re not dumb we know the difference and we know a lot of you can’t stand them just as much as a lot of people around the world. Maybe what you don’t know is that in Europe (I speak for France but I think it’s the same for other countries) we hear about the U.S. elections and just as much as you do we so our opinion is informed. When someone like Bush has such a big influence on the whole world I think we have a right to an opinion just as much as you do and that doesn’t mean we generalise and think all Americans are bad.

  • Well paris said in the interview in the beginning that she really hoped britney would win, and that’s what she was most excited about.

    In my opinion though (I love brintey and wanted her to win) I don’t think that her wins were necessarily earned. Like.. best pop video should have been panic, the video was really cool and like finished looking. And I thought mariah carey’s video for touch my body was hilarious and should have won. I mean let’s get real here, britney’s video wasn’t that good.. if she wasn’t britney it wouldn’t have been passable. She looked dazed in the whole video and the choreography was a bit shotty. I dunno I’m glad she won but at the same time I think it was just a little staged. Oh and WTF TOKIO HOTEL? I had never even heard of them till last night… how did they even get nominated. I thought it should have been miley. Taylor Swift has squinty annoying eyes, and Katy Perry is fucking annoying, and Jording Sparks… eh just another american idol.

  • Did anyone notice the VMA’s really didn’t have any big stars?

    Where was JayZ and Beyonce? Mariah?

    Also who were all those nobodys in the audience who sat around looking they meant to be on the Price is Right rather than at the VMAs? Talk about an audience of seat fillers.

    Christina Aguleria lip singing? Never would have thought it, think less of her now. And she looked like a tired tramp.

    Brand, should have played up the banter with britney and other audience members. Oh wait there were so few real musicians in the audience he didn’t have anything to use there.

    Rhi Rhi was great, she’s talented clearly and dynamic..she is original in a cookie cutter arena.

    Katie Perry got ripped off. She should have gotten one of britney’s awards. AND she should have gotten to perform on stage. Whats up with that, let lip singing Christina go all out on stage and Katie who is singing LIVE has to stay in the corner on the floor. No respect for MTV on that one.

    Demi Moore? uummm she’s old enough to be these peoples mother..what was she doing there in those granny almost culout short thingies? For a Hottie she looked like a Nottie.

    In general most all of the presenters sucked.
    Next, the entire show was a tease with no follow up. You would think a entertainer was going to sing by the tease but they just announce.

    Pink was clearly a star amongst satelites.

    Kid Rock like Pink was singing his a** off and gave a good show to a dead audience.

    Kanye was Brilliant.. i Loved it! He got a new fan in me.

    I think that there were less than 50 celebrities there. MTV has losts it’s relevance.

    Last night’s VMAs was a paid advertisement for artists they have vested interest in. Britney’s new albumn and tour, the pussy cat’s dolls new album…

    I won’t watch another VMA’s.

    It was the slow train to industry manipulated LoSaHville.

  • Also… I think that russel brand should have made fun of both parties. LIke it or not, not EVERYBODY is a republican. Not everybody that watches mtv is a democrat… It’s really really bad for a network to offend half it’s viewers.
    Oh and most importantly, not everybody who watches mtv likes barack obama (even some democrats) I know quite a lot of people who hate him actually. So it’s just not, in my opinion, a proper route of comedy during an awards show. Oh and he needed to lay off the whole virgin thing, it’s a personal choice, and a lot of times a religious choice. And again making fun of specific people about a religious choice (like come on by name!?) is really not cool. If these kids want to commit to something and not end up trashy partying rehabbed child stars, then more power to them. It’s gotta be scary for them knowing what could happen.

  • Ok, so Russell Brand is a….comedian?? I didn’t know who he was, but I’m old, so I thought I was just missing out on something. He wasn’t funny. I mean, his jokes about Bush were basically the same things American comedians have been saying for 8 years, just with a British accent. And I agree, if you don’t live here, you don’t have the right to complain about our president. If you live here and don’t vote (and are old enough) you don’t have the right to complain. Simple as that.
    But honestly, I hate it when “celebrities” bring their political beliefs to the table. If they want to help on the campaign front, want to go to the conventions, fine, but leave it out of the entertainment world. I don’t want to hear it.

    As far as the actual VMA’s, they sucked. But again, I am old (30), so it could be me. I don’t “get” the Jonas Brothers, I have never heard of Tokio Hotel (are they really all guys??), I hate Paris Hilton….though she did make me laugh, more than Russell Brand ever did, with her idiotic presentation.

