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The Bump Is Growing

Here’s Ashlee Simpson in Canada promoting something — I think it’s a line of clothing but I don’t know and I don’t care enough to research it and mostly my eyes are just glued to the fact that she has a side knot in her shirt. Which, after careful deliberation, I’ve decided is kind of cool and just might be a trend I could handle coming back. The side knots were kind of cool.

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  • In general I don’t like the side knot, but I think it looks great on her with her super cute belly!

  • possibly even “cooler” than the side knot, was a thing like a belt buckle that you threaded the loose part of your shirt through. I had one that was neon green with some ribbons hanging off of it.

  • what I see around is the back Knot, usually done by the 20-30 lbs overweight chicks to go with their muffin top

  • all the girls at my daughter’s dance studio are doing side knots and oversized, one shouldered flashdance tee shirts. it’s one big eighties flashback.

  • You guys have to be kidding–that outfit is horrific! Side knots–or any other kind of knot tied in clothing–look stupid. The orange scarf has nothing to do with the rest of the outfit, the ruffled sleeves are horrible, and the pumps with the leggings are all wrong. It’s just bad, bad, bad! I guess we should just be happy she didn’t go the pregnancy-cleavage route, but really, can’t she afford some decent fashionable maternity clothes?

  • she does not look good, not terrible either and i imagine she is tired and fat etc, but she could have washed her hair, and put on some slap. Also the fact her hair and scarf are the same colour isn’t good. How old is she btw? Also is it true she has botox as she won’t be able to have that now – scaryyyy