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Selena Gomez: “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” Video

Here’s the very first music video from Disney up-and-comer/Miley Cyrus nemesis Selena Gomez.

What’s the verdict, kids? Does this girl have what it takes to be the next Miley Cyrus? Maybe she needs to leak a few sexy pics before we can really make that decision.


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  • Actually not her 1st, her 1st was a cruella de vil remake for disney lol please, dont judge me for knowing that.

  • Can we say rubbing it in your face much? (It’s so hard to make it)right.

    Also, good job on the maid outfit, very slutty. Maybe her and Miley will be rehab room buddies.

  • oh yes…and I think Miley has a better voice. She sounds very manufactured, and doesnt seem to actually be “singing singing.”

  • ps, kinda catchy, seems like something I’d sing in the privacy of my car.

    That and the lyrics are good innuendo, “don’t treat me like a child”?


  • I’m embarassed to admit I sorta kind of like it. Not that I’d listen to it when anyone else was around to hear… but maybe when all my roommates are gone…

  • something bout selena bothers me. i have no idea what it is. maybe one day ill meet her and change my mind, but for now i LOVE MILEY SO MUCH MORE THAN SELENA! go miley forever!

  • i’m team selena and demi allll the way.
    miley doesn’t have that great of a voice, plus selena is wayy prettier. she just seems… not as full of herself. she’s def. funny, and a much better actress than miley. [that’s not saying much, have you seen miley act?]

  • I kind of liked this song. It’s pretty catchy. I like Selena better than Miley anyway. I’m not sure why I disike Miley, though. I just do.

  • She’s definitely more likable than Miley, at least personality-wise. What bothers me most about Miley is the fact that to Miley, the world revolves around MILEY. She is so incredibly (and nauseatingly) full of herself, and that’s the main reason why I choose Selena over her.

    As for Selena’s talent… meh. It’s typical. It’s not really any better than anything Hilary Duff, Vanessa Hudgens, or Ashley Tisdale have put out. It’s what you get when you tell a Disney Channel “actress” to become a singer as well.

    Last thing… Selena’s head bothers me. I don’t know what it is.. she’s a pretty girl, but her head is odd. It’s really tall or something. It’s like her facial features are really tiny and all near the bottom of her face, her forehead is a bit big and the top of her head is tall. The hairstyles she always wears – the ones with lots of volume at the crown – definitely don’t help this at all. Does anyone else think her head is weird???

  • I agree with Jessi, she is DEFINITELY more likable than Miley,( I don’t like anything associated with Disney, but I’m Team Selena/Demi all the way because I dislike Miley more than anything in the world) but her voice is terrible, I watched a minute of this and had to turn it off! And throughout that agonizing minute of the video, I was going “What???”. Like most others, shes trying too hard to become the cookie cutter image of your typical Disney girl.

  • TEAM MILEY!!! selena doesn’t have the same spark or passion or something. the song was just sorta “eh”… the conservative maid outfit is the gateway drug to the sexy maid outfit though

  • o_O. I’m totally pro-selena/team selena and I guess demi’s okay too….
    I find it shocking how much I like this song. O_O.
    How is this happening?!
    Pretty catchy song. Mad props for that!

  • Is it just me, or does the blonde back-up dancer look like Ashley Tisdale? I could never get a good enough stop frame to really look, though.

  • 5280 inches
    I still Like Wizards of Waverly better then Hannah Montana
    Selena has a better voice, but Miley has better promotion

  • I actually like the song… And I like her better than Miley… Even though I didn’t want to when she first came onto the scene. She doesn’t seem as rude as miley…

  • Couldn’t watch the whole thing. So bubblegum. Well I guess thats Disney for you.


    I’m no fan of Disney, but Miley is defiantly better at singing and overall performance than Selena. She doesn’t have the same excitement and sparkas Miley does. Wow I can’t believe I am sayng this. I blame my friends who made me sit through the Hannah Montana 3D thing to see the Jonas Brothers.