  • I was very disappointed. And Russel Brand just ruined it for me. Seriously, not everyone in the US is a liberal American voting for Obama. He wasn’t funny, and just awkward. It was painful to watch.
    I was very impressed that Jordin Sparks had to say what she said. Because I was starting to wonder if everyone in Hollywood is a slut.

    Did Haley from Paramore get her teeth fixed?

    And for being the 25th VMA’s I expected something awesome, over the top. But I thought it was just kinda, eh – shoulder shrug.

    I personally was very happy to see Slipknot there. I’m glad to see rock music still has a voice at the hip-hop and rap infested MTV. (Which disgust me. It is so one sided.)
    And Tokio Hotel is VERY big with the myspace kids, it really wasn’t surprising to me that they won. And not to mention their lead singer is kinda hot, in a weird way. I think its the accent.
    I was surprised that Linkin Park won an award though, being the ex huge LP fan that I was, was very disappointed in the new album. But everyone seems to love it. eh.

    I love Rihanna live, everytime I see her, I want to go see her live myself. She is a performer.

    Pink- Lover her hair. Doesn’t get anymore confident than her. Girls got some thighs though.

    I was also disappointed at Lindsay, She was like a younger a little less dyke version of Ellen DeGenerous. And that top made her normally awesome boobs look majorly saggy.

  • 3 moonmen a bit much for Brit Brit. And WTF is up with all these Brittish hosts on American shows half the time you cant understand them cant Ryan Seacreast srteach himself a little thinner?

  • I obviously used to watch the VMA’s in some sort of altered state…because I used to find them very entertaining. Russel Brand…terrible and not at all funny. Slipknot…are you serious?!? I have a terrible gut feeling that poor McLovin was somehow brutalized after he presented with them. Who gives a shit that the Jonas Brothers aren’t getting laid?? And…finally the only two reasons to tune in again and watch the hundreds of re-runs MTV will throw at us…Pink and Paramore. Those girls rocked the house and I would pay alot of money to watch them live. Beet, I am surprised that Pink’s boobs repeatedly falling out during her performance didn’t earn a comment from you!!

  • i didnt watch the vmas but britneys look totally reminded me of her circa 2002 when she dated j.t. she shouldnt have styled her hair that way n that dress reminds me of one she wore a few years back that was hot pink. i think she needed something more stylish. dont get me wrong, she looked beautiful but a lil outdated if u ask me

  • First, “untested material from a comedian who’s not used to going live with untested material”, as at least one other has said before me, this is totally wrong. This is mostly what he does and most of the time it is hilarious.

    Second, yes the Obama/Bush thing was a little odd, and out of character (IMHO) for Brand, but the joke about Bristol’s boyfriend/fiance being forced to go to the Republican convention after getting her pregnant was the funniest joke all night.

    Third, the Jonas Brothers are mediocre at best and only one of them is cute so why everyone thinks that they are off limits to be the butt of a joke is beyond me. They are targets just like Britney, just like Madonna and just like Russell. A celebrity is a celebrity, it is part of the deal.

    Everyone is fair game, safe comedy is not funny.

  • russel brand was horrible. worst part of the vmas…. as soon as he brought politics into his act i wanted to puke. i had to change the channel… ignorant ass.

  • hey teammileyyyy, if it’s america’s job to ‘clean it up’ how about starting at home, eh?

    And am I the only one who thinks Brit looked MILES better last year?

  • If you hate Bush or love him, think Brand is funny or not, I just don’t think that was an appropriate time to say all that. Say them at your own stand up gig not as a host of an awards show.

    Britney looked great. Jonas Bros were VERY Sesame Street. Micheal Phelps needs to stick to swimming & grabing strippers booties :-) Katy Perry singing Like A Virgin was just okay for me (dog). P!nk was the best of the night!
    And whoever said it above, I too noticed Brit digging out her wedgie in that pic!

  • All you people complaining about Russel Brand, why don’t you try standing up in front of millions of people doing improvised comedy. You can’t please everyone, but I think he did a damn good job.

  • Wow are you KIDDING that foreigners have no right to comment on our politics? The U.S.A. is the most powerful country in the world, and our policies and economy affect virtually EVERYONE. Foreigners aren’t ignorant for expressing their views on American politics as much as we’re ignorant for thinking their opinion doesn’t matter.

  • Russell Brand is a douche. I’m an American who grew up in England and found him unfunny and inappropriate.

    The VMAs were not good. Katy Perry’s voice makes me twitch and my dog howl. I have no doubt Beet could sing better.

    Christina Aguilera’s boobs and Brit Brit’s legs are awesome though.

    I’m not buying the Jonas Brothers’ virginity story. We’ve heard it all before. The tell-all true story will come up in a couple years when they are passe. You watch.

