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Claire Danes is One Skinny Bitch

Damn, I never knew how skinny Claire Danes was until I came across this recent shot of her on vacation.

Somebody needs a cookie!

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  • oh wow, that’s frightening. This picture, along with all those of Sienna, have DEFINITELY been making me feel a heck of a lot better about how I look. Jeez. As the “saying” goes, someone get this girl a sandwich!

  • Wow… I always thought Clair Danes was stunning but this is…wow. Not only does she look unhealthy but she also has absolutely no breasts.

  • her top is streched so tightly you can almost see it snapping off, exposing her bare boyish chest

  • wow ok. at least she has some form of meat on her bones and muscle mass. It’s not like she looks anorexic. So some of her ribs are showing. wow. big deal. unfortunately the vast majority of america is use to seeing bigger woman and are cracking down on being slender and calling it too thin or anorexic. It’s sad that no one can be happy with their own bodies and have to put down on someone else’s. it’s also sad how people say she looks like a man because she has no breasts. not ALL woman have to have perfect perky sized C cups and a nice round ass to be a “woman”. if she has a uterus she’s a woman.

    • Not all women have to have perfect hourglass figures. Just because she isn’t plus sized, like many people on this planet have become, doesn’t mean she has something wrong with her. I think she looks beautiful in this picture. And another thing, people have gotten used to seeing FAKE plastic-packed breasts. Take those away and you’ve got many more women on the planet that have chests like this. It’s just natural. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

  • She’s not that skinny, geez. Imagine her w/o the top and wearing long board shorts and she has the body of about 90% normal guys on the beach. Just because you have estrogen pumping through your blood doesn’t mean you have to be a jiggly tub of lard walking around w/ fat legs, butt and stomach.

  • her body looks boyish, there is no doubt about that…whether that is a good or bad thing depends on the person. her torso is freakishly long though & she isnt even that tall.

  • ^dude, aren’t you gay? Shouldn’t you be appreciating a boyish body? I thought flat chests are what turn you on!?

  • is it just me or does the photo look really altered in the arms and torso?? .. and the way the suit bottoms are sitting on her right hip just looks odd… looks altered/fake to me

  • Seriously, Beet. That looks photoshopped. The ribs end too high up, and most people’s hands reach mid-thigh. Are you positive this isn’t altered?

  • @mercedez. . . if a guy had a chest like that i would be just as grossed out, i like some definition, some meat on those bones!

  • Yes, Bee Hind and bow chicka–that photo definitely looks altered. It’s pretty easy to stretch a photo, and her torso looks unnaturally long. Her wrists look a little stretched out, too.

  • Oh, you mean like the ribs? I so rarely see a guy WITHOUT them! mAYBE i JUST HANG OUT W/ A BUNCH OF SKINNY BUTTS :)

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  • this pic makes me love the fact that i sit in the dark enjoying a beer and eating a frozen twinkie

  • I don’t think she looks incredibly bad, just quietly…..

    You wouldn’t say she is terribly thin….

  • omg i completely agree with what quirkygirlkitten said. i never realized how long kk’s torso was until i watched atonement and now this girl..

  • She looks fine, the other photos from the same shots look great, in those you can tell she has an ass and actually eats, this is just a weird distorted picture. I think she has a fantastic body.

  • i think she looks hot and i’d like ten minutes alone with her to show her a good time. who am i kidding? i only need about 40 seconds.

  • I don’t know if the photo is altered or not, but I am 5’9″ and have an exceptionally long torso, and my hands hang at around that spot too. Of course, she’s 5’5″ so I don’t know if that changes anything…

    But amb is right, the other photos of her (like on The Blemish) look normal and look more like she’s seriously fit. Girl’s just very small chested.

  • I’m really hoping she needed to change her body for a movie role she’s doing. Fingers Crossed.

  • Oh Angela! That suit is awful! I wonder if Jordan likes a bit more meatz on his ladeez?

    (GAWD ANGELA AND JORDAN, who didnt love brainless Jordan, who didnt wanna make out with him in the boiler room?)

  • I don’t think she looks god-awful skinny either. I feel kind of sorry for her though–her torso is as long or longer than her legs are.

  • Her torso looks unnaturally long – and I think it might be. Looks like the photo could have been altered. Regardless, she still looks pretty frightening.

  • Does this image not looked stretched? Her crotch to shoulder length is like twice as long as her legs…I know this chick is skinny but this image looks really distorted to me.

  • This is really petty and malicious, and the biggest problem by far in this country is obesity.

  • im not saying she isnt a beautiful girl, she is but it definitely looks like she has lost a lot of weight that probably wasn’t so necessary and in my opinion, she looked sexier and healthier before.

  • She looks weird, the photo looks photoshoped to make she look her silhouette to be as straight as possible…