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Miley Cyrus Is Obviously Not Okay with Selena Gomes Dating Nick Jonas

Here’s the newly unearthed footage of Miley & Mandy making fun of Selena Gomes and Demi Lovato. In case you hadn’t heard, Selena’s getting hot and heavy with Miley’s ex, Nick Jonas, and she’s poised to be the Next Big Thing. Clearly Miley’s a little bit jealous.

And here’s the audio of Miley being totally genuine when she says that she’s “super sorry” if she offended either of the girls.

Oooh, I’m so excited about this!

Long-term, deep-seated resentments among these girls bodes sooo well for the future of gossip.

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  • First off, this is a really old video so I’m gonna give the whole “Miley and Manders” the benefit of the doubt in terms of being jealous over the Jonas Boy in question. BUT I still think that Miley is being a douche bag and being spiteful. Either way Miley and Mandy look HELLA high in their video, like overall jackasses. Eh…

  • yeah, I like Miley and whoever that girl is more than Selena and whomever, they’re really annoying.
    I think I might love Miley a little. They do look high haha

  • That is the first time I’ve ever liked Miley. Why is this? What is wrong with me? Oh, I know.
    Because that video reminds me a lot of how my friends and I used to (and possibly still do) act. Yeah, it’s jealousy and all that silly crap, but if it makes me laugh…
    I’ve been completely against the Miley love since day one, but now?

  • I’d make fun of their video too. I probably wouldn’t make a mocking video of it, but I’d still mock it to other people in conversation.

  • WOW this is so old WAYYY before selena and nick.U really shuld get ur stories straight before u just steal wat perez writes and post it up. just a thought!

  • miley cyrus is annoying, not to mention fugly. she’s obviously jealous because the other two are supposed to be the next big thing from disney and they’re prettier than her.

  • miley & mandy were actually pretty hilarious in this
    admit it
    selena and demis vid was shit

  • Miley’s BFF, Mandy is 21 years old! Completely unacceptable. If you factor her out of it, it’s teens being teens but she’s an adult. What parent would allow this? Those pictures of Mandy in lingerie would be no big deal if not for the fact that she’s admired by millions of tweens and obviously also by Miley.

  • Amanda why don’t u leave ur Perez attitude w/ P. The post’s here r actually interesting&fun 2 read not foul.

  • I now officially love Miley Cyrus.

    I hate stupid smug fug Selena Gomez anyway, and Demi Lovato looks like (and acts like) Anne Hathaway. They’re so full of themselves.

  • Its not an attitude jas im just trying to let everyone know the facts!!!!!!! and this was SOOOOOO SOOOO old and she just posts it rite after perez..

  • wowwwwwww sooooo old first off there not dating nick even confirmed it second this is about three months old and if you watch the real video of miley and mandy it says at the end check out our friends sooooo you got the whole fuckin story wrong bitch there friends in real life give them a damn break oh and stop trying to be perez unless your gonna start looking like him and get some real
    fuckin stories that aren’t old and make them your own perez copier

  • SERIOUSLY. Miley is really annoying. I’ve never liked her, and I will continue to hate her. What’s to like?

  • whats not to like? I don’t find anything wrong w her and its not gomes its gomez sooo you don’t even kno her last name so don’t even write about her if you don’t even noe her last name stupid fckin bitch

  • HAHAHAH!!! gawd, that billy ray cyrus ejaculates gold! his spawn just keep gettin better n better! n what the fuck is demi talkin abut when she means ” back in the day” ? shes like fourteen, what is she referring to, her time in utero?that said, gotsa admit im gona start doing my eye makeup like that.

  • yeah the person below me is right this is a reallllly old video way before the whole selena and nick thing

  • interesting cause you can see why miley n mandy did the video… theyve got their youtube channel n then their “rivals” come along and start to do the same thing, so it makes sense that they responded with a parody to put them down without overtly dissing them. doesnt excuse the behavior, its still mean, but its not that bad.

    the one chick on the right (i dunno if it was selena or demi) actually sounds rather intelligent… it might have just been the way she talks, but she sounds like a normal, decently mature teenager, esp compared to miley n mandy…

  • And dont you try to correct my grammar…
    in a funny/desperate way to get back at me!!!
    I know that I might have erros but Im still learning… English 4 me is 2nd language. So there ur move!! lol

  • i hate that little hoebag.

    shes makes me really mad.
    shes thinks shes a lot but shes not.

