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Still Going Strong!

Wunder-couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith — who have been together for 57 years now — hit up the LA Lakers and Boston Celtics NBA Finals Game 4 in LA.

Okay, you wanna know something funny?

I had no idea the NBA finals were going on right now. And if you had told me, and you’d offered me $1000 to name just one of the teams who were playing, you would have left with all your money. And I’ve been living in Los Angeles for the past five years.

See, this is what happens when you’re single forever. When I had a boyfriend, I knew these things.

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  • If you still lived in LA you’d have seen all the ghetto Laker flags on every other hoopty in SoCal…I love the Lakers, but the Laker flags…not so much.

  • I love Will and Jada, but I cannot stand her outfit in this picture. Was she just painting before the game?

    Will: Baby, it’s time to go! Hurry up and get dressed.
    Jada: Oh, ok. *putting down paint roller* Let me throw on this white jacket, and some ugly accessories maybe no one will notice the paint splashes on my t-shirt.
    Will: Baby, your goldenrod pants don’t match that shirt. Here, quick, spill some OJ on your shirt…perfect.

    Or maybe I’m just lacking in knowing what is “in” in fashion right now…maybe i just suck.

  • Men are into basketball because they played it in school and college.. it has beer and pizza and hot dog memories when they have guys’ night out, keeping this a rite of NO WOMEN ALLOWED,.. but women don’t do stats, or like that huffy sweaty, keeping loyal fans sport stuff nor care once they are dating and married unless they wanna be butch-muscled she-[males].. and look like Imus rejects.

  • Will is a sexy black man! I like him very much ! Many prople saw his video and blog at uniform dating club “” . It is the very place for Dating someone who really undertand the words “commitment” !

  • i’m very happy to say that i don’t know any of that crap either…my boyfriend is a cartoonist who is into horror movies, so you CAN however assume that i’ve seen every ‘tales from the crypt’ he can get his hands on as well as every hacky horror movie from the last 75 years.

    overall, i’ll take the Masters of Horror collection over the Super Bowl :D

  • Trust me you’re not missing much. If you had a BF you’d be better of shagging than watching the game anyway.

  • Hey Beet,

    Maybe if you put your picture up in a mini skirt and heels, instead of Leo all the time (as cute as he is) you’d have a boyfrend.

    You’re obviously smart enough now show us how sexy you are.

  • Or her self-esteem isn’t so low that she would need to be pathetic and post trash pictures of herself.

    When we started dating, my now-husband didn’t watch sports. Somewhere down the road, he became a hockey fanatic. He’s since picked up a love of soccer and baseball. Because we have a big-ass HD tv, he’s been watching basketball because it looks really good.

    And yes, because of him, I know what’s going on in UEFA but IF he starts watching football, I’ll leave him.

  • I agree with Riddick and Persistent Cat. Beet, you need to post a picture of yourself, although I believe that it would be classier than a mini-skirt and heels.

  • My boyfriend doesn’t watch sports either, except of course hockey finals (we are Canadian after all), he’s more interested in his sound room and the instruments in there. I personally am very happy that he doesn’t care to watch sports, especially basketball!

    And about the 57 years being married – it was sarcasm, Beet is not mental.

  • I hear ya. The boyfriend has been shoving sports crap down my throat now for the past two years.

  • Ew Climbhigh, I did not suggest she post sexy pictures of herself. Only girls with serious attention and low self-esteem issues do that.

  • Since I’ve been single, I’ve replaced the boyfriend WITH sports. So I watch baseball, football and basketball a lot. I can look at sweaty good looking men, and not have to actually talk to them or hear them b*tch or bring them a beer or cook them food. It’s actually rather nice.

    And there is something very relaxing about screaming at the television and all that. It’s almost become a therapy.

  • Persistent,
    I said nothing about sexy. If you will re-read the comment, I said “classy”.

  • Sorry about that. I drive my husband nuts because I don’t let him finish his sentences or questions and I just answer with what I figure he’s going to say.

    So, much apologies.

  • It does kind of look like Will Smith is out on a lunch date with his mother. Let’s just say that Jada has looked better.

  • > Guys, if you wanna see what I look like, request me as a MySpace friend here:

    1) Myspace is torture to the eyes.

    2) What they really mean is photos of you in Victoria’s Secret.