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Okay, This Is Kind of Cute

Levi Johnston has a “Bristol” tat on his ring finger.

I mean, a little white trashy, but in that endearing white trashy sort of way.

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  • I heard that John McCain had “Carol” tattooed on his ass. Then, or course, he had it crossed out and “Cindy” tattooed underneath. So sweet!

  • AWwwwww….That is so cute and adorable and HEYYYYY FUCK ALL OF YOU FUCKERS FOR FUCKING WITH ME..

    I might be ignorant about politics, and dumb as a post, and look like a constipated sea horse and I’m pretty sure that my parents are related, but ….My opinion counts damn it! And my comment counts just as much as any of your comments because this is America damn it and we have spell checker so I don’t have to be edumacated!

    Oh yeah… fuck you fucktards…. I’m still a lady.

  • I’m sure this is totally relevant to the election according to beet, who is admittingly uniformed and apathetic, but will still cast a vote on election day because it’s her right and she’s not a felon, dammit.

  • And when they break up next year and hate each other, he’ll cover it with his actual wedding ring to someone he actually likes.

  • “jk Says:
    I heard that John McCain had “Carol” tattooed on his ass. Then, or course, he had it crossed out and “Cindy” tattooed underneath. So sweet!”

    Hahahahahaha, that is classic! Kudos!!!

    We all know how ridiculous high school love can be…..I’m shocked I got out of HS without the “love of my life’s” name tattooed on my forehead (BTW, totally not the love of my life!)…

  • fuckin ridiculous. why do people feel that tattooing someone’s name on themselves shows how much they’re in looooooove? it’s just silly!

  • OK, TSS. I’ve been reading your posts and have not been sure what to think…been thinking you’re a real asshole. But THIS one?? I’m convinced now. You’re a riot. Let’s be friends.

  • Beet, why don’t you let TSS write a blog article or two. I really think it will improve the caliber of this site. What happened to the other two who were helping while you were on temporary leave of absence or is the abstinence.

  • Mallory.

    i.e, TSS posting under a different name.

    Anyway, in regards to the post…I wonder how recent that tat is? ;)

  • Leave them alone, not everyone is from a big city and jaded. I wonder how many of your mothers were young brides. Also a major percentage of women who give birth in the USA are single. Atleast Bristol is having her child not having an abortion. By the way I’m a Republician, but prochoice.