  • hey Evil Beet,
    what happened to my other comment before 3:13 pm??,,
    I put a lot of effort on that one.. I want it posted lol…


  • These are really old, and also they actually like are friends. People on youtube just like bitched them out so they were like clearly you didn’t get that it was a joke.

  • Yea oh also it was supposedly because people were saying miley and mandy COPIED demi and selenas show, so they wanted to like directly copy it to make fun of them

  • I think miley is being a total B*tch just because Nick chose Selena over her. Which is soooo good cuz selena is waaay better than miley will ever be.
    Good choice Nick!! =]]

  • ok she is sooo jealous that her ex boyfriend has finally moved on. and um miley, no one believes that you were ” just having fun” thats a bad excuse to start with.

  • lyndsey and amanda, you both need to shut your ugly faces. Perez is nothing but a trashy, sleezy, white trash wanna-be celebrity. (so it’s only fitting you’d like him)

    Second of all, there is only so much gossip to go around.

    So go read his awful, pussy excuse for a blog, and leave this actually fun to read gossip site alone.

    I actually think selena is a really good person. Miley and mandy are just indescent trashy idiots.

  • heyyy sup everyone anyways miley looks way better wit nick den selena bitch i hate her she is sooo gay but demi lovato is okay like who does she think she is heyyyy…miley sup anyways u look goooddd… wit nick jonas sooo yeah im juist supporting my girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bye!!!!!!lots of love from NAVI !!!!!

  • hillary y dont u grow up u cant even see r faces you weirdo you are so stupid u dont even know what i look like so tht doesnt hurt,like at all

  • I need to grow up? You need serious mental help, because it’s quite evident that you are delusional. Seriously, look at what you just wrote! You obviously haven’t even completed second grade, because your spelling, and punctuation SUCK. Go learn how to speak English, and then you can come back and make another pathetic attempt at insulting me.

  • Okay let’s get things fuckin straight this video sooooooooooo old zoo why would perez and beet post it at the same time if its just old news miley is a great role model for everyone period and yea she makes mistakes who doesn’t it all just makes us and learn from it selene and nick are not dating get it throgh your fuckin fat heads!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys are just starting stuff so it could be a story and guess what its not miley has everything in the world and your just jealous cas she has more money than u so just stfu and get your facts straight b4 u talk!!!!!!!!$$$!

  • Does anyone else think it is weird how she talks about the other girls being funny like they are trying a new and original thing?
    Also that’s such a bullshit apology, as the first video is malicious as all get out.

  • Ok Ok,, this video indeed is old,, kay!!?
    I know this ’cause of my 13 year old sister,,
    not because I went 2 YouTube and I looked it up.

    And to those defending PH about who posted what and when..
    you should get ur Facts straight,
    and know that he goes to other pages and copy/pastes
    some of their info, not all the time of course,
    But even his readers have come to noticed this,
    I cant remeber a few examples but here is a recent one:

  • and dont try to make fun of the way I write
    in a sad/desperate/pathetic way to make fun of me.
    Thats getting 2 old if you ask me.
    I know that that I make mistakes, but unlike others
    English is my 2nd language (and yes I am Legal).

  • Thank god I was a teenager in the 80’s and 90’s. All the sh*t talking was done behind the persons back-like you do, not on film for a permanent reminder of how petty and insecure we were at that time.
    PS totally insincere apology, you know Achy Breaky Heart made her throw the Elvis quote in there

  • ugh miley is just being a jealous b*tch! Her and nick’s relationship is a thing of the past and she just needs to get over it and move on. (then again, she may have already moved on since the video’s a few months old.) but seriously, it’s just plain rude to just bash someone the way they did.

  • On second thought, I may be a little biased since demi and selena are from the same area as I am, and so naturally I would support them.

  • yup, she did say palace. The palace is probably the set of her new movie. I think it’s called princess protection program…?

