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Dave Chappelle Disappoints Real World Congressional Candidate

Oh, there are just so many elements to this story, and all I want to do is take a nap.

But remember Kevin Powell from Season One of The Real World?

He’s running for Congress in New York. Yes, it’s true.

So he had a big fundraiser scheduled for Wednesday night at a Manhattan club, and Dave Chappelle was scheduled to show up to perform. Guess who never showed up? Yeah.

Earlier, Powell had urged the crowd to bear with him, suggesting that the comedian was “on his way.” But as the 700 campaign contributors grew restless and the vast press contingent started asking questions, Powell made his admission that Chappelle actually would not be appearing. He blamed travel mix-ups.

“We were on the phones non-stop with Dave’s management to get him here,” said a contrite Powell, 42, who promised that campaign donors would get into his next celebrity event for free.

Powell also claimed that comedian Chris Rock was actually backstage to show his support for the underdog’s hip-hop-themed campaign , but Rock never took the stage — “out of respect [for] other comedians,” Powell said.

Does Dave Chappelle ever show up for anything these days?

The photo’s of candidate Powell and Chris Rock, who apparently did show up, at the event.

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  • Ugh. Sorry. I write like a billion of these things a day. Sometimes mistakes creep in. But I’m grateful I have readers who are smart enough to point them out, rather than leaving “FIRST!!!111!!” in the comments.

  • Oh wait! No! That wasn’t a mistake. It was short for “photo is.” Like, “The photo is of …” Phew. I’m off the hook. :)

  • no talking shit about dave chappelle, that man is funny enough that he has a pass for the rest of his life. the 4 minute “grape drink” alone has earned him that.

  • I’m going to see Chris Rock perform next week, motherfuckers!!!!!!!!

    My God, I’m so excited for that.

  • But you said “the photo’s of candidate Powell and Christ Rock” but the photo you seem to be referring to is with Dave Chappelle… That’s why it seemed it should have been a pluralized “photos” because you might have been saying there were photos evidencing Chris Rock was actually there.

    confused :/

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  • @anonymous 7:41

    Holy Frijoles! CHRIST Rock was there??? That Chris Rock guy is a funny bastard for sure, but Christ Rock! Man, that guy could make Dick Cheney laugh -without boobs or shooting anyone!

    Just having fun with ya, anonymous. ;-)

    Btw, I saw Chris Rock getting Chinese take-out from my (ex)regular take-out place a while back. I was the only person in there, waiting for my food, looking at the Chinese language magazines and pretending to be engrossed, to give him some space by ignoring him while he picked up the food, so he could just be a normal person getting dinner. But NO, the lady at the counter wasn’t going to let that happen.

    She kept taking to him louder and louder, “Oh, that you wife in the caw? Oh, she have baby out theah? Oh, so nice! You enjoy food, YOU COME BACK SOON. HELLO, (waving hysterically at the poor wife in the car outside), HELLO! YOU HAVE PRETTY BABY!!! YOU COME BACK!!”

    I looked up a little as he walked out, and he avoided eye contact with me, but from his body language it was clear that he was mortified. He couldn’t get out of there fast enough. I felt so bad for him. The owner was practically yelling at me, “You see! That Chris Rock!! You see?!! He come here all the time!” And I just thought, oh my god, if he puts up with this every time just to get Chinese food (good Chinese food though), it must be this bad everywhere he goes. Fame must be a living hell. Be careful what you wish for.