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Congrats to Rumer Willis!

And, ya know, Anna Faris, who’s really the brains behind this whole operation.

The House Bunny — which also stars AmIdol also-ran Katharine McPhee — was the #1 film in the country on Friday, its opening weekend, bringing in $5.9M and knocking Tropic Thunder out of the top spot. It beat the Stiller comedy by a healthy margin, indicating that it’ll hold onto the #1 position through the rest of the weekend.

Further congratulations are due to Rumer for finally figuring out how to pose for photos without looking like a goddamn sea creature. She probably had a team of scientists working around the clock to determine exactly how she should cock her head in photographs. Seriously, though, she looks considerably less fug these days, and it doesn’t appear to be due to plastic surgery (coughAnnaFariscough), so whatever she’s doing is working. Well done, sweetie.

Did anyone actually see this film yet?

Can Rumer Willis act????

Do tell!

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  • I didn’t see the film, but you know…you look exactly like Rumer Willis. Except that she’s skinny.

  • Beet, please post the location that TSS’s posts come from. I’d like to end this once and for all.

  • You’d like to end this once and for all???
    Oh no…. Pistols at dawn…hide the pussy and children
    It’s an I.P. Address, not a real addrss you Fucking moron. Your stupid ass would probably map quest it anyway.

    Here’s my address:
    123 Dumb Ass Ave.
    ChumbaWumba, Fuckitstan 44354

  • You think she looks good, Beet? I think she looks terrible as always.

    Up until just now, I thought she wasn’t even in the movie. I thought she was just being annoying taking her whole family to a huge movie opening. (which she would do)

  • she gets the entire top of her face covered so her head doesnt seem THAT long. Stop tryin, we know the fug truth!

  • TSS’s comments always come from the following IP address:

    Do with it what you like.

  • Like I’ve said before, I bet TSS is Perez Hilton’s alter ego. Ego being the operative word here.

  • Ignoring the TSS crap and onto Rumer..

    I did not see this film, and probably will not until it hits netflicks but I’ve seen Rumer in a few other movies and I think she is a decent actress. Also, I don’t think shes all that unattractive shes just the female version of Bruce instead of a clone of Demi. Shes got an interesting look to her although in this photo (and most she poses in) she always positions her body weird.

  • well, her pose… i’m still not sure about
    but i want her outfit… now
    it would be outstanding for homecoming this year :-D
    also, the movie was truly hysterical
    i reallly enjoyed it

  • questions: why do so many people seem to actively dislike this girl? she seems harmless enough. she can’t exactly help who her parents are or the fact that she received the worst genes from both of them.

    to my knowledge she is no more or less obnoxious then other famous people’s children. i haven’t read that tortures small animals or children.

    so, why the extreme dislike?

    just wondering. thanks.

    oh and tss it would seem that you live at the perfect address!

  • I haven’t seen the movie yet., but I am a big fan of Emma Stone. She was awesome in Superbad. She is very talented. She reminds me of how great Natasha Lyonne was before she had all her issues.

  • It says TSS lives in Tampa, Florida. Do you know any pathetic assholes that live there, Beet, that would spend a good bit of their time posting this nonsense?

  • I saw the movie last night, Acting was mediocre, But I came out of it liking Rumer much more.
    It seems like she doesn’t really take herself all that seriously, she knows what she looks like.

  • I like that their dresses match! wtf is up with all the Rumer Willis hate?! She’s not ugly at all.

  • TSS lives in a shit town in Virginia. Submit a harassment complaint to his service provider (easy enough, and you’d certainly have license), and I’m sure they would either relinquish the address and home phone number or completely suspend service.

    Also, I completely plan to see The House Bunny. And what Erin said.

  • unless TSS has threatened beet nobody will do anything. best to just ignore him/her/it. as for rumer, yeah i don’t get the hate for this girl either. come on people, direct that rage where it belongs: spence and heidi!

  • Rumor gets better looking as she gets older. Just think what she will look like when some of us are old and wrinkled (I am well on my way now) Keep it up Rumor…you have already been through the worst I hope!

  • Do all comments await “moderation” or is it just because I spar with DP? (sorry….I cannot bring myself to use his “real name).

  • PAH-lease, Rumer is butt-ass ugly – beyond ugly. She’s only famous for her B-listed parents. Sin-ugly. God, give me my Vodka!

  • Snowblower, I hate to say it but you already are old and wrinkled and your vagina has long since dried up.

    Poor bitter old hag.

  • Guys, most of your comments await moderation now because of the efforts I’m making to keep out spammers. Moderation NEVER EVER has to do with the content of your comment. If you already have an approved comment — and you are leaving a new comment from the same IP address and with the exact same information in the info boxes — then your comment will be automatically approved. Otherwise, it will wait for moderation. It sucks, but it’s necessary if we don’t want spammers. But I can promise you your comments are never held for moderation because of what you said, and they’ll always be approved as long as they’re not spam.

  • I miss the spammers. Some of the flaming going on in these comments pages is descending into Perezito’s territory. Almost amusing but mostly tedious.

  • She does look a little better, but she needs to do something about her head. Not to even sound mean, but she does. And as for the movie, I wasn’t expecting her to be good but she actually was. She doesn’t say all that much, but she did a lot better than I ever thought. And she was actually kind of funny.

    Did Anna get surgery or does she just look different because her hair is long and really blonde? Because usually it’s not either.

  • Snowdevil if you don’t switch between “Dee Dee” and your evil twin alias you won’t have to wait to be moderated.