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Helen Mirren Did Coke and Was Raped, But Rape’s Okay Under Certain Circumstances


Head exploding.

That’s been happening a lot lately, kids.

Will someone else please puzzle out this quote Helen Mirren gave to GQ when asked if she was ever raped? Because it’s just hurting my head. And, while we’re at it, can someone else explain WTF anyone is doing talking to Helen Mirren about date rape?

“I was, yes. A couple of times. Not with excessive violence, or being hit, but rather being locked in a room and made to have sex against my will. I don’t think [a woman] can have that man into court under those circumstances [if she starts with him and then says ‘no’]. It’s such a tricky area, isn’t it? Especially if there is no violence. I mean, look at Mike Tyson. I don’t think he was a rapist.”


Maybe I need to wait until the entire article comes out to determine if this somehow was a more acceptable statement in context, but right now I’m just a tad bit annoyed that Helen Mirren decided to go on the record stating that date rape is okay as long as no one gets hurt. Head. Exploding.

Oh, and she also did a bunch of coke when she was younger but stopped after she realized that buying cocaine was helping to fund Nazi war criminals. Which is, I suppose, as good a reason to quit snorting coke as any.

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  • Beet, why do you keep calling people your “kids”???
    Do you need a thesauraus or some shit like that? or do you have a maternal need to breast feed?

  • I totally understand Mirren’s prim and proper protest and moral acclaim to being wrong on using the coke and having so much fun as it it so much fun. It’s a honest mistake. Who knew evil drug lords sold cocaine and illegal drugs to the rich and powerful to party with and ruined the lives of so many of those other little people in the world? When you change your mind while ho’in about.. it’s your fault and let’s let forceful rape results bye-gones be bye-gones K?! I mean it’s not like she deeply cares anyway about his guy or gal she’s boppin’ while, drunk, high or auditioning for part or just being a love rat to whomever he is actually married to or dating.. if he gives her gifts or favors.
    Rape accusations should only be used to convict someone you really dislike and have a grudge against, Oh wait?.. Poor TYSON.

  • I think she mean that if the chick says OK and the sex is going and going and then its almost over and then she says “oh wait no I changed my mind” that is technically rape but Helen thinks you shouldn’t be able to take the guy to court.

  • I wanna be a kid
    I wanna be a kid
    I don’t mind about it
    opinion on Helen ‘s statement
    well…I’m still not convinced
    does she mean when she goes to bed with a husband
    and she does not feel like having sex
    but she decides not to go against his moves?
    or else?
    that can make a difference in my opinion

  • I think she’s saying that date rape is never ok and a woman can always say no, but she doesn’t believe prosecuting date rape is always the way to go.

  • I think she is saying that she got drunk and got into situations she shouldn’t have been in, locked rooms with possibly equally horny guys.
    At some point the guy was revved up and she decided not to go through with it and the guy basically did it to her anyway.

    I get this from her Mike Tyson statement… Tyson convicted, a Kennedy at the same time not… Remember???

  • I also think she is saying that because SHE allowed her judgment to be “questionable” / “impaired” by alcohol, she can not definitely say that she would win a court case.

    And in that situation, which from how I read it, happened more than a few times, why be seen as the party girl crying rape all the time. At some point would not her claims be taken less seriously?

    And how would she change the other persons life for just being accused?

  • Well, she’s an old lady. In the olden days people had different opinions about rape. Something something about female oppression.