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Today’s Challenge: Find All the Grammatical and Spelling Errors in Paris Hilton’s Latest MySpace Blog

Bet you can’t catch ’em all!

My New BFF MTV Show

Hey everyone! It’s been a little while since I last checked in. I’ve been so busy shooting my new show. It’s been quite the experience, these people are amazing! Everyone of the contestants is very special in there own way. We are having the best time, it’s been so much fun to meet such interesting characters. We’ve gone on some crazy adventures together. I even brought some of the contestants on trips with me to Japan and Las Vegas within the past 2 weeks. It’s been a blast! It’s so much fun to take your friends to places they’ve never been and show them experiences they’d never even think of. It’s quite a site and its going to be an amazing show and I’m so happy and thrilled with what’s happening everyday. But not everything is all fun and games, they’ve been through some very brutal challenges ,so I give them major props!! I still can’t believe some of the things I’ve seen them do, quite shocking! But also very entertaining. And yes of course there’s drama sometimes, but that’s what happens when you stick a bunch of fun, crazy girls together in a house together. The only part I hate about the show is doing the eliminations, it is so hard for me. And it gets harder every time cause these past few weeks I’ve really became close with all of them and it’s hard to have to let them go. It’s actually very emotional, everyone is pretty upset every time we have to do one. But even though at the end of this I can only choose one of these people to be my best friend, I know in my heart that I’ve met some people on the show that I’ll be friends with for a lifetime. I love them all and I can’t wait for you all to see the madness!! But you’ll have to wait till September when it airs on MTV.
In my personal life, I am still very much in love and happy. He has been so supportive throughout the show, coming to visit me at set everyday. Life is good. Check out Benji’s blog at He took some pictures of our fun lil trip to vegas this weekend with some of the potential BFF’s, it was such a fun weekend!! I hosted a party at Tao, it was a great night there. Some of the girls had never even been to Vegas before, so it was fun to show them vegas my way. They had the time of there lives. Also my friend Jeff Beacher threw us one of his infamous Beacher’s Madhouse After parties over at the Mirage Hotel Mansions. There were some pretty hilarious performances and I even got cut in half by a magician. Such a great weekend! Hope your all having a great summer! Speak soon, love you all!!
Xoxo Paris :)


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  • “it’s quite a SITE”…fucking idiot.
    She’s probably one of those people who under “interests” on their Myspace or Facebook account, lists “writting”.
    My own sister listed “eatting” as one of hers. Dumb whore.
    I hate that shit.

    Sorry so negative. Having a bitchy pregnant day.

  • I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t get past the fifth sentence.
    My breathing became labored and my head began to spin.
    Sorry girl you’re on your own.

  • Ugh… that was the worst thing EVER!!

    Are all the contestants rich? Because can you imagine being poor and having to go shopping for clothes with Paris, or eat at super expensive restaurants? What a bummer.

  • Jennie – LOL, that was a pretty funny comment. I would not want to be at the receiving end of Paris’ “charity.” I’m guessing all those girls aren’t rich – or maybe that was one of the requirements for the show. Paris: ‘”I just couldn’t identify with a poor person – I don’t think that make me a bad person…”

  • She is a functional illiterate.

    I think she can get US government funding for remedial education.

    Why do I end up feeling like ALL these people are so sad to read about????

  • poor paris… she’s about 26 or 27 and her blog entry is like sneaking a peek into a 14 year old girl’s diary. actually, my 14 year old niece is more mature and much smarter!

  • That was painful to my brain to read. I stopped at 10 spelling and stupidity errors.

  • I stopped pretty early on. I felt like I was reading some third grader’s report on their summer vacation or some shit. What a dumb fucking broad she is…

  • Do you think she really wrote it? Humm, probably an underpaid student did it for her; there are few mistakes, less than the number supposed to be found, if Paris really wrote it.

  • I counted six errors and I only read 1/4 of the blog. Couldn’t take reading it any further. Idiot.

  • I so thought the same thing when I read it somewhere else, haha.
    I’m a journalism major.
    I guess I just can’t turn my brain off like others can. :]

  • GULP! I’m sooo scared to comment here now. I’m awful at spelling & I’m sure my grammer is even worse. I probable drive most of you crazy!
    To me, it was WHAT she was saying, not her spelling or the way she said it.

  • I read the whole fuckin’ thing. I counted, tallying on a piece of paper, 27 errors in the whole thing, and I’m sure I missed some cause I was getting annoyed.
    I agree, Paris is the queen of the comma splice!

  • I was counting…. and then my brain started hurting. I think I’ve lost some vital brain cells.

  • it’s funny that she knows the word “infamous” but doesn’t know the difference between “their” and “there”…

  • Good lord. I’m going to guess beet was being facetious.

    The usual homophonic culprits. (But I expected this one.) She uses a lot of them in different flavors.

    A bazillion run-on sentences. A bazillion comma splices.

    She didn’t misspell anything unless you count a capitalization problem with Vegas.

    The major issue is the content. She writes empty sentences that convey no real meaning.

    I mean, you could forgive most of the other stuff, but…

    “Everyone of the contestants is very special in there[sic] own way.”

    “I still can’t believe some of the things I’ve seen them do, quite shocking!”

    “Benji showeded me his ‘little soldier’ and I got to play a game where I shined his helmet!”

    Ok, the last one would’ve kicked ass, but the other two are examples of empty writing crammed into the original.

    The whole thing seems like she stopped learning around her sophomore year in high school.

    It hurt my cauliflower.

  • @ meg : I doubt she understands the meaning. I’m pretty sure she only knows infamous in relation to a party.

    My guess would be she thinks it sounds cool and has heard other people say it.

    Same way she used the English “quite shocking”. She heard it and her little bird brain filed that intellectual seed away for later pooping.

  • You’d think that with all the opportunities she has in her life that she could find something more interesting to do with herself. It really is quite sad. I wish she would just disappear.

  • @Angry Pirate: “She heard it and her little bird brain filed that intellectual seed away for later pooping.” Priceless!!!

  • okay so what if she made some mistakes seriously, nobody should care it’s the twenty first fucking century…. like it matters…. when it comes to blogs, emails, post on anything, its not as if it like a friken job resamy! lay off you need to realize she is a person just like you or i…
    <3 Cristina

  • wow, people really should calm the fuck down, it’s a blog.
    now just to piss people off.

    Dont you just love all of there shoes?
    Their all so attractive.
    I really, do, love this, show, so much.

    Grow the fuck up. NO one should give a shit.

  • Ha I am not a big fan of Paris, but I am not going to tear her apart. At least she’s doing something other than drugs for once. I also think it’s funny how the ones who are like “I love Paris” have grammatical errors in their comments too! ha

  • Hi! I agree with paris that she has choose Brittany because she is so pretty, Krazy and a very good friend! i loove paris hiltoon and brittany..
    att: laaU :D

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