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How’d Ya’ll Like The Dark Knight?

Holy freakin’ hell, the Batman sequel brought in $66.4M on Friday, its opening day.

This film is on track to make damn close to $200M in the U.S. this weekend.

Talk about kicking some Aquaman ass!

Did you guys see it?

What’s the verdict?

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  • I thoroughly enjoyed it. Was not bored for a second.

    “I’m going to make this pencil disappear.”

  • I watched the first screening of the movie.

    Unfortunately, I was rather disappointed and believe the movie is clearly overrated.

    Heath is good as the Joker but doesn’t deserve a nomination.

    All this hype surrounds his death. The movie isn’t all that great.

  • i second megan’s statement. this movie was amazing and it worries me when people are unable to accept its awesomeness. heath was by far the best actor in this film and he better get some damn awards for his breathrough performance as the joker. he was funny, witty, sadistic, pitiful, lovable, and charming all in a little over than 2 hours. and to the people who think this movie is too long.. it felt like it was only 20 minutes. i was on the edge of my seat the entire time and was constantly in anticipation of the next scene. la-ha-ved this movie.

  • Lisa’s a worthless sack – just loves to have the opposite opinion.

    I pose a scenario: if Heath Ledger hadn’t died, if the Joker-actor’s identity had been kept secret from the public, would ANYONE have guessed it was him? I would’ve had a tough time. Honestly you have to remind yourself it’s him.

    What a way to go out…..

  • Ok, yes, if Heath hadn’t died, he probably wouldn’t be receiving a nomination.

    But that’s neither here nor there.

    The movie was great. I loved it. It was clever, exciting and modern without losing the tone of the Batman comics.

    Plus Christian Bale looked really good in the Batman costume.
    You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

  • Far out Christian Bale was sex on legs
    so was Harvey Dent (L)
    i spent most of the movie drooling

    i also second what megan said, Heath was amazing.
    he did an extraudinary job getting into character, not once did I doubt his performance
    I’m going for my fellow Aussie, I hope he gets all kinds of praise

  • I LOVED the movie. I remember when I first heard Heath Ledger was cast as the joker I was already preparing myself for the worst. Oh my goodness…after seeing this movie I was devastated he passed away!! He is the best joker so far. I was in love with the character…if thats possible. And I too had to remind myself that it was Heath Ledger. I so wish he was still alive so in the future Harley could be introduced!!!

  • i LOVE LOVE LOVED IT! even though the price of tickets to go to the movies are getting more and more expensive, i would want to see it again!!

  • i soo can’t wait to see it.

    but Beet! y’all is spelled just like that: Y’ALL. the apostrophe goes after the y, not the a. i know this because i am from texas. i’ll forgive you since you live in seattle. but please, don’t let this happen again.

    other than that minor error, i love your blog, so i’m not hating, i promise.

  • Lisa you probably just didn’t understand the movie.

    And nothing on Heath Ledger, but even if he hadn’t have died, this movie still would have rocked my world. It captured my attention for the whole 2.5 hours!! and that is a feat in itself.

    It was a very fast paced and intricate movie. Lisa, maybe you need to see it again. Then you might understand it. Or maybe you weren’t mature enough to understand the concepts.

  • This was the best movie I’ve seen in years. Honestly. Heath Ledger was amazing, and everyline was perfectly deliveryed giving fanboys everywhere new quotes to use over. Aaron Eckheart was a huge surprise in how well he did. I really liked the way he did the character and it was incred. Maggie Gyllenhal was much better than Katie Holmes in the role. And Christian Bale was strong as ever, and also ridiculously hot. All other characters, Michael Cane, Eric Roberts, Morgan Freeman, were amazing as usual. Clearly written by a genius, my jaw dropped at the opening scene and stayed open throughout the movie. Granted it was a little dry by the end but totally worth it. 11/10

  • lol on the aquaman comment, evilbeet (love entourage). The movie definitely kicks ass. Worth watchin on the big screen.

  • Aquaman was definitely the better movie. I waited in line for 19 hours and it was totally worth it. James Cameron kicked ass.

  • great movie. tremendous performance by ledger, but the dude who played harvey dent may have outshined him. ledger’s death heightens his performance and he did totally inhabit the role.

    the movie was a little long – probably about 40 minutes too long. they totally set it up for batman and the joker to duel for years to come. too bad ledger died.

