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Did the American Women Redeem Themselves??

Were Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin able to reclaim gold from the Chinese in the women’s all-around???

Jump in to find out!!!


Nastia took home the gold, and Shawn took home the silver in the women’s all-around.


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  • I was so excited watching them compete. Omgz.

    And, earlier on, I watched Michael Phelps win the 6th gold medal on some Spanish station and they were no longer referring to us at the USA; rather, they referred to us as ‘Nacion Phelps’. I thought it was beautiful. :D

    Anywho, if I’m not born destined for Olympic glory in my next life, I’m gonna be pissed.

  • GO USA!
    It’s the first time it’s a gold-silver on the podium for USA in modern gymnastics and to achieve that against 12 years old China competitors, it’s even more amazing!
    Let’s hope we keep it up for the even finals!

  • Good for them! They win the gold and, finally, their periods!!! Jk, and good thing they actually LOOK 16, unlike Chinas team, in which no member looked a day over 12.

  • i hope the chinese government doesn’t hurt those little girls for failing to bring home another gold.

  • My 6 year old daughter is in gymnastics (not bigtime but she does love it), and it is soo great to see someone like Shawn Johnson do this and still have a life unlike those poor kids from China – at 12 and 13…errrr excuse me at 16 they would have been training 100% of their time towards this moment since age 3…that is 13 years of training no fun, no friends, no parties, no normal school….all for this moment.

  • No doubt their government will execute the losing girls and their families and harvest their organs for the open market.

  • GOOD THING we won that one. Seriously, we sucked in the other three gymnastics competitions. If we hadn’t won this time, the USA team should have just went home. I expected us to win them all.. with the announcers being all proud about how we’re gonna win everything. So much for that. What lies.

  • I hate feeling like a pedophile but I think Shawn Johnson is just so God damn adorable. She’s like the cutest little thing.

  • I remember watching Shawn Johnson at the championships and thinking what an amazing tumbler she was – one thing that the USA team do have over nearly everyone else is very good performance ability. I love our girls (the English ones) and even though they are (sometimes) technically on par, they just aren’t as good at performing – which is odd as our guys rule at that.

    Lol, earlier I heard an American commentator say that Nastia was a “pure-bred all-American girl” even she was born in Moscow. But I’m just nitpicking because I want to be on that team =P

  • Nastia was AMAZING. She was nailing all her landings. So fantastic.

    But, GOD, I am so living off coffee these two weeks. I’ve hardly been getting ANY sleep because of all this late coverage.

  • ^Me too. Watched these 2 at about 1:30 am, but it was well worth it. HELL YEAH LADIES, GO EFFIN GET ‘EM!! ARRRRGGHHHH!!!!
    And I love Mary Carillo’s half-hour shows. She’s like one of my biggest heroes.

  • Nastia Liukin is amazingly HOT!! If those ugly chinese whores (that, btw, looked like a gay version of Jet Li – yes, the breast size as well) had won I would’ve been pissed… God does Nastia blow my mind…

  • Damn. Our American chicks look freakin’ fat. THIGHS, THIGHS, THIGHS. Svetlana Khorkina was a lot hotter. No lying about that.

  • @jermaine:
    ‘those ugly chinese whores’ ??!! They’re about thirteen. They clearly work extremely hard and have dedicated their whole lives thus far to training and trying to improve their gymnastics so that they can compete in an event like this. Regardless of whether you want the USA to win or not, what kind of attitude is that to be taking against the opposition?! Even if they are too young to be competing, I can guarantee they had no say in the matter. They’re kids. Sort out your attitude.

  • The pretty one.. That got gold, well yeh, she ain’t got any American blood flowing through her veins.

  • Seus americanos burros, as chinesas têm vida sim, estudam e muito bem, são educadas e principalmente se divertem, têm namorados, etc…. O principal é que ganharam a medalha de ouro em time e as americanas não, provando que vocês são péssimos no coletivo. Os chineses estão BEM na frente no quadro de medalhas e logo estarão na frente de vocês na economia. Os atletas chineses que não ganharam medalhas não são assassinados, como vocês assinanaram e continuam assassinando os iraquianos. Mas para provar o quão burro vocês são eu desafio algum americado a traduzir o que acabei de escrever. O melhor é que vocês não conseguem ler o que escrevi mas eu consigo perfeitamente ler o que vocês escrevem.

  • Those girls did awsome they were focused on gold . It worded and they took 1st and 2nd place. amazing

  • i would love a threesome wiith them and them in their gymnastics outfit
    i foud fuck their tight pussys

  • Guys, seriously? Shawn is 16. It’s not cool to post that kind of stuff about her. At least Nastia is 18.

    Those Chinese whores? They’re underage, too (as some of you keep pointing out). It’s possible they aren’t 16, but that doesn’t change that they are beautiful gymnasts.

    The American team did us proud in the All-Around, but I don’t feel they needed to “redeem” themselves. Even without the mistakes in team finals (falls, out of bounds, wobbles), they still wouldn’t have beaten the Chinese team. The scoring system sucks ass, and the Chinese had more difficulty. They would’ve won anyway. They had about a three fall advantage and they only fell once.

  • Shawn Johnson is so cute! Her smile is adorable. It’s amazing that these kids can be under so much pressure representing their country at 16 years old.

  • I admire Shawn Johnson. She is just so talent and pretty. But seriously, you haters out there talking about the girls thats representing China is just totally unnecessary. They may be underage but some of their performance is unbelievable. Knowing that they are underage and knowing about the consequences when the people find out that they are 16 and younger, they still pulled of a good performance.

  • dr.ashad your seriously desperate. Even though i admire Shawn Johnson a lot. Go get a life please. -.-

  • Shawn Johnson and so is Nastia Liukin are great gymnasts but they should both be proud of what they have accompilished.