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The Fastest Way to a Man’s Heart Is Through a Late-Night Car Wreck with Your Drunken Co-Star

Remember Isabel Lucas? She’s the young woman who was with Shia LaBeouf when he got into his now-infamous DUI car wreck. She’s also Adrian Grenier’s girlfriend. But, as it turns out, she wasn’t his only girlfriend … until now?

It turns out Adrian and Isabel weren’t totally exclusive. Adrian had been seeing model Melissa Keller on the side, and, on the night of the accident, he was with Melissa at her 30th birthday party in Echo Park.

“It was a really small group, he was chatting with her parents, who love him,” says a source. “They were dancing all night and were so cute.”

However, since Isabel’s accident, apparently Adrian’s forgotten all about Melissa and has been spending all his time with Isabel. Sources say the couple has been joined at the hip since then. “Isabel was shaken up pretty badly,” says a source. “He’s been so protective of her.”


Happy birthday, Melissa Keller!

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  • > Happy birthday, Melissa Keller!

    Her sister Helen was at the party but didn’t see or hear anything out of the ordinary.

  • “Let’s see, which one should I concentrate on, a 23 year old or a 30 year old. Decisions, decisions.”

  • Surprised Beet isn’t covering the story about Lindsay Lohan getting married to Sam the Man errr I mean gorilla.

    I guess Beet is sleeping right now since she only works the night shift it seems.

  • Maybe there aren’t any valid sources.

    In other news perez JUST posted the SJP sex toy that beet posted months ago

  • God, that guy is so crap! It’s amazing he can get a date, let alone two hot women. In this pic he looks like he was dressed by Ernie and Bert and she looks like she was dressed by Samantha Ronson and Misha Barton – in the dark!

  • @DP:

    Lol at your first comment, and, to the second, I heard those rumors days ago, and chose not to cover them because they’re not true.

  • Glad someone finally got my first post.

    As for rumors not being true, does it really matter? Most of the stuff we read about on celeb sites and even in the regular news is wrong most of the time.

  • ~~~Cute couple. They appear to be happy. But I saw his personal ID on wealthy men personals site “””””””””C e l e b C u p i d.c o m”””””””””” yesterday. What is he looking for on that site? Looking for sugarbabe?

  • Adrian Grenier has been back and forth with Melissa Keller for years- I think she is just a FWB. Adrian has also been linked to an older women, who is an artist, back in NYC. I don’t think he is looking to settle down with a woman or a man right now, but is still very much a free spirit. Isabel supposedly is still talking with her ex, so she’s not so exclusive either. If these guys were not celebs, you wouldn’t care of they were exclusive or not. Just a thought.