  • Haha, I love her love her lover her. I think every post about her I will express my love of how bitchy this girl is, and I really hope, not in a damned way, that she turns out to be one of Hollywoods bad girls, like Lilo or something and maybe starts doing drugs with one of em.
    It just goes to show that she’s a real peron.
    I must say though, that Selena Gomez is a lot more cute than her and I am quite surprised that my 9 year old neighbor disagrees with me.

  • miley is just jelous and selena is prettier than her so i see a reason for he rto be jealous

  • Yup, bitchy teenage girls, its normal, but these hos are mega famous so its kinda fun to watch

  • okay miley is turning out to be a bitch!!! that was so mean about what she said about selena gomez but it was kinda awesome at the same time.

  • but..she was saying it as in a place she went..i mean she said went to a rainforest and a palace in PR..? i pretty damn sure there is no palace in pr

  • nick finally got some common sense senlena is hot omg omg omg omg.selena i love you.miley you are joust hot,but senlena is in her own way.i hav e to take a bath$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • hello everyone I am in no way shape or form, not OK with Selena dating nick. A mater of fact they are not dating. i have recently talk to Selena and we were laughing about the whole thing. and Mandy as always said “I’m super sorry! if i offended you” a 100 times.

    • heyya are you the real miley cyrus or wat i think your not coz miley wouldn’t go on this website and join in if it says this “Miley Cyrus Is Obviously Not Okay with Selena Gomes Dating Nick Jonas”e would she thank you byebye x


    • heeyya i luv miley and selena but i dont think selena has done anythng wrong and miley is just a little jeoulous there both gd singers but it not whoes the bst singer or whooes the prettiest its about there personality so who ever comments about there looks and singing there just jeoulous

      thanks for

    • i love miley and i hope she is ok with it if they are dating, as she does seem to be spending much time wih justin gaston.. but i thought nick and milye made a really good couple but thats up to them what they want to do i guess anywayss loveeee youuu miley your the best.Oxx

  • i dont like miley, who cares whos dating who, or watever pople shouldnt mak fun of each ther for any reason (unles its eally good) evn if theyappoligize it dosnt make it rite, josey out

  • y dont everyone but out of miley n selena n nicks life its who they are let them b then so juss but out

  • n miley is funny doe she is cool n i have nothyin agenist miley,nick,or selena they are all cool people but miley can b mean but she is funny

    • miley i am sure that i am going to go to your conser because i am your biggest fan in the world and i know that all the girls and boys say that 2 but i really meanit


  • Mili es henial pero selena es mejor amoa selena porque Mily se desnudo quiero ser nobio de selena luego ser su es poso cuando yevemos 1 año de ser nobios le dire si se quiere casar con migo

  • Ok, first off you people need to think before you start going around talking things about people that you think is not true. These videos are really old. Miley and her friend Mandy posted these videos way before Selena and Nick started dating. I think Miley posted these videos of her and her friend making fun of Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez because she was jealous because Cody Linley was going out with Demi Lovato at that time. So you people need to think before you say something about people that is not true. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!!!!!!!!

  • It’s kind of annoying that everybody think that selena is a better singer than Miley, I bet Selena will be out when people relize that Hannah Montana is better than Wizards of waverly place. Of cource Selena is a little better actur than Miley, But Miley is WAAAAAAY better singer than Selena, eveybod gotta admitt that, even you Miley haters out there. And i prefer Emily more than Mady, she is 21 !!

  • miley need toget over it have you seen youtube she kiss a guy when she was dating nick jonas. she is a slut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nowonder nick brock up with her.

  • miley need toget over it have you seen youtube she kiss a guy when she was dating nick jonas. she is a slut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nowonder nick brock up with her.

  • miley need toget over it have you seen youtube she kiss a guy when she was dating nick jonas. she is a slut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nowonder nick brock up with her. i do like alittle bit of her songs.she already did her first sex video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i think both of them are great.sooooooooooooooooooooooooo if u r talking shit about them. i say that u should SHUT UP.k

  • i think that miley is just being diff becaus of nick and me and my classmates say that selena was the stupid one, and thats y we all dont watch the show wizards of waverly place anymore and selenas charakter in there is soooooooo her………………

  • I think miley is a great person and selena is so bad 4 nick i always thout that miley and nick will always be together i was wrong and this is what i want to say to selena she is a bitch an ass whole and she is stupid like nick but if he wants this to go on than he sucks.

