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Jason Priestley’s Gunning for the Lead Role in Cast Away 2

Seriously someone get this kid a volleyball named Wilson, stat.

Jason Priestley showed off his new mountain man look at The Human Race’s post-run concert in LA.

Jason has been clear that he has no intention of returning to 90210 as an actor, although he’s hinted that he’d be willing to come back to direct.

Are any of you feeling this look or is everyone as repulsed by it as I am? Like, I feel like we need to send a Haz-Mat team in there to save Tiffani Thiessen.

Thanks Anthony!

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  • NOooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!
    What is he THINKING?
    He’s too pretty for this!
    ..even if he IS kinda old now…
    D: !!!!!!!

  • There’s nothing sadder or more annoying in the entertainment field than seeing old TV has-beens attending openings of fast food restaurants, swag events, shitty premieres, and the worst, bottom of the barrel reality shows! etc., in a bid to desperately stay in the spotlight and remain somewhat relevant. I realize this is a charity run, so okay, it’s for a good cause, but do you think either of these two would be participated if they knew there wouldn’t be media around afterward? No, probably not. I can’t believe a photographer even took the time to shoot these two. Next we’ll see them in Dancing with the Stars or Celebrity Big Brother. Somebody shoot ME.

  • I would do him but then i might stalk him and terrorize any other girl that has anything to do with him because i’m a psycho. After that I think I might try to get on the good side of all his friend’s girlfriends and make them think I am a nice person even though I’m an evil bitch.

  • I think he looks great. The people in here probably forget what a real man looks like, one that can grow facial hair and doesn’t look like Tinkerbell. He is still a good looking guy and he wasn’t a bad actor.

    I guess Tiger doesn’t get it… that “has-beens” are not coming back just to annoy her anonymous butt….. they either need the money or they like the work they have been doing and want to keep doing it, even if they are not Lindsay Blowen or some other public degenerate on the rocks. Is that OK with you? He has been, but you never were.

  • I think the look would be fine if he was an everyday guy, raising kids etc. But he is in the entertainment world and there you can not look like an everyday joe schmo.

  • I definitely did not even recognize him. I was thinking.. “Jason Priestley.. that sounds familiar..”
    Terrible. Ugh.

  • The only reason I’m not repulsed is because it’s rumored that he’s packing a whallop. (The rumor’s been around for many years… since “Calendar Girls”.) Brynja noticed it.

  • Who cares, I’m delusional and think I’m better than everyone and would have done A better job than Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. Gee I want to be perfect but I don’t even come close, look out Aimee you’re being duped. Some people can admit to their mistakes, some can’t….

  • Just pretend he’s in a romance novel about burly Scottish men in kilts.

    Seriously, he can do whatever he wants.

  • So then I’m the only one who actually likes this look. I think he was so disgustingly pretty in 90210, like little girl with fairy eyes, it made me feel like I ate a whole jar of marshmellow and now I have to throw up. Now he looks like a person. Even like a man. Even kinda hot…