  • teammileyyyy, you are the sort of smug American who thinks he is worldly but actually is a ignorant yokel.

    As for jokes about America, tough shit you cry babies. You can dish it out to every country on the planet but when it is directed back at you suddenly you play victim.

    Oh poor you. Stop killing civilian children and perhaps we will start having a different opinion of your country.

  • I think I pretty much had the exact same thoughts as you did, Beet. Britney covered half of her face and Rihanna’s performance was a huge disappointment. It was a relief to see Britney win three awards was refreshing to see her begin her presumably unbelievable comeback. Russell Brand was boring and very lame. The rap performance sucked and Kanye West’s new song is probably his worst crap to date. Ssoooo…. damn boring. On the up side, Britney’s coming back. I don’t even really like Britney’s music, but it just feels good to root for her to be successful again.

  • i think she did a amazing job it would have been perfect if she actualy performed though lol but can someone inform me on what IMHO means?! i feel so lost

  • You put yourself in the public eye, anyone can take a shot. Whether you’re a movie star, a rock star or a politician. I’m not related to our country’s head and I personally don’t give a flying f*** what people say/think about them. Bush is absolutely fair game for any nationality.

    Beet has ranted about Amy Winehouse, mentioned Rihanna, hell she’s even featured Heath Ledger in here and added her own fine acerbic commentary. Are the Brits, Barbadians or Australians getting up in arms? No.

    If someone from another country has a go at one of your public figures get over it.

    And the VMAs were tedious and predictable but I tuned in just to see someone whose music leaves me cold look like she was part of the real world again. I hope I get to do that with Amy Winehouse one day as well.

  • britney totally did not deserve those awards! are they serious?!? i wish they would created a comeback like that for somebody who is original, a pioneer or someone who actually has talent, like janet jackson or amy winehouse. as far as an englishman speaking out about american politics.. of course its okay, everyone is entitled to an opinion. we as americans dont see that people around the world are constantly in the know about our country, and because we know nothing about foreign politics, sometimes a foreign opinion can come of as jealous or extreme… you just have to see where people are coming from. but overall the show sucked a big one! does anyone else think that christina looked like aubrey from danity kane?

  • shit sucked biggggggg time. didn’t think it could get much worse than last year-i was way wrong.

    i thought just about everything about the show was a joke. the host, the ‘performances’, the people that won the awards did not deserve them in the least bit…it all sucked.

    mtv has gone to complete shit-it’s been on it’s way-it’s def. there now. yuck.

  • Britney did not deserve 3 awards… but she looks and sounds much, much better than she once did and for that, I give her props.

  • kevin isnt awkward. hes the best. and he never sings, but hes like the best singer. so dont be mean beet. jsut put yourself in their shoes for a bit. I LOVE YOU KEVIN!

  • “A whole freakin’ YEAR until I have to go through this shit again. I feel like I just got done with my pap smear. ”

    haha… awesome comparison. I agree completely.

  • Fuck Pink! Fuck Parawhore! Fuck Shitney Spears! Fuck Lezzlo HoHan! Fuck that McFaggot guy! Slipknot was the only good thing at the VMAs. They should have won that award. For not only was that Linkin Park song NOT Rock, it was a blatant rip-off of a U2 song.

  • Russell sucked…politics aside, he was not funny and MTV could do so much better. Performances were vanilla and bland and no excitement was thrown into this mix at any point. Someone asked where Jay-Z and Beyonce were? Probably out having a good time instead of sitting at the VMA’s watching people ACT like they didn’t know they’re going to win awards, find microphones and stumble in the wrong direction to get off stage. This awards show has derailed and failed. Bring back talent, make it Vegas (glamourous, hot, edgy and hilarious).

  • I don’t wanna be hated by the whole of america for this, but in regards to russel brand, watching it with all my friends in the UK we were fighting back the tears…tears of laughter that is.

    Not in a mean way or anything towards you lovely americans but that is just the sense of humor that brits have, harsh, blunt and offensive anyway, when watching it a second time after the initial uproar i did find it awkward to watch but to be fair to him the bloody MTV bosses should have warned him to not offend the current leader of your great land, as in the UK this is perfectly normal dinner party convo.

    however i must agree with him……in England, bush wouldnt be trusted with a pair of scissors

    just my humble opinion

  • I love tokio hotel i voted 4 them a whole lot and they deserved that award big time yay guys i was crying 4 them and sreaming when they won!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yay, tokio hotel won.
    Im German and happy that they won.
    omg, they’re hot and i wouldnt stop voting for them.

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