  • Team Selena and Demi for sure!!
    Singing live, Miley sounds very good,
    but I’m with Selena in the acting…
    And Demi sings wwaaaaayyyyyy better
    than Miley and Selena combined…
    Don’t believe me?? search on YouTube
    But of course that only my opinion ^_^

  • she is alright. but she should stick to her acting.
    that song, not necessarily her, but the lyrics?
    they were total crap. very obnoxious
    i think she is prettier than miley, but her face can’t handle make-up

    and i agree with everyone else, she is boring.
    i dont dislike her, but i dont really like her either…
    at least miley is amusing to watch.

  • did anyone else find it kinda weird that she is Hispanic and doing a video as a cleaning lady…. i thought that was kinda….odd.

  • it sucks if you class it as a song all she does is repeat tell me something i dont no she is a wanna be taking seconds from miley GO TEAM MILEY

  • 5280 feet, not inches (ahem, lorelei, haha), are in a mile! :)

    Does anyone else notice that the recent singers that Disney’s popped out (Miley, Demi, Selena) all have a weird thing for hand warmers/fingerless gloves? What the hell is up with that? I mean, yeah, it’s kind of sort of cute to go along with the whole pop-star/rock-star little theme, but on all three of them? I think it’s a bit much.

    The three of these girls are too much the same in ‘their’ music.

  • Aiight here’s my honest opinion. I think Miley is the ugliest thing ever, i don’t think she can sing, or act. So in my opinion, she had to use the slutty pics of herself in order to get some attention from you know, other kind of audience, like, older and sicker male audience, because she’s really not that good at anything else.. Not that i think the pics were any good though, they suck too.
    Now, this girl, i think she looks so much like Miley is ridiculous.. And she hasen’t shown any nasty pictures yet, but if we wait long enough, like a year or so, we will get to see them, i bet you any money. This video sucks big time, she cannot sing either, and she looks pretty slutty for her age.. I would be very disapointed if it was my little daughter dressed up like a cheap stripper, so i wonder what her parents think..

  • She is prettier for sure, but I think Miley’s songs are better. That being said, she looks like a slut already I am sure her and Miley are going to be part of some trashy naked pics with nick Jonas before we know it.

  • Team Miley all the way! Miley is sweeter and cutier! Selina is going to fuck up sooner or later!

  • Selena made it to Disney on her own and of course that results in the contractual obligation of recording an album (don’t they all?) Miley has her achey breaky father and strategically released “provocative pictures” to thank for her success. Hannah Montana just being part of the process

  • 5280, I know, but I was answering a kid and typing at the same time, and it was one of those type what you’re saying, not what you mean. Heads up for later, guys, I have 3 kids and they’re VERY distracting!

    LaLa, I didn’t even think about it, but ome of my nieces is mexican and cracks jokes like what does a 300 lbs white woman and sod have in common. We’re a racially diverse family with no boundaries (and no prejudices).

    Tako, walk through a school sometime, she was showing less then the some middle school girls. Cleavage, belly buttons flashing, low pants, high skirts, and high heels are such a problem in middle school the principal keeps clothes on hand. I was no angel, but I could never be confused with a hooker

  • She looks SO beautiful. I saw her personals ID on wealthy men for beautiful women site “”””””””W e a l t h y L o v e m””””””””””” last week. It is said she is dating young billlionaire on that site. Is she single now?


  • it was shit tbh
    shes shit she doesnt even sound like shes singing it it sounds to manufactured
    atleast miley actually sings her songs so you can tell shes singing

    and its a song full of innuenedos

    if you ask me shes asking for it

    shes gonna be a slag

    i hate her

    shes a twat

    • Miley does SO not sing her songs well…she’s terrible live and her voice has obviously been modified on her albums. Selena is way better.

      • Miley does sound good when she is live..
        It depends what songs…
        Damn miley can sing really good to be exact..

      • selena is so much hotter than miley. its not my kinda music anyway but i think selena has a better sound than miley. and sooo hot!

  • it’s all good but I want to see the video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I like selena and demi, but after seeing selenas music video, I think hollywood is getting to her. she was way to slutty, and with a graffitti background? come on, she can do better than that! and ‘don’t treat me like a child’? che’s under 18! that’s legally a child! She’s supposted to be a role model for kids, not a slutty maid that talks through old ladies legs.
    I also don’t like miley because she’s a slut, she lipsinks, she made fun of demi lovato, and she’s pregnant.

