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Good Riddance!

Richard Hayes Stone, the uncle who Teri Hatcher accused of molesting her as a child, has died in prison of colon cancer.

He was serving a 14-year sentence for the molestation of a California teen, Sarah Van Cleemput. Sarah shot herself in the head in 2002 at the age of 14, leaving behind a note that said “You’re probably thinking that a normal teenager doesn’t do this; well, ask Dick.”

When Teri heard about the story, she told authorities her story of molestation by the same man, and that was all they needed to put him in prison, where he just died.

You won’t be missed around here, asshole.

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  • If he was a molester, thank GOD he is dead. Child molesters mess up generations. It changes the whole course of the family.

  • You know how Celebrity Deaths go in 3’s… here’s a prayer for 2 more sick freaks to die soon. Shedding tears for the victims/letting out the rage on the oppressers.

  • if i was teri
    id feel some what like an accomplice to this
    girls death
    you know i mean if she wouldve spoken up earlier
    before dick met jane then
    she might still be alive

  • @Donnie… I understand where you come from, however, I am sure Teri DOES feel this way. Child molestation is an awful, terrible thing. And God led this guy to his justice. Teri cannot be to blame for this happening though. Being molested can make you feel so ashamed,she probably didn’t speak up sooner because she knew the pain that she felt before would be revived. Let the bastard rot in hell

  • I have this great concept where the U.S. just builds this huge high-security complex or village right in the middle of the the Mojave Desert in the California. Then we relocate all convicted child molesters / pedophiles to this place and let them do whatever they want…to each other.

  • i imagine that she did feel partially responsible and that is why she eventually came forward and testified. molesters prey on people whom they believe will not be strong enough to stop them. obviously at the point when she was abused terri wasn’t strong enough or didn’t trust that anyone would believe her. neither did the girl who killed herself. hatcher did the right thing when she could.

    the only person who should ever bear any blame is the abuser.

  • Good riddance is right. Selfish bastard. I try not to hate anyone but anyone who would victimize an innocent child is lower than pond scum.

  • @ donnie: yeah and if fuckhead had kept his dick in his pants then none of this would have happened. that’s big of you to blame the woman he molested.

  • I want to venture an unpopular decision, I wish he had lived. To me, years stuck in a bed, writhing in pain, never able to sleep, stuck in a hell in his own mind. Alive, but in constant pain, hell on earth. What can I say, 31 years of nightmares, a tipped Uterus which almost killed me and my kids everytime I tried to have one (the last was too close, we quit with what we had), and the daily issues I still have from a bastard like him has skewered my perspective.

    Btw, even if she had told, it doesn’t mean anyone back then would have did anything to him.. Sometimes it’s just swept under the rug and the child is punished for trying to tell someone and have it stopped.

    I’m 38 for those of you trying to figure out, and the bastard is still loose, and there is nothing I can do about it

  • @ maddog and lorelei: i mean this absolutely sicerely, i wish you both nothing but peace and joy. i’m so sorry for what happened to you.
    blessings to you and your families!