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A New Man for Chloe?

Eh, maybe, maybe not.

Chloe Sevigny showed up on the red carpet for the LA premiere of Generation Kill holding hands with actor James Ransone.

A budding romance?

Or a dumb publicity stunt?

Regardless, Chloe looks slightly less than totally ridiculous in whatever she’s wearing, and I’m just grateful for that.

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  • I cannot look at her without remembering the huge mole (extra nip?) on her boob from Boys Don’t Cry when she sleeps with Hilary Swank.

  • chloe sevigny is so completely hideous. I can’t stand her. And it’s ridiculous that she’s not lambasted in Hollywood for doing genuine pornography, when others contstantly are.

  • @quirkygirlkitten: For real. She’s done absolutely nothing.

    This must be Z-list day…first Florence Henderson, now this.

  • If they are a couple, gee, they both look THRILLED about it. Look at the body language – she is completely turned away from him, and he has a look on his face that doesn’t exactly read “head over heels”.

  • All I can think of when I see her is Vincent Gallo, and then I have to think of something else, pronto.

    Chloe Sevingy is GORGEOUS, she just has this habit of dressing like a retarded blind transvestite. She thinks she is cutting edge with her “fashion” much like the Mary-Kate homeless bag-lady look. I hope and pray she will start wearing clothes that flatter her and look nice, also that she will ditch the red lips and discover the world of EYE makeup but I love her just the same.

  • They are cool people- ive met them many-many times; very down to earth kind of guys, not fake as so many other people out there. No “star disease” and stuff. I do like ’em both.