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We’re Not Going to See the Verne Troyer Sex Tape Just Yet

On Friday, a federal judge granted the temporary restraining order requested by Mini-Me’s attorneys, forcing TMZ to pull down the clip they had of Verne Troyer’s sex tape, and temporarily prohibiting the tape from being sold or any further clips from being distributed.

Will the order hold?

That remains to be determined, but Lord I hope not.

Meanwhile, the kids at Defamer point out that Troyer currently owes $283,000 in taxes in the states of California and Michigan. Is it possible he “leaked” the tape himself and is now hoping to use some of the $20M he’s suing for to get himself out of debt?


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  • THANK GOD! I vomited my dinner just seeing the still shot and reading the first story about it. I am still trying to get puke out from between the keys on my notebook.

  • Oh God.. I’ve been trying not to comment on this subject because i was afraid i had nothing good to say and that people would think im just a mean bitch.. But now that daffylass said it first i wont feel as guilty.. lol.. This guy makes me wanna puke, period.. I dont know why.. And when i saw the friggin still shot on tv i couldn’t handle it i swear.. Its just so weird.. I never ever EVER wanna see that sex tape, honestly..

  • I ain’t seen it..don’t wanna see it cause I don’t think my stomach could handle it. If he was selling it and waited on me to buy it..He would starve to death!!!