    • First of all sweety..
      Those pictures were tooken before it got leaked..
      And miley cyrus has changed big time..
      I mean miley has helped so many people, giving them every dime she can, and miley spends her time with her fans sweety.
      Also miley isnt pregnant, see how shit goes arounf…
      Get your facts straight before you talk shit..
      Miley doesnt lipsink, And she wasnt making fun of demi and selena she was just having fun. And selena stole mileys bf and then nick dumped her ass becasue she was boring. Thank you very much.
      MILEY ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i love selena’ s voice it is so cool and the beat is sooooooooooo cool…………………………………………………………………………………….

  • i like this song and i think shes way better than miley , i think miley cyrus is a skank selena is pretty and has really cute outfits exspecially the main outfit, it wasnt slutty at all Delaney infact im being that for halloween and let me tell you something i am not a slut, at all. and neither is selena Gomez

    • Miley is a skank?

      Atleast shes not making videos being a freaky maid..
      C’mon this aint B.E.T
      Selena is being a naughty maid in this video, and shit, And did you see that picture of selena gomez naked. :o Whos the skank?

  • haahahah WHAT! emily um come on you acctually believe miley cyrus is pregnant. no, i think your misaking her for jamie lynn spears shes pregnant again! lmfao

  • oh yeah but i do agree lol i hate miley and shes a whore but i dont think selena was slutty at all never in this vid or anywere else come on its a music video how old are you, 6 ?

  • her voice sounds very “edited” or “computerized” but i do like her better than miley. selena doesn’t have that annoying hick accent lol. and so far she hasn’t been leaking slutty pics of herself all over the internets. still, it will be interesting to see how her career progresses. (and by career i dont just mean music and movies lol.) xD

  • omg! i luv this song she’s waaaaaaaaaayyyy better than miley cuz she didn’t do nasty pics but i don’t like demi either and don’t even get me started with mandi, mandi really makes me want to throw a chair at her face. :) ^__^

  • that was lol she kinda is nasty like singing under that old lady but you have 2 admit she’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than miley. at least selena’s not pregnat ;) ^__^

  • selena is the best girls?She is the best and miley is ugle so pregnat it’s the right thing.Miley just got her birthday and it is not her birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I can totally relate to the article from before…. I am so tired of seeing Nick Jonas’s face everywhere on the Internet when looking up stuff related to Disney…. What is it about this guy that make girls like him so much. If you ask me he is extremely ordinary, and for the love of god NOT especially good looking!

    BTW: Would someone please give that Nick guy a hair-cut. Who is he trying to imitate with that afro-hair….? Corbin Bleu?

  • selena gomez is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy prettier than miley looks like a hog and selena rocks and miley is ewwwwww

  • alrighty. disney got to selenas head wayyyyyyy to fast. i would not do this video if someone gave me any money to do it. that was slightly disturbing. selena is prettier than miley, but selena is too pretty. she wears alot of powder it looks like. her voice is like too girlicious and she just signed a contract to be a rock singer. like paramore. this will be interesting. instead of disney always getting people already in the business why dont they get new faces. i am really worried about selena. team demi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know demi and selena are best friends but i would so rather be friends with demi. team demi!!!!!!!!! i cant c demi doin anything wrong. selena is already doing that little mouth half open,kinda pouting, eyes squinted and face to the side poses.eek. so i pra now that disney signs singers that are a lil more than half decent.

    shes a scum sucking axe wound with nothing better to do then take sick pictures of herself
    she is MUCH better with the fam stuff then miley
    its not gone to her head and forced her to put eyeball ripping pictures up of herself on the internet

  • I loved it, i like miley but slena will probobly go way farther in her carrer than miley ever will and dating nick i one thing she should never hide because he’s sweet and kind!

  • wow that takes real tallent for every comment to talk about miley when this is a video for selena. i personally like both of them. so ya. but i definitally love this song and you should totally watch the movie -Another Cinderella Story- it is really good.

  • Jennifer dont be afraid to say that about Selana. Miley is GAYYY! Ad she lost so many fans when she leaked her photo. Selena has a purity ring!

