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Morgan Freeman Is Out of the Hospital

Hip hip hooray!

Morgan Freeman was released from a Memphis medical center after being treated for the injuries sustained during a car crash this weekend.

Mr. Freeman will have to wear a neck brace for six to eight months, according to attorney Bill Luckett, who added: “The doctors have said it will be six months to a year before he plays golf again. He hates that.”

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  • Ouch, that sucks. If the males in my family couldn’t play golf they’d all sit around being cranky. I feel badly for Freeman’s family for having to put up with him for the next half a year.

  • what family ‘asta’? since he got busted with his girlfriend, whose car they were in, he left his wife! his family won’t have to do shit except hire a good attorney and take his cash.

  • He always looked like a grimey old hoe-bag to me anyway. Trife! I cannot even think about what it would be like to just touch that moldy geezer (URGE TO UPCHUCK). His wife is lucky to be rid of that gross (probably diseased, old whores do = STDs you know) geriatric skank. May she thoroughly enjoy the rest of her life without this pruney half-wit joker (but with all his stacks, of course!).

  • censorthis, you got it all wrong. He has been separated from his wife from a while now.

    Someone has an angry chip on her shoulder.

  • Yaaay! I love his acting. I kept getting nervous when my newspaper reported (twice!) that he was in serious/still in serious condition..