  • No Lauren this video was posted in March, a month or 2 after rumors about Nick and Selena started. Miley and Nick look soo much better together than Selena and Nick. She is a rebound girl so much it’s not even funny,well now there are rumors that they broke up and I hope it’s true!

  • i luv miley and selena,its not selena’s volt it just happens sometimes people can get jeolous,but no-one likes rummers about them selves do they so why do other people make rummers coz there jeolous and its not whoose pretter or who sings better its about there personality and there feelings and who thinks its about the looks and sound there just jeolous that there not like tht and i wouldn’t get into peoples buisness coz there will be more dramer (trouble) for you

    so thank byex

  • I dont dislike anybody.I love Miley,Selena,Demi.I would say I love Mandy,but i dont know her very well.Demi and Selena and Miley and Mandy shows are funny.But whatevr reason why Nick broke up with Miley is for a good reason.I dont know what reason it is,butI know he did it for a good reason.If Nick want to go out with Selena,who going to stop him.None of you guys.Miley can say whatevr she wants,but who going to stop him.It his life.I clearly think he should go out with Selena or just be good friends.So im not trying to starts mezz,but this my opinion.

  • i dont think Mileys telling the truth,or if that is Miley. I think Miley is just lying to everybody just so she makes sure everyone believes her! well i dont!

  • heyy gys omg miley i love you sooo much and i kind of like selena aswell but miley i just fink if you r jelus then just dont say nothink at all because you just get disliked as you can see :( but i still love you no matter wat i think you r amazing and who cares wat enny one els says hey :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx jade xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • selena is stupid for dating Nic after u and after thinking she was ur friend though i saw the message of say that u talked to selena and u started to laugh so thats REALLY ok!!!!

  • I think that u should just foget about him if u can or just talk to him and sort stuff. And my saying i dont like u in black hair.If ur sad write about it then let it go in the wind.My opoin!!!!!! LOVE U MILEY ALOT AND MY FRIENDS DO TOO!!!!!!!!

  • maily es lo mejor

    , y selena una porqueria
    .osea tener como novio a nick jonas y dejarlo ir esta loca

  • i think there so funny im not tryin to sound rude or anythin but miley an mandy r so funny and selena an demi r cool

  • i think that miley is still in love with nick, what can you say for her it was her first love when you read her book us will understand. miley is so much nicer than selina even in looks. i think yous have got i all wrong nick could do so much better !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • selena it is better actres than miley but not nly that she is also a better singer tan that ugly slutty hoe

  • i dont know why there is a fight between selena and miley, everyone knows that selena its better, if they dont want to admitit its another thing.

  • miley stop hating on selena ,its not her fault that shes better than you.but i know how can you look better put a picture of selena on your face.and hear your self how you sing before making another cd

  • miley dont be a to face you just apologizes to make your self look better and to make people think that you didnt mean it. stupid hoe showing your bra in a video.

  • first nick was dating miley than selena gomez(by the way selena is so pretty) anyways nick went from bad to a million of times good

  • miley is a prostitude , she says that nick was her first love but is not true.everyone knows that first love its someone you really love and its obviously that miley didnt love him as much as she says because if she did she wouldnt kiss someone else when she was dating nick

  • i know miley when she use to go to school with me and she use to flirt whit guys and nick jonas was not her first love before hin there were some other guys

  • miley stop acting like a bitch u now selena is better then u thats y u talk shit about her

  • all of you have problems get over it miley and selena are equal but miley is normal and selena isnt she is just a bitch like me and you HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

  • I like both of them. Honestly I know that’s all promotion but when u see stuff like that it makes u think different about the person, I loooooove selena gomez, and also Demi, I hope they get far in life, I love Selenas style better, but I also like Miley people don’t let this little things get u mad there’s more inpirtant things in life than getting mad, the world is bad as it is, too much hate. Just enjoy the shows & that’s it

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  • miley ttttttte adoro eres muy linda
    soy fan numero 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 mua mua besos

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