    One size fits whatever go to **** cuz obviously you dont kow anything about celebrity gossip!!!!!!!!!!

    Miley is the only one who keeps leaking uck photos, and Selena has never thouht onc about doing that!

    FYI: ead the message and thik before you click SUBMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Obviously Selena Straight Up!!!

  • Will I like Selena Gomez cz what i’ve know she’s been on tv since BARNEY AND FRIENDS.I also open some of the Poll in the internet and Selena bit Miley.Selena’s both is greater double than Miley.

  • I like Selena.She’s a good graceful dancer.she act naturally seems like its real.I love her in “THE ANOTHER CINDERELLA STORY”she’s really a triple treats.

  • Selena Gomez is much better than Miley Cyrus,
    Miley Cyrus is a bitch,
    i’m in love with Selena Gomez ?,
    i want be Selena Gomez’s boyfriend,
    Selena Gomez sings like an angel because she is an angel!,
    Selena Gomez is beautiful

    (i am mexican)

    • “i’m in love with Selena Gomez ?”,
      it wasn’t an ask, I’m in love with Selena Gomez!!!!! ?

      forgive me, i’m a kid Mexican XD

  • Yeah………….ok.
    Anyone who dosn’t like selena is weird. SHE ROCKS!!!!!!!!! LOL! So does demi AND miley. I just love em all……………….ignore me

  • SELENA GOMEZ ROCKS!! whoever dosn’t like her is weird. I don’t realy like the jonas brothers. They make weird sounds at the end of every sentence. Who R all these people talking about MILEY! I do like her singing but i don’t like her song the best of both worlds. I like her song fly on the wall. I also like demi, miranda cosgrove(Actrus in The tv show icarly), SELENA and Ashley tisdale. THATS NEW!

  • THANK YOU SELENA 114!! You are SO right. Selena rox! When I read youre message I was happy. GO SELENA!!!!!

  • THANK YOU SELENA 114!! You are SOOOO right. Selena rox! When i read youre message i was happy. GO SELENA!!!

    PS.I only wrote this because…….
    1.i AM happy
    2.I made another message just like this and it deleated.

  • SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS UP THER RITE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO00000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo0000000000000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooo00000000000000000000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM THE BIGEST FAN OF SELENA

  • hoever is saying all this bad stuff about Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez your all wrong they both have great voices I like all of their songs and you should to since you dont you sshould be calling your selfs what you called them go team miley and go team selena

  • i love selena she iz hot and she can sing so much betta then stupid miley porn and retarded mandi so they can both suck it while demi levato and selena gomez become SUPER AWESOME!!!!!!

  • i love selena she iz hot and she can sing so much betta then fucked up miley and retarded mandi so they can both suck it while demi levato and selena gomez become SUPER AWESOME!!!!!!

    • Ahha Your fucking funny..
      When selena dated nick, That was his rebound girl.
      I really liked selena but then when selena got popular and dated nick she was being a bitch and thought she was all that. Omg when selena was dating nick and was being famous she wanted to make it known and damn that pisses me off, thats why nicks cousin didnt really like her

      MILEY CYRUS ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • your all rong miley is a great singer and so is selina but i think selina rooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocks and shes a beatiful singer and shes pretty yer selina your cool




  • alright listen…selena…omg ges wat she did! she rung me the other nite and offerd sexual intercourse with me…not to mention she WAS 1 of my closest mates! but miley isnt like that…I’ve known miley since I was a kid…she was really treating me like a yunger sister but sselena…she’s a right fukin bitch , slut, slag, whore, cunt! what more is there to describe her…miley NEVER let me down…but selena…phew! you selena fans are sooooooo totally choosing the rong person!
    once you found out what she’s done to me…you are gonaa soooooo regret being her fan! I swear on my dog’s life…and trust me…I luv my dog more than anything in this effd up world! she really let me down! :( she promised me that she is goin to kill one of the richest teen celebrity (miley) that’s why SHE STARTED the argument with her!
    she told me not to tell any1…waaaah!

  • You steek jk I love tell me sumthing I dont know.Wen I am cleening up my playroom I go to kids songs by sleena gomez tell me sumthing I dont and I lisin to it. LOVE SWEET CHEECS :):):):):):)

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