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Minnie Driver Is Just Too Pregnant to Wear a Matching Bikini


Is she going to be pregnant forever?

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  • She has been prregnant forever. I wouldn’t be surprised if even she’s sick of seeing that damn belly these days!

  • Actually I’m pretty sure her bathing suit is part of Old Navy’s mix & match. I work there, and I can pretty much guarantee they have those prints.

  • she looks terrible.. couldn’t she have picked something a little more flattering? did she lose her taste when she got knocked up?

  • I can tell the baby has already turned
    head is facing the canal
    hey…what kinda suntan is THAT???

  • its bizzare…for a while she was normal pregnant big, but this is startling…it looks like shes having a litter of babies

  • All she needs is to spout water from her mouth with her head tilted backwards and she’ll be a true whale.

  • Jesus Christ. Does she have 4 babies in there that refuse to come out? Another reason to use condoms.

  • I don’t what is funnier . . . that this is an ad for birth control or that some people are sexually active and JUST NOW starting to use protection

  • LOL Jennatar! You are totally right about the finger-on-baby thing. Now there are fingerprints on my computer screen, but Minnie Driver looks fabulous!

  • Well…we WERE trying to have a baby before i saw this picture – what kind of alien has she GOT in there and is it going to come out like it did in Aliens the movie?!?!? God help me I don’t ever want to be pregnant now!

  • wow… I think the old navy design crew needs to have their eyes examined… Those do not match, at all…

    When you are too big to see that you aren’t wearing a matching bottom, wear a one piece…

  • To all of you who made comments along the lines of “gross, that makes me not want to have a baby”–well, I guess that’s fortunate, because you’re obviously still pretty immature. Her stomach may look bizarre, but billions of women (you mothers included) have looked like that at one point or another in time. When I look at her, I’m just reminded of how much work it is to carry a baby, and that wealth and fame don’t spare you the discomfort–we’re all equal in that regard. In other words, I sympathize with her, I don’t think she’s gross.

  • Jennatar, lmfao, I did the same thing!!!

    And she looks like she’s pregnant with aliens. Or there are like 5 kids just chillin up inside her uterus.

  • Jennatar, lmfao! I did the same thing! It’s true!

    Anyway, she looks like she’s pregnant with aliens. Or there are like 5 kids just chillin up inside her uterus.

  • come one ppl. cant she just enjoy the water, shes pregnant, its the middle of summer, dammit shes hot and shes prolly swollen, and its bout damn time for that kid to hatch, but you cant force it. but shes prolly not feeling her best.

    just a little insight for those who have never been pregnant in august.

  • Word up, cj and duda. BTW, there are more pictures on another site and they show the back straps of the bikini top are made from the same fabric to match the bottoms. I think she looks great, but definitely ready for her little arrival to make an appearance!!

  • Right on CJ. I feel bad for her, she’s really pregnant and uncomfortable and needs to cool off. Shame on all you women (maybe I should call you “girls”) that said she’s gross. WTF did you expect a big pregnant belly to look like? Have you ever seen a woman who’s pregnant with toxemia? If you did you’d probably shit yourselves if you think Minnie looks scary.

  • SO she is crap actress. So let have a baby by a homless person.Pathetic. Ugly and crap ….move back to your council flat in London girl. Fags hate you