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Lance Armstrong Dumped Kate Hudson Because She Was Too Desperate

The Chicago Sun-Times — which broke the news of Kate and Lance’s split — is now reporting that Lance dumped Kate because she was too clingy and needy.

Seems the Tour de France champ and cancer survival poster boy was feeling a bit ”smothered” by the actress. According to an Armstrong associate at his Livestrong charity foundation, the sports hero felt Hudson was ”just too needy,” and was coming on ”too strong, too fast … sensing Kate was way too desperate, a woman who clearly can’t be on her own without a man in her life at all times.”

One thing Armstrong reportedly liked about ex-girlfriend Sheryl Crow — and one reason that relationship lasted as long as it did — was that ”Sheryl’s one very independent woman. … Lance liked that,” said the source.

And what did Kate do after the split?

She ran back to her ex-boyfriend!

Take a year and figure out who the hell YOU are, Kate!

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  • Lance really is an upstanding guy. After she stood by him while he went through cancer, he dumps Sheryl, only to positively compare her to a new girl later on. Good job, Lance.

  • uhm, it was Sheryl who had the cancer scare while they were dating. He dumped his wife, who stood by him through his cancer, before taking up with Ms Crowe.

  • I love the unintended irony of the signs in the background between them: You go “One Way”, I’ll go the other “One Way”.

  • I now she is a bit of an arse but I don’t believe that for a second and I agree he is a fucking pig!

  • Lance is a tool. He’s always looking for the next best thing. I don’t doubt for a second that he got board with her, saw a piece of ass that intrigued him and dumped Kate. Of course he is going to blame her, he’s a narcissistic douche bag.

  • LANCE IS SO UGLY! AND LANCE IS THE STUPIDEST NAME ON THE PLANET!! (sorry for any of you lances out there, don’t be offended…) but seriously, i agree! WHAT a tool to say that-about any public relationship. you’re not all that, lance armstrong. i hope you die of a brain hemmorage—crap like that happens to even the healthiest among us!!!

  • Please check your facts. Kristen met Armstrong AFTER his cancer treatment. She was not there during. Also, Kristen and Armstrong separated in early 2003. Got back together in July 2003, only to separate for good in the early Fall of 2003. Armstrong met Crowe in late Oct 2003.
    Armstrong and Crowe split the first week of Feb 2006. Crowe was diagnosed with breast cancer on Feb 22, 2006.
    Armstrong did not leave his wife for Crowe and he did not leave Crowe while she was battling cancer.
    Just wanted to share the facts.