  • heath ledger. heath ledger. heath ledger! ugh! so a mediocre actor up and dies and we try to mold him into this generation’s james dean. it ain’t gonna work. he won’t be on posters and t shirts 30 years from now. sorry, folks. they don’t celebrate you for being average generations later unless you were beautiful to look at (like marilyn).


  • I LOVeddddddddddddddddd the movie. Heath Ledger was great as the joker. LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED IT!

  • This movie was absolutely amazing, and it’s funny/sad that it took a superhero movie to portray all the horror in human nature and civilization. I left the theater both in awe and disturbed, and I wrote down like, four pages of thoughts and reflections before I could get to sleep.

    I think I was freaked out most by the fact that a lot of what the Joker said was true and legitimate. And sad that the majority of film watchers won’t pick that up.

    Nolan is a genius. And yea, Aaron Eckhardt did a damn fine job too, but in terms of acting, it’s Heath’s movie.

  • The problem here is really simple. People think ‘Oh, it’s only that good because Heath died.’ And I admit, I thought at first it might turn out that way. But it truely isn’t. It’s the best Batman flick, and flick I’ve seen in a long time. In my humble oppinion, the reason some people deny Heath of his nomination or the movie of it’s sucsess is because they want to appear intellegent. In the same way people deny Harry Potter is good because of it’s hype. They’ll always be types that that, I guess.

  • > I wrote down like, four pages of thoughts and reflections before I could get to sleep.

    Did you keep your sandals on you dirty tree hugging hippy?

  • Heath must get an oscar. I mean, he’s the greatest actor who has ever live. Now he’s dead, that is.

  • I just saw it tonight. Heath plays the joker really well, compared to this other work, you totally forget it’s really him. Although I was bit annoyed in the end with “batmans” voice. It sounds like he’s a smoker. Still top notch movie for sure.

  • Heath Ledger rocked that shit!!!Outstanding movie, could not have been more pleased. Such a shame that such a talented and beautiful man is no longer with us.

  • Thanks for your comments everyone =)

    I just thought we are all entitled to an opinion but I was clearly wrong judging all the comments against me!

    I’m glad you all enjoyed the movie. Wish I did!

  • Heath was great in the role, but overall the movie was a bit of a let down. Especially the part surrounding 2 Face. Bummer. I agree that it’s been way over-hyped due to Heath’s untimely death.

  • Hype or no hype, Heath wore those scars and that cotton mouth so creepily I might have nightmares. I can’t think of anyone that more transformed into a role. The movie was psychologically thrilling and everything I could want in an action flick.

  • I enjoyed all the comments and can’t wait to see this flick… too bad the blogger had no access to a print. Shouldn’t you be on list or something Beet? If you are going to hype something shouldn’t they at least let you download a copy of it so you could see it and write something about it? You seem so far away from the Hollywood in your pages.

  • I think Maggie Gyllenhaal said it best of Heath Ledger’s performance, he was “totally free” ….. His performance was haunting. The only dissapointment was the sinking reality that Ledger will not, in fact, be in any future Dark Knight films. And I really don’t know who could take his place.

    My only critique of the film en general: Too much special effect. It might have been grittier, like Heath’s genius performance, and more like the graphic novel– you know, hand-held camera, Bruce Wayne meets Bukowski, a sex scene would have been fabulous. Maggie is undeniably HOT.

    Okay, that’s my “two-faced” review.


  • I have seen a lot of movies lately, and it takes a lot for me to leave the theater feeling like i could have spent my 10 bucks differently. I thought this movie was WONDERFUL. It was so interesting and not too comic book dorky. It was more like a psychological thriller which I loved. Go see it! Truly an all time great. Heath WILL be getting awards for this. He will clean up, theres no doubt.

    And Lisa. I think you went to the movie expecting that it would be overrated, instead of giving it a fair chance.

    Don’t be a biznatch.

  • Really looking forward to seeing it at the cinema tomorrow for the first showing! I think heath ledger is an AMAZING actor anyway. so i am sure he will put on a great performance for this movie. Glad so many of you enjoyed it. So bad that he died no one could ever replace him. Lets hope he gets the award because lets face it we will never see him in anything else again and thats wierd to think :0